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Computational Diffusion MRI

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Table of contents

1. The MR Physics of Advanced Diffusion Imaging
Matt G. Hall

2. Noise Floor Removal via Phase Correction of Complex Diffusion-Weighted Images: Influence on DTI and q-Space Metrics
Marco Pizzolato, Rutger Fick, Timothé Boutelier, Rachid Deriche

3. Regularized Dictionary Learning with Robust Sparsity Fitting for Compressed Sensing Multishell HARDI
Kratika Gupta, Deepali Adlakha, Vishal Agarwal, Suyash P. Awate

4. Denoising Diffusion-Weighted Images Using Grouped Iterative Hard Thresholding of Multi-Channel Framelets
Jian Zhang, Geng Chen, Yong Zhang, Bin Dong, Dinggang Shen, Pew-Thian Yap

5. Diffusion MRI Signal Augmentation: From Single Shell to Multi Shell with Deep Learning
Simon Koppers, Christoph Haarburger, Dorit Merhof

6. Multi-Spherical Diffusion MRI: Exploring Diffusion Time Using Signal Sparsity
Rutger H. J. Fick, Alexandra Petiet, Mathieu Santin, Anne-Charlotte Philippe, Stephane Lehericy, Rachid Deriche, Demian Wassermann

7. Sensitivity of OGSE ActiveAx to Microstructural Dimensions on a Clinical Scanner
Lebina S. Kakkar, David Atkinson, Rachel W. Chan, Bernard Siow, Andrada Ianus, Ivana Drobnjak

8. Groupwise Structural Parcellation of the Cortex: A Sound Approach Based on Logistic Models
Guillermo Gallardo, Rutger Fick, William Wells, Rachid Deriche, Demian Wassermann

9. Robust Construction of Diffusion MRI Atlases with Correction for Inter-Subject Fiber Dispersion
Zhanlong Yang, Geng Chen, Dinggang Shen, Pew-Thian Yap

10. Parcellation of Human Amygdala Subfields Using Orientation Distribution Function and Spectral K-means Clustering
Qiuting Wen, Brian D. Stirling, Long Sha, Li Shen, Paul J. Whalen, Yu-Chien Wu

11. Sparse Representation for White Matter Fiber Compression and Calculation of Inter-Fiber Similarity
Gali Zimmerman Moreno, Guy Alexandroni, Nir Sochen, Hayit Greenspan

12. An Unsupervised Group Average Cortical Parcellation Using Diffusion MRI to Probe Cytoarchitecture
Tara Ganepola, Zoltan Nagy, Daniel C. Alexander, Martin I. Sereno

13. Using Multiple Diffusion MRI Measures to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease with a TV-L1 Prior
Julio E. Villalon-Reina, Talia M. Nir, Boris A. Gutman, Neda Jahanshad, Clifford R. Jack, Michael W. Weiner, Ofer Pasternak, Paul M. Thompson

14. Accurate Diagnosis of SWEDD vs. Parkinson Using Microstructural Changes of Cingulum Bundle: Track-Specific Analysis
Farzaneh Rahmani, Somayeh Mohammadi Jooyandeh, Mohammad Hadi Shadmehr, Ahmad Shojaie, Farsad Noorizadeh, Mohammad Hadi Aarabi

15. Colocalization of Functional Activity and Neurite Density Within Cortical Areas
Achille Teillac, Sandrine Lefrance, Edouard Duchesnay, Fabrice Poupon, Maite Alaitz Ripoll Fuster, Denis Le Bihan, Jean-Francois Mangin, Cyril Poupon

16. Comparison of Biomarkers in Transgenic Alzheimer Rats Using Multi-Shell Diffusion MRI
Rutger H. J. Fick, Madelaine Daianu, Marco Pizzolato, Demian Wassermann, Russell E. Jacobs, Paul M. Thompson, Terrence Town, Rachid Deriche

17. Working Memory Function in Recent-Onset Schizophrenia Patients Associated with White Matter Microstructure: Connectometry Approach
Mahsa Dolatshahi, Farzaneh Rahmani, Mohammad Hadi Shadmehr, Timm Peoppl, Ahmad Shojaie, Farsad Noorizadeh, Mohammad Hadi Aarabi, Somayeh Mohammadi Jooyandeh

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Visualization, Simulation and Modeling, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences

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Mathematics and Visualization
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