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Mobility of Visually Impaired People

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Table of contents

Part I. Space for Mobility and Its Conscious Perception

1. Living in Space. A Phenomenological Account
Gunnar Declerck, Charles Lenay

2. Technologies to Access Space Without Vision. Some Empirical Facts and Guiding Theoretical Principles
Charles Lenay, Gunnar Declerck

3. Mobility Technologies for Visually Impaired People Through the Prism of Classic Theories of Perception
Marion Chottin

Part II. Neuro-cognitive Basis of Space Perception for Mobility

4. The Multisensory Blind Brain
Vanessa Harrar, Sébrina Aubin, Daniel-Robert Chebat, Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito

5. On Spatial Cognition and Mobility Strategies
Edwige Pissaloux, Ramiro Velázquez

6. Sensory Substitution and the Neural Correlates of Navigation in Blindness
Daniel-Robert Chebat, Vanessa Harrar, Ron Kupers, Shachar Maidenbaum, Amir Amedi, Maurice Ptito

7. Visuo-Vestibular and Somesthetic Contributions to Spatial Navigation in Children and Adults
Irini Giannopulu

Part III. Mobility of the Visually Impaired

8. Orientation and Mobility Training to People with Visual Impairments
Mira Goldschmidt

9. Spatial Orientation in Children: A Tyflological Approach
Krystyna Nawrocka-Łabuś

10. Scene Representation for Mobility of the Visually Impaired
Guillaume Tatur

11. Model of Cognitive Mobility for Visually Impaired and its Experimental Validation
Edwige Pissaloux, Ramiro Velázquez

12. Solid: A Model to Analyse the Accessibility of Transport Systems for Visually ImpairedPeople
Gérard Uzan, Peter Wagstaff

Part IV. ICT Technologies and Mobility

13. Mobility Technologies for Blind, Partially Sighted and Deafblind People: Design Issues
M. A. Hersh

14. Co-designing together with Persons with Visual Impairments
Charlotte Magnusson, Per-Olof Hedvall, Héctor Caltenco

15. Different Approaches to Aiding Blind Persons in Mobility and Navigation in the “Naviton” and “Sound of Vision” Projects
P. Strumillo, M. Bujacz, P. Baranski, P. Skulimowski, P. Korbel, M. Owczarek, K. Tomalczyk, A. Moldoveanu, R. Unnthorsson

16. Overview of Smart White Canes: Connected Smart Cane from Front End to Back End
Gianmario Motta, Tianyi Ma, Kaixu Liu, Edwige Pissaloux, Muhammad Yusro, Kalamullah Ramli, Jean Connier, Philippe Vaslin, Jian-jin Li, Christophe de Vaulx, Hongling Shi, Xunxing Diao, Kun-Mean Hou

17. Accessible Interactive Maps for Visually Impaired Users
Julie Ducasse, Anke M. Brock, Christophe Jouffrais

18. Smart Multisensor Strategies for Indoor Localization
Bruno Andò, Salvatore Baglio, Cristian O. Lombardo, Vincenzo Marletta

19. Constructing Tactile Languages for Situational Awareness Assistance of Visually Impaired People
Ramiro Velázquez, Edwige Pissaloux

20. Vision Restoration with Implants
Akos Kusnyerik, Miklos Resch, Huba J. Kiss, Janos Nemeth

21. Mobility, Inclusion and Exclusion
M. A. Hersh

Keywords: Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Biomedical Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

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