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Climate Change Adaptation in North America

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Table of contents

1. Climate Change Adaptation in North America: A Short Review of Priorities
Walter Leal Filho

Part I. Climate Adaptation Management in Rural and Urban Areas

2. Community Deliberation to Build Local Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation: The Rural Climate Dialogues Program
C. Daniel Myers, Tara Ritter, Andrew Rockway

3. A Participatory Process to Design Climate Change Adaptation Measures for the Carmen-Pajonal-Machona Lagoon System in Mexico
Valentina Giannini, Emiliano Ramieri, Margarita Caso Chávez, Karina Santos del Prado Gasca, Karla Priego Martínez

4. Experimentalist Regional Governance for Climate Change Adaptation: A Canadian Case Study
Nicole Klenk, Dragos Flueraru, James Ian MacLellan

5. The Participative Action Research Approach to Climate Change Adaptation in Atlantic Canadian Coastal Communities
Omer Chouinard, Steve Plante, Sebastian Weissenberger, Mélinda Noblet, Julie Guillemot

6. Recent Harm, Problematic Impacts, and Socially Feasible Adaptation Options to Heatwaves and Heavy Rain Events in New York City
Diana Reckien

Part II. Climate Change and the Built Environment

7. A Critical Discussion on the Roles of Institutions on Ports’ Adaptation to the Impacts Posed by Climate Change
Huiying Zhang, Adolf K. Y. Ng, Austin Becker

8. Beyond Restoration: Planting Coastal Infrastructure
Rosetta S. Elkin

9. COREDAR for Cities: Developing a Capacity Building Tool for Sea-Level Rise Risk Communication and Urban Community-Based Adaptation
A. Saleem Khan

Part III. Conflicts and Synergies: Adaptation, Resilience and Multi-hazard Mitigation

10. A Region Under Threat? Climate Change Impacts, Institutional Change and Response of Local Communities in Coastal Yucatán
M. A. Lysann Schneider, Tobias Haller

11. Designing for Future Uncertainties: Comparative Studies of Two Adaptive Strategies in Urban Design in New York and Sweden
Sander Schuur

12. Designing with Risk: Balancing Global Risk and Project Risks
Matthijs Bouw

13. Coping with Higher Sea Levels and Increased Coastal Flooding in New York City
Vivien Gornitz, Radley Horton, Daniel A. Bader, Philip Orton, Cynthia Rosenzweig

14. Building an Adaptation Tool for Visualizing the Coastal Impacts of Climate Change on Prince Edward Island, Canada
Adam Fenech, Alex Chen, Andrew Clark, Nick Hedley

Part IV. Information, Communication, Education and Training on Climate Change

15. Effective Public Service Communication Networks for Climate Change Adaptation
Rae Zimmerman

16. Speaking Out or Staying Quiet on Climate Change: Broadcast Meteorologists Influenced by the Need to Be Pithy, Popular and Politically Cautious
Helen Meldrum, David Szymanski, Eric A. Oches, P. Thompson Davis

Part V. Climate Change, Planning and Health and Examples from Other Regions

17. Urban Planning to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Diseases in the Caribbean
Derek W. Willis

18. Mental Health Impacts of Droughts: Lessons for the U.S. from Australia
Elisaveta P. Petkova, Anne S. Celovsky, Wei-Yann Tsai, David P. Eisenman

19. Linking Science and Policy on Climate Change: The Case of Coquimbo Region, Chile
Sonia Salas, Angelo Araya, Andrés Bodini

20. Selection Support Framework Fostering Resilience Based on Neighbourhood Typologies
Laura Kleerekoper, Jeroen Kluck, Andy Dobbelsteen

Part VI. Final Considerations

21. A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective on the Factors Shaping North American Adaptation Research
Jesse M. Keenan

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Climate Change Management and Policy, Corporate Environmental Management, Natural Resource and Energy Economics, North American Economics

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