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Marine Renewable Energy

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Table of contents

1. Wave Energy Assessments: Quantifying the Resource and Understanding the Uncertainty
Bryson Robertson

2. Wave Energy Resources Along the European Atlantic Coast
Philippe Gleizon, Francisco Campuzano, Pablo Carracedo, André Martinez, Jamie Goggins, Reduan Atan, Stephen Nash

3. Analyses of Wave Scattering and Absorption Produced by WEC Arrays: Physical/Numerical Experiments and Model Assessment
H. Tuba Özkan-Haller, Merrick C. Haller, J. Cameron McNatt, Aaron Porter, Pukha Lenee-Bluhm

4. Hydrokinetic Tidal Energy Resource Assessments Using Numerical Models
Kevin Haas, Zafer Defne, Xiufeng Yang, Brittany Bruder

5. Tidal Energy Resource Measurements
Jim Thomson, Brian Polagye, Vincent S. Neary

6. Wave-Tide Interactions in Ocean Renewable Energy
M. Reza Hashemi, Matt Lewis

7. Use of Global Satellite Altimeter and Drifter Data for Ocean Current Resource Characterization
Ruo-Shan Tseng, Yu-Chia Chang, Peter C. Chu

8. Mapping the Ocean Current Strength and Persistence in the Agulhas to Inform Marine Energy Development
I. Meyer, L. Braby, M. Krug, B. Backeberg

9. Ocean Current Energy Resource Assessment for the Gulf Stream System: The Florida Current
Kevin Haas, Xiufeng Yang, Vincent Neary, Budi Gunawan

10. Marine Hydrokinetic Energy in the Gulf Stream Off North Carolina: An Assessment Using Observations and Ocean Circulation Models
Caroline F. Lowcher, Michael Muglia, John M. Bane, Ruoying He, Yanlin Gong, Sara M. Haines

11. Effects of Tidal Stream Energy Extraction on Water Exchange and Transport Timescales
Zhaoqing Yang, Taiping Wang

12. The Impact of Marine Renewable Energy Extraction on Sediment Dynamics
Simon P. Neill, Peter E. Robins, Iain Fairley

13. Assessing the Impacts of Marine-Hydrokinetic Energy (MHK) Device Noise on Marine Systems by Using Underwater Acoustic Models as Enabling Tools
Paul C. Etter

14. Challenges to Characterization of Sound Produced by Marine Energy Converters
Brian Polagye

15. Planning and Management Frameworks for Renewable Ocean Energy
Anne Marie O’Hagan

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Offshore Engineering, Oceanography

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