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Applied Physics, System Science and Computers

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Table of contents

Part I. Applied Physics

1. Quantum Thermodynamics and Coherence in Ion Channels
Samyadeb Bhattacharya, Sisir Roy

2. Micro-pulse Stimulation
Marie Nedvedova, Milan Chmelar, Ivo Provaznik, Zdenek Reznicek

3. Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Micro-pulse Stimulation
Marie Nedvedova, Milan Chmelar, Ivo Provaznik, Kristina Zuffova

4. Application of BaTiO3 Perovskite Material for Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuators
Magdalena Gromada, Mojtaba Biglar, Tomasz Trzepiecinski, Feliks Stachowicz

5. Modeling of the Waterflooding Process in the Presence of Discontinuities in the Oil Reservoirs
Vladimir Astafev, Elena Andriyanova, Andrey Kasatkin

6. Terahertz Spectroscopy Applications in Medicament Analysis
Kateřina Sulovská

7. Stability of Capillary Waves of Finite Amplitude
Alexander Petrov, Mariana Lopushanski, Vladimir Vanovskiy

8. High Temperature Behavior of Two Titanium Aluminides for Blade Engine Applications. Preliminary Study
Alexandra Banu, Alexandru Paraschiv, Luminita Georgescu, Cristina Juganaru

9. The Numerical Scheme for the Basset Type Integro-Differential Equation in Hydrodynamics
Vladimir Vanovskiy, Alexander Petrov

10. On the Issue of Choosing the Measuring Zones in a Faraday Balance When Studying Magnetic Susceptibility of Small Samples
Alexander Sandulyak, Anna Sandulyak, Maria Polismakova, Vera Ershova, Darya Sandulyak, Dmitriy Kiselev

Part II. System Science and Computers

11. Energy Aware Autonomous Deployment for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks: Cellular Automata Approach
Shahinaz M. Al-Tabbakh, Eman Shaaban

12. An Optimal Process for Average Value-at-Risk Portfolios in Financial Management
Yuji Yoshida

13. On Quantification of the Hidden Distributed Generation Capacity and Its Effects
Vladislav Samoylenko, Stanislav Eroshenko, Andrew Pazderin

14. Modeling the Operating Costs for Production of the Hydrolyzate
Hana Vaskova, Karel Kolomaznik

15. The Problems of Data Security in Cloud Computing and Its Solution Using Petri Nets
Zoltán Balogh, Martin Magdin

16. Designing of the Pseudorandom Number Generators on the Basis of Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Stepan Bilan, Mykola Bilan, Ruslan Motornyuk, Andrii Bilan, Sergii Bilan

17. A Mixed Fixed Point and Floating Point Graphics Pipeline
Ovidiu Sicoe, Mircea Popa

18. Functional Verification of AMS-SoC Models Using Hardware Emulation Platforms
Hanan Tawfik, Mohamed AbdElSalam, Mona Safar, Ashraf Salem

19. Influence of the Antenna’s Height to the Standing Waves Ratio When Performing the Electromagnetic Susceptibility Tests in Anechoic Chambers
Martin Pospisilik, Milan Adamek, Petr Neumann

20. Carstairs-McCarthy’s Morphological Rules of English Language in RDFCFL Graphs
Alena Lukasová, Martin Žáček, Marek Vajgl

21. Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Simple Permutation Brainteaser in MS Excel
Michal Musilek, Stepan Hubalovsky, Marie Hubalovska

22. Research of Methods of Learning of Programming Objects-First and Object-Later
Ondrej Korinek, Stepan Hubalovsky

23. Multichannel Queueing Systems and Their Simulation
Miloš Šeda, Jindřiška Šedová, Miroslav Horký

24. On Computational Evaluation of Stress Concentration Using Micropolar Elasticity
Victor A. Eremeyev, Andrzej Skrzat, Feliks Stachowicz

25. An Algorithm for Edge Detection of the Image for Application in WSN
Adrian Shehu, Astrit Hulaj, Xhevahir Bajrami

26. A Mathematical Model of the Behavior of SIP Signaling and Media Messages
Naser K. A. Alajmi, Hadeel Saleh Haj Aliwi, Kamal Alieyan, Muhammad-Imran Sarwar

27. Blood Vessel Segmentation from Color Retinal Images Using K-Means Clustering and 2D Gabor Wavelet
Aziah Ali, Wan Mimi Diyana Wan Zaki, Aini Hussain

28. Training Samples Construction for Energy Utilities Operational Assets Management
Alexandra Khalyasmaa, Stanislav Eroshenko

29. A Host Program Implementation for Linux File System Tracing Method Using the Kprobes Linux Dynamic Instrumentation System
Sang-Young Cho

30. Simulation VANET Networks on a Random and Realistic Spatial Scenario
Suad Kasapovic, Lejla Banjanovic-Mehmedovic

31. Sensor Module for Monitoring Wine Fermentation Process
Dimitrija Angelkov, Cveta Martinovska Bande

32. Study the Transmittance Properties of Light Sources Under Simulated Hazy Condition
Haibo Yuan, Xiaoli Zhou, Zheqian Zhang, Fanghui Xu

33. Numerical Study on the Thermal Fatigue of Cryogenic Vacuum Insulated Pipe
Jae-Hoon Lee, Si-Pom Kim, Rock-Won Jeon, Geun-Ho Lee

34. Unconventional Usage of Entropy in the Field of Web Usage Data Preprocessing and Machine Translation Evaluation
Michal Munk, Ľubomír Benko

35. Advantages of Intelligent Multimedia Application
Eva Milkova, Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem

36. FFLD-Based Modeling of Fractional-Order State Space LTI MIMO Systems
Krzysztof J. Latawiec, Rafał Stanisławski, Marian Łukaniszyn, Marek Rydel, Bogusław R. Szkuta

37. A Dispatching Policy for the Dynamic and Stochastic Pickup and Delivery Problem
Gianpaolo Ghiani, Emanuele Manni, Alessandro Romano

Keywords: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biological and Medical Physics, Biophysics, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

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