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Water and Land Security in Drylands

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Table of contents

1. A Study of Water Stress on Olive Growing Under the Effect of Climate Change in South East of Tunisia
A. Hachani, Mohamed Ouessar, A. Zerrim

2. Climate Change Impacts in the Maghreb Region: Status and Prospects of the Water Resources
L. Oualkacha, L. Stour, A. Agoumi, A. Kettab

3. Effect of High Temperature Stress on Wheat and Barley Production in Northern Tunisia
Asma Lasram, Mohamed Moncef Masmoudi, Netij Ben Mechlia

4. Study of Managed Aquifer Recharge and Climate Change, Using a Numerical Model: The Figuig Aquifer (Eastern High Atlas, Morocco)
Abdelhakim Jilali, Abderrahmane El Harradji

5. Calibration of AquaCrop Salinity Stress Parameters for Barley Under Different Irrigation Regimes in a Dry Environment
F. El Mokh, Vila-Garcia, K. Nagaz, Mohamed Moncef Masmoudi, N. Ben Mechlia, E. Fereres

6. Groundwater Recharge of the Kairouan Plain Aquifer: Evidence of Preferential Flow Paths Through the El Haouareb Limestones?
Amal Sebai, Sylvain Massuel, Jamila Tarhouni, Hamza Jerbi

7. Evapotranspiration of Wheat in a Hilly Topography: Results from Measurements Using a Set of Eddy Covariance Stations
N. Boudhina, Mohamed Moncef Masmoudi, N. Ben Mechlia, R. Zitouna, I. Mekki, L. Prévot, F. Jacob

8. Performance of Saxton and Rawls Pedotransfer Functions for Estimating Soil Water Properties in the Cap Bon Region-Northern Tunisia
I. Alaya, Mohamed Moncef Masmoudi, Ph. Lagacherie, G. Coulouma, F. Jacob, N. Ben Mechlia

9. Assessing the Groundwater Pollution Problem by Nitrate and Faecal Bacteria: Case of Djerba Unconfined Aquifer (Southeast Tunisia)
Faiza Souid, Belgacem Agoubi, Adel Kharroubi

10. Monitoring Soil Moisture Content of Jessour in the Watershed of Wadi Jir (Matmata, Southeast Tunisia)
Fethi Abdelli, Mohamed Ouessar, Salah M’Hemdi, Messaoud Guied, Houcine Khatteli

11. Direct and Residual Effect of Sewage Sludge in a Sudangrass-Barley Cropping System
Rajia Kchaou, Mohamed Naceur Khelil, Saloua Rejeb, Belgacem Henchi, Jean Pierre Destain

Aflaj’ Water Management in Oman: The Case of Falaj Al-Khatmeen in Birkat Al-Mouz, Wilayat Nizwa
Fairouz Megdiche-Kharrat, Mohamed Moussa, Hichem Rejeb

13. Response of Vegetable Crops to Irrigation Regimes Using Saline Waters
K. Nagaz, F. El Mokh, Mohamed Moncef Masmoudi, N. Ben Mechlia, O. Belkheiri, G. Ghiglieri

14. Fog Collection and Participatory Approach for Water Management and Local Development: Practical Reflections from Case Studies in the Atacama Drylands
Martino Correggiari, Giulio Castelli, Elena Bresci, Fabio Salbitano

15. Salt and Water Dynamic of Potato Crop Under Irrigation with Low Quality Waters
Mguidiche Belhaj Amel, Gazouani Hiba, M’hamdi Douh Boutheina, Boujelben Abdehamid

16. Development of Methodology for Existing Rainwater Harvesting Assessment in (semi-)Arid Regions
Ammar Adham, Michel Riksen, Mohamed Ouessar, Rasha Abed, Coen Ritsema

17. Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Erosive Behavior of Nebhana Watershed Tunisia
Taoufik Hermassi, Hacib El Ammami, Walid Ben Khelifa

18. Short-Term Effects of Olive Mill Wastewater Spreading on Chemical Properties of Soils in Arid Lands, Study Case from Southern Tunisia
Donia Jendoubi, Houcine Taamallah, Khadija Bouajila, Ahlem Gara, Mohamed Moussa, Mustapha Sanaa

19. Spatio-Temporal Evolution of the Fragmentation Classes of the Mikea Dry Deciduous Forest (Southwestern Madagascar)
Hibraim Rijasoa Ravonjimalala, Jan Bogaert, Dominique Hervé, Samuel Razanaka, Jaona Ranaivo, Herizo Randriambanona, Solofo Rakotondraompiana

20. The Impact of Atmospheric Pollution on the Chemical Composition of Soil Around Gabes Cement Plant Southeastern Tunisia
Ines Terwayet Bayouli, Houssem Terwayet Bayouli, Mohamed Tarhouni, Mohamed Nefatti

21. Contribution of Hyperspectral Images (Hyperion) and Spectroscopy for Mapping Soil’s Surface and Materials (Case of the Watershed of Oued Beni Zalten, the New Matmata, Tunisia)
Imen Ben Haj Yahia, Aziza Ghram Messedi

22. Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Land Degradation Assessment of Qarun Lake Coastal Area, El-Fayoum, Egypt
M. M. Kotb, R. R. Ali, M. A. El Semary

23. Classification Methods for Detecting and Evaluating Changes in Desertification-Related Features in Arid and Semi-arid Environments
Gabriela Mihaela Afrasinei, Maria Teresa Melis, Cristina Buttau, Claudio Arras, Amar Zerrim, Messaoud Guied, Mohamed Ouessar, Bouajila Essifi, Mongi Ben Zaied, Amor Jlali, Hanen Jarray, Giorgio Ghiglieri

24. Evaluation and Validation of SRTMGL1 and ASTER GDEM2 for Two Maghreb Regions (Biskra, Algeria and Medenine, Tunisia)
Claudio Arras, Maria Teresa Melis, Gabriela-Mihaela Afrasinei, Cristina Buttau, Alberto Carletti, Giorgio Ghiglieri

25. An Integrated Cost–Benefit and Livelihood Approach for Assessing the Impact of Water Harvesting Techniques (WHTs) on Livelihoods: A Case Study in the Oum Zessar Watershed, South-East Tunisia
Mohamed Arbi Abdeladhim, Mongi Sghaier, Luuk Fleskens, Mohamed Ouessar

26. Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Sustainable Development at the Regional Level: A Case Study in Medenine, South-East Tunisia
Mohamed Arbi Abdeladhim, Mongi Sghaier, Luuk Fleskens, Lindsay Shutes, Abdallah Akari

27. How Investment in RD&E Offset the Negative Impact of Climate Change on the Tunisian Agricultural Productivity Sector
Boubaker Dhehibi, Aymen Frija, Aden Aw-Hassan

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Hydrology/Water Resources, Water Quality/Water Pollution, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Soil Science & Conservation, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts

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