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Computational Methods and Models for Transport

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Table of contents

Part I. Reviews and Perspectives

1. The Revolutionary Internet of Things
Arian Razmi-Farooji

2. A Computational Modeler’s Tour of the Port of Houston
Niels Aalund, William Fitzgibbon

3. Agile Deep Learning UAVs Operating in Smart Spaces: Collective Intelligence Versus “Mission-Impossible”
Michael Cochez, Jacques Periaux, Vagan Terziyan, Tero Tuovinen

Part II. Computational Methods and Models

4. A Simple Metaheuristic for the FleetSize and Mix Problem with TimeWindows
Olli Bräysy, Wout Dullaert, Pasi P. Porkka

5. Green Route Allocation in a Transportation Network
Victor Zakharov, Alexander Krylatov, Dmitriy Volf

6. Why to Climb If One Can Jump: A Hill Jumping Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
David Mester, Olli Bräysy, Wout Dullaert

7. Clustering Driving Destinations Using a Modified DBSCAN Algorithm with Locally-Defined Map-Based Thresholds
Ghazaleh Panahandeh, Niklas Åkerblom

8. Automatic Customization Framework for Efficient Vehicle Routing System Deployment
Jussi Rasku, Tuukka Puranen, Antoine Kalmbach, Tommi Kärkkäinen

9. The Multi-period Fleet Size and Mix Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands
Urooj Pasha, Arild Hoff, Lars Magnus Hvattum

10. Applying Multi-objective Robust Design Optimization Procedure to the Route Planning of a Commercial Aircraft
Jordi Pons-Prats, Gabriel Bugeda, Francisco Zarate, Eugenio Oñate, Jacques Periaux

Part III. Translational Research

11. Reallocation of Logistics Costs in a Cooperative Network of Sawmills
Patrik Flisberg, Mikael Frisk, Mario Guajardo, Mikael Rönnqvist

12. Impact of the Heterogeneity of the Ballast on the Dynamical Behavior of the Ballast-Soil System
Lucio Abreu Correa, Regis Cottereau, Estelle Bongini, Sofia Costa d’Aguiar, Baldrik Faure, Charles Voivret

13. Numerical and Parametric Study of MVGs on a UAV Geometry in Subsonic Flow
Miguel Chavez, Silvia Sanvido, Oliver M. F. Browne, Eusebio Valero

14. Investigating Side-Wind Stability of High Speed Trains Using High Resolution Large Eddy Simulations and Hybrid Models
Moritz M. Fragner, Ralf Deiterding

15. Russian Mechanism to Support Renewable Energy Investments: Before and After Analysis
Mariia Kozlova, Mikael Collan, Pasi Luukka

Keywords: Energy, Transportation, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering, Simulation and Modeling, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics

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Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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