Cuesta, Miguel A.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Upper Abdominal Cancer

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Table of contents

Part I. Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery

1. Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Upper Abdominal Surgery
Miguel A. Cuesta

Part II. Esophagus and Gastro-Esophageal Junction Cancer

2. Surgical Anatomy of Esophagus
Ronald L. A. W. Bleys, Teus J. Weijs

3. Endoscopic Treatment of Early Esophageal Cancer
Roos E. Pouw, Bas L. A. M. Weusten

4. Neoadjuvant Treatment of Esophageal and Gastro-Esophageal Cancer
Jan Willem Berg, Sjoerd M. Lagarde, Bas P. L. Wijnhoven, Ate Gaast, J. Jan B. Lanschot

5. Transhiatal or Transthoracic Esophagectomy
Leonie R. Werf, Bas P. L. Wijnhoven

6. Open or Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy After Neoadjuvant Therapy
Donald L. Peet, Jennifer Straatman, Nicole I. Wielen, Miguel A. Cuesta

7. Thoracoscopic Radical Esophagectomy for Cancer
Harushi Osugi, Kousuke Narumiya, Kenji Kudou

8. Total or Hybrid Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy?
Christophe Mariette

9. Transthoracic Esophagectomy Approach by Thoracoscopy: 3 or 2 Stage?
James D. Luketich, M. N. Jaimes Vanegas

10. Minimally Invasive Approach of Gastro-Esophageal Junction Cancer
Annelijn E. Slaman, Suzanne S. Gisbertz, Mark I. Berge Henegouwen, Miguel A. Cuesta

11. Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy (RAMIE)
Pieter C. Sluis, Jelle P. H. Ruurda, Sylvia Horst, Richard Hillegersberg

12. Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy Step by Step: How I Do It
Miguel A. Cuesta, Joris J. Scheepers, Jan Willem Dekker, Donald L. Peet

Part III. Gastric Cancer

13. Surgical Anatomy of the Omental Bursa
Hylke J. F. Brenkman, Nicole I. Wielen, Ronald L. A. Bleys, Maarten S. Leeuwen, Joris J. Scheepers, Donald L. Peet, Jelle P. Ruurda, Richard Hillegersberg, Miguel A. Cuesta

14. Neoadjuvant Treatment of Gastric Cancer
Yvette H. M. Claassen, Henk H. Hartgrink, Wobbe O. Steur, Marije Slingerland, Cornelis J. H. Velde

15. Open or Minimally Invasive Gastrectomy
Nicole I. Wielen, Jennifer Straatman, Freek Daams, Miguel A. Cuesta, Donald L. Peet

16. Minimally Invasive Surgery of Gastric Cancer
Ali Guner, Woo Jin Hyung

17. Laparoscopic and Robot Assisted Gastrectomy
Seong-Ho Kong, Hyuk-Joon Lee, Han-Kwang Yang

18. Minimally Invasive Treatment of Gastric GIST
Carlos Moreno-Sanz, Miguel A. Cuesta

19. Minimally Invasive Gastrectomy Step by Step: How I Do It
Antonio Talvane Torres Oliveira, Croider Franco Lacerda, Paulo A. Bertulucci, Miguel A. Cuesta

Part IV. Duodenum-Pancreas Tumors

20. Pancreatic Resection After Neoadjuvant Treatment
Mustafa Suker, Casper H. J. Eijck

21. Open or Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Surgery?
Robert J. Torphy, Barish H. Edil

22. Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy
Andrea Laurenzi, Daniel Pietrasz, Gabriella Pittau, Antonio Sa Cunha

23. Hybrid Laparoscopic Duodenopancreatectomy
Ulrich Wellner, Kim Honselmann, Tobias Keck

24. Total Laparoscopic Pancreatoduodenectomy
Maurice J. W. Zwart, Thijs Rooij, Olivier R. C. Busch, Michael F. Gerhards, Sebastiaan Festen, Marc G. H. Besselink

25. Robot Assisted Partial Pancreatectomy and Duodenopancreatectomy
Ugo Boggi, Carlo Lombardo

26. Laparoscopic Duodenopancreatectomy Step by Step: How I Do It
Antonio Talvane Torres Oliveira, Croider Franco Lacerda, Paulo A. Bertulucci, Miguel A. Cuesta

Part V. Liver Tumors

27. Open or Laparoscopic Liver Resection?
Rubén Ciria, Maria Dolores Ayllon, Irene Gómez-Luque, Javier Briceño

28. Laparoscopic Left Lateral Sectionectomy
Marcel J. Poel, Pieter J. Tanis, Dennis A. Wicherts, Marc G. H. Besselink

29. Laparoscopic Techniques in Major Liver Resections
Mark Halls, David Martinez-Cecilia, Salvatore Barbaro, Mohammad Abu Hilal

30. Laparoscopic Liver Resection in Cirrhotic Patients
Tan To Cheung

31. Robotic Liver Resection for Malignancies
Rachel E. Beard, Lee M. Ocuin, Allan Tsung

Part VI. Spleen Malignancies

32. Minimally Invasive Splenectomy for Oncological Diseases of the Spleen
Julio Lopez Monclova, Carlos Rodriguez Luppi, Eduardo Mª Targarona Soler

Part VII. How to Learn These Techniques?

33. Mastering Major Minimally Surgery
Miguel A. Cuesta, Nicole I. Wielen, Jennifer Straatman, Donald L. Peet

Part VIII. Final Considerations

34. Final Considerations
Miguel A. Cuesta

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Gastroenterology, Minimally Invasive Surgery

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