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Modeling Coastal Hypoxia

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Table of contents

1. Numerical Experiment of Stratification Induced by Diurnal Solar Heating Over the Louisiana Shelf
Mohammad Nabi Allahdadi, Chunyan Li

2. Physical Drivers of the Circulation and Thermal Regime Impacting Seasonal Hypoxia in Green Bay, Lake Michigan
Hector R. Bravo, Sajad A. Hamidi, J. Val Klump, James T. Waples

3. Interannual Variation in Stratification over the Texas–Louisiana Continental Shelf and Effects on Seasonal Hypoxia
Robert D. Hetland, Xiaoqian Zhang

4. A Reduced Complexity, Hybrid Empirical-Mechanistic Model of Eutrophication and Hypoxia in Shallow Marine Ecosystems
Mark J. Brush, Scott W. Nixon

5. Modeling Physical and Biogeochemical Controls on Dissolved Oxygen in Chesapeake Bay: Lessons Learned from Simple and Complex Approaches
Jeremy M. Testa, Yun Li, Younjoo J. Lee, Ming Li, Damian C. Brady, Dominic M. Di Toro, W. Michael Kemp

6. Modeling Hypoxia and Its Ecological Consequences in Chesapeake Bay
Jerry D. Wiggert, Raleigh R. Hood, Christopher W. Brown

7. Modeling River-Induced Phosphorus Limitation in the Context of Coastal Hypoxia
Arnaud Laurent, Katja Fennel

8. Predicted Effects of Climate Change on Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia
John C. Lehrter, Dong S. Ko, Lisa L. Lowe, Bradley Penta

9. Oregon Shelf Hypoxia Modeling
Andrey O. Koch, Yvette H. Spitz, Harold P. Batchelder

10. Comparing Default Movement Algorithms for Individual Fish Avoidance of Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico
Elizabeth LaBone, Dubravko Justic, Kenneth A. Rose, Lixia Wang, Haosheng Huang

11. Hypoxia Effects Within an Intra-guild Predation Food Web of Mnemiopsis leidyi Ctenophores, Larval Fish, and Copepods
Sarah E. Kolesar, Kenneth A. Rose, Denise L. Breitburg

12. Simulating the Effects of Nutrient Loading Rates and Hypoxia on Bay Anchovy in Chesapeake Bay Using Coupled Hydrodynamic, Water Quality, and Individual-Based Fish Models
Aaron T. Adamack, Kenneth A. Rose, Carl F. Cerco

13. Simulation of the Population-Level Responses of Fish to Hypoxia: Should We Expect Sampling to Detect Responses?
Kenneth A. Rose, Sean Creekmore, Shaye Sable

14. Using Ecosystem Modeling to Determine Hypoxia Effects on Fish and Fisheries
Kim Mutsert, Jeroen Steenbeek, James H. Cowan, Villy Christensen

15. Numerical Modeling of Hypoxia and Its Effects: Synthesis and Going Forward
Kenneth A. Rose, Dubravko Justic, Katja Fennel, Robert D. Hetland

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Coastal Sciences, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Numerical Analysis, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management, Oceanography

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