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Nonlinear Dynamics, Volume 1

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Table of contents

1. Design Sensitivities of Components Using Nonlinear Reduced-Order Models and Complex Variables
Joseph J. Hollkamp, Ricardo A. Perez, S. Michael Spottswood

2. An Explanation for Why Natural Frequencies Shifting in Structures with Membrane Stresses, Using Backbone Curve Models
X. Liu, D. J. Wagg, S. A. Neild

3. Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics and Snap-Through of Post-Buckled Composite Plates
H.-G. Kim, R. Wiebe

4. Comparing Analytical Approximation Methods with Numerical Results for Nonlinear Systems
A. J. Elliott, A. Cammarano, S. A. Neild

5. Identification of Complex Nonlinearities Using Cubic Splines with Automatic Discretization
T. Dossogne, J. P. Noël, G. Kerschen

6. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of a Complex Aerospace Structure
S. B. Cooper, D. Di Maio, D. J. Ewins

7. Free Vibration Identification of the Geometrically Nonlinear Isolator with Elastic Rings by Using Hilbert Transform
Zhan Hu, Xing Wang, Gangtie Zheng

8. Non-linear System Identification Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform and Complex Non-linear Modal Analysis
Vaclav Ondra, Ibrahim A. Sever, Christoph W. Schwingshackl

9. Experimental Analysis of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with Internal Resonances
Paulo S. Varoto

10. Identification of Pressure-Dependent Modal Properties of Non-Linear Brake Pads by Using Scalable Dirac Impulse
Tarun Teja Mallareddy, Daniel J. Alarcón, Sarah Schneider, Carl-Heinz Edel, Peter Blaschke

11. A Proposal of Multi-Dimensional Modal Reduction for Nonlinear Dynamic Simulations
Elvio Bonisoli, Matteo Scapolan

12. Nonlinear Normal Modes of a Curved Beam and Its Response to Random Loading
Christopher I. VanDamme, Matthew S. Allen

13. Experimental Study on the Effect of Large Axial Tensile Force on the Natural Frequency of a Fixed-Fixed Steel Beam
T. Y. Yang, R. Wiebe

14. The Significance of Nonlinear Normal Modes for Forced Responses
T. L. Hill, S. A. Neild, A. Cammarano, D. A. W. Barton

15. Influence of Actual Static Transmission Error and Contact Ratio on Gear Engagement Dynamics
Leonardo Oliveri, Carlo Rosso, Stefano Zucca

16. Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Railway Vehicle Models Using Linearized Proxy Analyses
J. Larivière, S. Cogan, P. L. Green, E. Foltête, G. Ham-Livet

17. Application of Nonlinear Displacement-Dependent Dampers in Suspension Systems
Shahab Ilbeigi, Maxwell Caro

18. Persistent Models for Complex Control Systems
Shahab Ilbeigi, David Chelidze

19. Evaluation of Autoparametric Vibration Absorbers on N-Story Building-Like Structures
G. Silva-Navarro, H. F. Abundis-Fong

20. Modal Methods for Contact Analysis and Contact Force Reconstruction
Daniel J. Segalman, Brian F. Feeny

21. Design of a Frequency-Energy Independent Nonlinear Oscillator
Martin Jerschl, Kai Willner

22. Identification of Nonlinear Wave Forces Using Gaussian Process NARX Models
K. Worden, T. Rogers, E. J. Cross

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Complexity, Structural Mechanics, Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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