Dervilis, Nikolaos

Special Topics in Structural Dynamics, Volume 6

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Table of contents

1. Harmonic Forcing of a Two-Segment Euler-Bernoulli Beam
Arnaldo J. Mazzei, Richard A. Scott

2. A New Surrogate Modeling Method Associating Generalized Polynomial Chaos Expansion and Kriging for Mechanical Systems Subjected to Friction-Induced Vibration
E. Denimal, L. Nechak, J.-J. Sinou, S. Nacivet

3. Multi-Objective Parametric Optimization of an Equilibrator Mechanism
Ergin Kurtulmus

4. Development of a Numerical Model for Dynamic Analysis of a Built-Up Structure by a Two-Step FEM-Test Correlation Approach
Vignesh Jayakumar, Jay Kim

5. Testing Methods for Verification of a Mounted Accelerometer Frequency Response
Marine Dumont, David Kuntz, Thomas Petzsche

6. Experimental Evaluation and Statistical Analysis of Synchronous Averaging
V. Camerini, G. Coppotelli, S. Bendisch

7. Optimization of a Zigzag Shaped Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensing Applications
Brittany C. Essink, Robert B. Owen, Daniel J. Inman

8. Fuzzy Finite Element Model Updating Using Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms
I. Boulkaibet, T. Marwala, M. I. Friswell, H. H. Khodaparast, S. Adhikari

9. The Combination of Testing and 1D Modeling for Booming Noise Prediction in the Model Based System Testing Framework
Fábio Luis Marques Santos, Tristan Enault, Jan Deleener, Tom Houcke, Herman Auweraer

10. Structural Coupling Analyses of Experimental Models in a Virtual Shaker Testing Environment for Numerical Prediction of a Spacecraft Vibration Test
S. Waimer, S. Manzato, B. Peeters, M. Wagner, P. Guillaume

11. Establishment of Full-Field, Full-Order Dynamic Model of Cable Vibration by Video Motion Manipulations
Lorenzo Sanchez, Huiying Zhang, Alexander Roeder, John Bowlan, Jared Crochet, Yongchao Yang, Charles Farrar, David Mascareñas

12. Analyses of Target Definition Processes for MIMO Random Vibration Control Tests
Umberto Musella, Giacomo D’Elia, Simone Manzato, Bart Peeters, Patrick Guillaume, Francesco Marulo

13. Material Characterization of Self-Sensing 3D Printed Parts
Derya Z. Tansel, Jennifer A. Yasui, Benjamin J. Katko, Alexandria N. Marchi, Adam J. Wachtor

14. Trajectory Tracking and Active Vibration Suppression on a Flexible Tower Crane
O. A. Garcia-Perez, G. Silva-Navarro, J. F. Peza-Solis

15. On a Grey Box Modelling Framework for Nonlinear System Identification
T. J. Rogers, G. R. Holmes, E. J. Cross, K. Worden

16. In-Process Monitoring of Automated Carbon Fibre Tape Layup Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves
R. Fuentes, E. J. Cross, N. Ray, N. Dervilis, T. Guo, K. Worden

17. Development of a Mathematical Model to Design the Control Strategy of a Full Scale Roller-Rig
Ferruccio Resta, Edoardo Sabbioni, Davide Tarsitano, Dino Deva, Daniele Termini, Alvaro Fumi

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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