Baca, José

Advances in Automation and Robotics Research in Latin America

Baca, José - Advances in Automation and Robotics Research in Latin America, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Robot Position Optimization Based on Joint Mean Torque Norm
Aníbal Alexandre Campos Bonilla, Leandro Silva, Luis Eduardo Garcia Gonzalez

2. On the Constrained Walking of the NAO Humanoid Robot
Jesus E. Fierro, J. Alfonso Pamanes, Hector A. Moreno, Victor Nunez

3. 2 DOF Mechanism for a Variable Geometry Hybrid Wheel
Hector A. Moreno, Isela G. Carrera, J. Alfonso Pamanes, Emilio Camporredondo

4. Experiences on the Design of a Needle Insertion Surgery Robot: Kinematic Analysis
Lisandro J. Puglisi, Roque Saltaren Pazmiño, Germán Rey Portolés, Cecilia E. Garcia Cena, Rafael Aracil Santonja

5. Dynamic Analysis of the ROAD Robot During the Sit to Stand Task
Isela G. Carrera, Hector A. Moreno, Jose F. Flores, Jesus A. Esquivel, Mario A. Barrera

6. A Modular Robotic System for Assessment and Exercise of Human Movement
José Baca, Mohan Sai Ambati, Prithviraj Dasgupta, Mukul Mukherjee

7. Analysis of the Influence of External Actuators on the Glenohumeral Joint Movements
Marie André Destarac, Cecilia E. García Cena, Adrián Mérida Martínez, Luis J. Monge Chamorro, Roque Saltarén Pazmiño

8. Design of a 3D-Printable Powered Prosthetic Hand for Transmetacarpal Amputees
Renato Mio, Luis Ccorimanya, Kevin M. Flores, Giancarlo Salazar, Dante Elías

9. User Centred Design of Rehabilitation Robots
Jesús Varela, Roque J. Saltaren, Lisandro J. Puglisi, Javier López, María Alvarez, José Carlos Rodríguez

10. Towards Tracking a Semi-autonomous, Pneumatic Colonoscope Robot
Bradley Woosley, Prithviraj Dasgupta, Hossein Dehghani, Ross Welch, José Baca, Carl Nelson, Benjamin Terry, Dmitry Oleynikov

11. Neural Networks for FDI on the First Actuator of a Two-Link Planar Manipulator
Jesús A. Esquivel, Juan A. Díaz, Isela Carrera, Héctor Moreno

12. Experimental Identification of Lu-Gre Friction Model in an Hydraulic Actuator
Lisandro J. Puglisi, Roque J. Saltaren, Cecilia E. Garcia Cena

13. Comparative Analysis Between Fuzzy Logic Control, LQR Control with Kalman Filter and PID Control for a Two Wheeled Inverted Pendulum
Karen Viviana Chate García, Oscar Eduardo Prado Ramírez, Carlos Felipe Rengifo Rodas

14. Manufacturing Control Architecture for FMS with AGV: A State-of-the-Art
Sergio R. González, Ivan Mondragón, Gabriel Zambrano, Wilson Hernandez, Henry Montaña

15. Design and Implementation of a Low Cost RFID ISO 11784/11785 Reader for the Automatic Livestock Management in Nicaragua
Joseling Sanchez, Mario Garcia, Maria Virginia Moncada

16. Setup of the Yaskawa SDA10F Robot for Industrial Applications, Using ROS-Industrial
Carol Martinez, Nicolas Barrero, Wilson Hernandez, Cesar Montaño, Iván Mondragón

17. Fault Detection for Sinusoidal PWM Inverter
Jesús A. Esquivel, J. Aarón Rios, Pedro Galván, Isela Carrera

18. High-Accuracy Localization in Wireless Sensor Neworks Based on Ray-Tracing and Fingerprinting Techniques
Antonio Corte-Valiente, Oscar Gutierrez-Blanco, Jose Manuel Gomez-Pulido

19. Real-Time Monitoring Human Motion System for Ergonomic Posture
Thiago Beckert Otto, Alexandre Campos, Marcos Aurelio Souza

20. Multipurpose Module Based on Infrared Light for Small Scale Swarm Robots
Jorge Gaspar Lira, Edgar Alfonso Trujillo, Jose Torres Millan

21. Identification of Aircraft in a non-Cooperative Surveillance System. The Case Sutudy of Aircraft Type Canadair Regional Jet
Antonio Corte-Valiente, Jose Manuel Gomez-Pulido

22. Teaching Math in Elementary Schools by LabVIEW and Lego Robots
Pedro Ponce, Arturo Molina, Laura Hernández, Eloisa Acha, Berenice Morales, Carlos Huitron

23. Learning Multivariable Controller Design: a Hands-on Approach with a Lego Robotic Arm
Victoria Serrano, Michael Thompson, Konstantinos Tsakalis

24. Towards Image Mosaicking with Aerial Images for Monitoring Rice Crops
Juan Rojas, Carol Martinez, Ivan Mondragon, Julian Colorado

25. Mechanical Design of a Robotic Exoskeleton for Upper Limb Rehabilitation
Jorge García Montaño, Cecilia E. García Cena, Luis J. Monge Chamorro, Marie André Destarac, Roque Saltarén Pazmiño

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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