Cisotta, Roberto

Democracy in the EMU in the Aftermath of the Crisis

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Table of contents

Part I. The New Institutional Balance and Democracy

1. Democratic Principles and the Economic Branch of the European Monetary Union
Massimo Starita

2. The Democratic Foundations of the EMU: The European Parliament and the National Parliaments Between Cooperation and Rivalry
Francesco Martucci

3. From Subordinated to Prominent: The Role of the European Commission in EMU. Reflections on Euro Area Democracy
René Smits

4. More or Less Intergovernmental Cooperation Within the New EMU?
Frédéric Allemand

5. The Economic Dialogue: An Effective Accountability Mechanism?
Sergio Parra

6. The Euro-Crisis, EMU and the Perils of Centralisation
Federico Fabbrini

7. Institutional Balance, Democracy and Agenda Setting in the European Union
Francesca Martines

8. Fiscal Councils: Threat or Opportunity for Democracy in the Post-Crisis Economic and Monetary Union?
Cristina Fasone, Diane Fromage

9. Does the Eurozone Need Its Own Parliament? Legal Necessity and Feasibility of a Eurozone Parliamentary Scrutiny
Luca Lionello

10. Respecting the Democratic Principle in ESM Activities Related to the Context of the Economic and Financial Crisis
Pierluigi Simone

Part II. The European Central Bank and Democracy

11. How the ECB Reinterpreted Its Mandate During the Euro-Crisis (and Why It Was Right in Doing So)
Susanna Cafaro

12. Criteria for Determining the Legality of the ECB’s Unconventional Measures
Fabio Bassan

13. The European Central Bank (ECB) and European Democracy: A Technocratic Institution to Rule All European States?
Giulio Peroni

Part III. The EMU and the Banking System

14. Financial Challenges to Solidarity: Building the European Banking Union in Times of Crisis
Annamaria Viterbo

15. The Quest for Financial Stability and Democracy in the Banking Union: Promoting Institutional Transformation and Regulatory Evolution Through Unconventional Means
Roberto Cisotta

16. Negative Democratic Externalities in the European Banking System
Matteo Ortino

17. The Single Resolution Mechanism and the Single Resolution Fund: Substantive Issues and the Contradictory Democratic Deficit
Nicola Ruccia

Part IV. EMU as a Field of Dialogue or Conflict Between National and European Courts?

18. The EMU in the ECJ: A New Dimension of Dispute Resolution in the Process of European Integration
Matthias Ruffert

19. The Role of the ECJ Beyond EU Law
Roberto Baratta

20. The OMT Case: Institution Building in the Union and a (Failed) Nullification Crisis in the Process of European Integration
Lorenzo Federico Pace

Part V. Concluding Remarks

21. Economic and Monetary Policies as Essential Elements of the EU Constitutional Debate
Lucia Serena Rossi

Keywords: Law, European Law, European Integration, European Union Politics

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