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Complex Networks VIII

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Table of contents

Part I. Theory of Complex Networks

1. Second-Order Assortative Mixing in Social Networks
Shi Zhou, Ingemar J. Cox, Lars K. Hansen

2. Network Motifs Detection Using Random Networks with Prescribed Subgraph Frequencies
Miguel E. P. Silva, Pedro Paredes, Pedro Ribeiro

3. Fuzzy Centrality Evaluation in Complex and Multiplex Networks
Sude Tavassoli, Katharina A. Zweig

Part II. Community Structure

4. Enhancing Space-Aware Community Detection Using Degree Constrained Spatial Null Model
Remy Cazabet, Pierre Borgnat, Pablo Jensen

5. Node-Centric Community Detection in Multilayer Networks with Layer-Coverage Diversification Bias
R. Interdonato, A. Tagarelli, D. Ienco, A. Sallaberry, P. Poncelet

6. Community Detection in Signed Networks Based on Extended Signed Modularity
Tsuyoshi Murata, Takahiko Sugihara, Talel Abdessalem

7. Characterising Inter and Intra-Community Interactions in Link Streams Using Temporal Motifs
Jean Creusefond, Remy Cazabet

Part III. Dynamics of Networks

8. Modeling the Impact of Privacy on Information Diffusion in Social Networks
Livio Bioglio, Ruggero G. Pensa

9. Evolution Similarity for Dynamic Link Prediction in Longitudinal Networks
Nazim Choudhury, Shahadat Uddin

10. Stochastic Modeling of the Decay Dynamics of Online Social Networks
Mohammed Abufouda, Katharina A. Zweig

Part IV. Applications of Network Science

11. Complex Reaction Network in Silane Plasma Chemistry
Yasutaka Mizui, Kyosuke Nobuto, Shigeyuki Miyagi, Osamu Sakai

12. Seeing Red: Locating People of Interest in Networks
Pivithuru Wijegunawardana, Vatsal Ojha, Ralucca Gera, Sucheta Soundarajan

13. Understanding Subject-Based Emoji Usage Using Network Science
S. M. Mahdi Seyednezhad, Ronaldo Menezes

14. Characterization of Written Languages Using Structural Features from Common Corpora
Younis Rozz, Harith Hamoodat, Ronaldo Menezes

15. Optimal Information Security Investment in Modern Social Networking
Andrey Trufanov, Nikolay Kinash, Alexei Tikhomirov, Olga Berestneva, Alessandra Rossodivita

Part V. Social Structure

16. Emergence of Social Balance in Signed Networks
Andreia Sofia Teixeira, Francisco C. Santos, Alexandre P. Francisco

17. Community Detection in the Network of German Princes in 1225: A Case Study
S. R. Dahmen, A. L. C. Bazzan, R. Gramsch

18. Comparative Topological Signatures of Growing Collaboration Networks
Siddharth Pal, Terrence J. Moore, Ram Ramanathan, Ananthram Swami

Part VI. Human Behavior

19. Explaining Changes in Physical Activity Through a Computational Model of Social Contagion
Julia S. Mollee, Eric F. M. Araújo, Adnan Manzoor, Aart T. Halteren, Michel C. A. Klein

20. Everyday the Same Picture: Popularity and Content Diversity
Alessandro Bessi, Fabiana Zollo, Michela Vicario, Antonio Scala, Fabio Petroni, Bruno Gonçcalves, Walter Quattrociocchi

Part VII. Biological Networks

21. Investigating Side Effect Modules in the Interactome and Their Use in Drug Adverse Effect Discovery
Emre Guney

22. Attractor Analysis of the Asynchronous Boolean Model of the Klotho Gene Regulatory Network
Malvina Marku, Inva Koçiaj, Klotilda Nikaj, Margarita Ifti

Keywords: Physics, Applications of Graph Theory and Complex Networks, Computational Social Sciences, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Complexity

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