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Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides

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Table of contents

Part I. Earthquake-Induced Landslides

1. Session Introduction Earthquake-Induced Landslide
Kazuo Konagai, Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza, Akihiko Wakai

2. The Role of Simultaneous Impact of Exogenous and Endogenous Forces in Landslide Process Activation
Rustam Niyazov, Bakhtiar Nurtaev

3. Local Terrain Relief: An Important Factor Influencing the Generation of Large Earthquake-Triggered Landslides
Xiaoli Chen, Hongliu Ran, Qing Zhou, Bengang Zhou

4. Evaluation of Ground Shaking Characteristics in Residential Land Based on T/R Frequency Ratio of Microtremor
Yoshiya Hata, Fumihiro Minato, Takaaki Ikeda, Masayuki Yamada, Masaki Yamauchi, Yutaro Okawa

5. Critical Displacement of Earthquake-Triggered Catastrophic Landslides
Che-Ming Yang, Chang-Hsuan Hsu, Jia-Jyun Dong

6. Numerical Models of Unstable Slopes in Seismic Areas—Based on 3D Geomodels
Hans-Balder Havenith, Anne-Sophie Mreyen, Almaz Torgoev, Mihai Micu

7. A Characteristic-Period Based Approach for Evaluating Earthquake-Induced Displacements of the Large Büyükçekmece Landslide (Turkey)
Salvatore Martino, Luca Lenti, Celine Bourdeau

8. Finite Element Simulation for Seismic Ground Response in Mountainous Areas in Nepal
Akihiko Wakai, Daisuke Higaki, Hiroshi Yagi, Go Sato, Masahiro Chigira

9. Geophysical Investigation of the Landslide-Prone Slope Downstream from the Rogun Dam Construction Site (Tajikistan)
Torgoev Isakbek, Havenith Hans-Balder, Torgoev Almaz, Cerfontaine Philippe, Ischuk Anatoly

10. Spatial Relations of Earthquake Induced Landslides Triggered by 2015 Gorkha Earthquake Mw=7.8
Kaushal R. Gnyawali, Basanta R. Adhikari

11. Distribution Characteristics of Geohazards Induced by the Ludian Earthquake on 3 August, 2014 and a Comparison to the Jinggu and Yingjiang Earthquakes
Zhiqiang Yin, Wuji Zhao, Yongqiang Xu, Lanpeng Sa

12. Seismic-Induced Landslides: Lessons Learned from Recent Earthquakes in Spain
José Delgado, Martín J. Rodríguez-Peces, Francisco J. García-Tortosa, Jesús Garrido, Iván Martín, Pedro Alfaro

13. Landslides Triggered by the Ms6.5 Ludian, China Earthquake of August 3, 2014
Kai-heng Hu, Xing-zhang Chen, Yong-gang Ge, Xing-yuan Jiang, Yang-chun Wang

14. Earthquake-Induced Rockfalls Caused by 1998 Mw5.6 Earthquake in Krn Mountains (NW Slovenia) and ESI 2007 Intensity Scale
Andrej Gosar

15. Earthquake Induced Landslides in Russian Altai: Absolute Dating Applying Tree-Ring and Radiocarbon Analysis
R. K. Nepop, A. R. Agatova

Part II. Rainfall-Induced Landslides

16. Analysis of the Predisposing Factors for Different Landslide Types Using the Generalized Additive Model
Carlotta Bartelletti, Roberto Giannecchini, Giacomo D’Amato Avanzi, Yuri Galanti, Michele Barsanti, Maria Giuseppina Persichillo, Massimiliano Bordoni, Claudia Meisina, Andrea Cevasco, Jorge Pedro Galve Arnedo

17. Large-Scale Synoptic Weather Types and Precipitation Responsible for Landslides in Southern Norway
Graziella Devoli, Lisa Jørandli, Kolbjørn Engeland, Lena M. Tallaksen

18. Deterministic and Probabilistic Rainfall Thresholds for Landslide Forecasting
Pasquale Versace, Davide L. Luca

19. Definition of Rainfall Thresholds Triggering Landslides in Slovenia
Ascanio Rosi, Tina Peternel, Mateja Jemec-Auflič, Marko Komac, Nicola Casagli

20. Regional Rainfall Thresholds for Shallow and Deep-Seated Mass Movements Triggering in the South Eastern French Alps
Alexandre Remaître, Jean-Philippe Malet

21. Explore on Hydro-Mechanical Threshold for Early Warning of Rainfall Induced Shallow Landslides
Zong-ji Yang, Jian-ping Qiao, Taro Uchimura, Lin Wang, Dong Huang, Xiao-qin Lei, Li-li Shi

22. Influences of Rainfall on Shallow Slope Failures
Taworn Teerametatiparat, Avirut Chinkulkijniwat, Somjai Yubonchit

23. Modelling Shallow Landslides Triggered by Rainfall in Tropical and Mountainous Basins
Edier Aristizábal, Hernán Martínez-Carvajal, Edwin García-Aristizábal

24. High Mobility of Large-Scale Shallow Landslide Triggered by Heavy Rainfall in Izu Oshima
Gonghui Wang, Yao Jiang

25. Probabilistic Analysis of Shallow Landslide Susceptibility Using Physically Based Model and Fuzzy Point Estimate Method
Jung-Hyun Lee, Hyuck-Jin Park, Jung-Yoon Jang

26. Assessing Potential Effects of Climate Change on Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides in the Peloritani Mountains Area, Sicily
David J. Peres, Antonino Cancelliere

27. Variations in Landslide Frequency Due to Climate Changes Through High Resolution Euro-CORDEX Ensemble
Guido Rianna, Alfredo Reder, Veronica Villani, Paola Mercogliano

28. Potential Effects of Climate Changes on Landslide Activity in Different Geomorphological Contexts
Guido Rianna, Luca Comegna, Stefano Luigi Gariano, Fausto Guzzetti, Paola Mercogliano, Luciano Picarelli, Paolo Tommasi

29. Historical Patterns of Heavy Rainfall Event and Deep-Seated Rapid Landslide Occurrence in Japan: Insight for Effects of Climate Change on Landslide Occurrence
Taro Uchida, Wataru Sakurai, Atsushi Okamoto

30. Geomorphologic and Structural Controls on Landslide Types in Nigeria
Ogbonnaya Igwe

31. Geomorphology and Susceptibility to Rainfall Triggered Landslides in Gudbrandsdalen Valley, Norway
Håkon Heyerdahl, Øyvind A. Høydal

32. Overview of Rainfall Induced Landslide Events and Importance of Geotechnical Investigations in Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, India
V. Senthilkumar, S. S. Chandrasekaran, V. B. Maji

33. Physically-Based Models for Estimating Rainfall Triggering Debris Flows in Campania (Southern Italy)
Pantaleone Vita, Francesco Fusco, Elisabetta Napolitano, Rita Tufano

34. Physical Modelling of the Rainfall Infiltration Processes in Pyroclastic Soil Responsible of Landslide Trigger
Giovanna Capparelli, Pasquale Versace, Gennaro Spolverino

35. The Role of the Precipitation History on Landslide Triggering in Unsaturated Pyroclastic Soils
Luca Comegna, Melania Falco, Fatemeh Jalayer, Luciano Picarelli, Antonio Santo

36. Role of Land Use in Landslide Initiation on Terraced Slopes: Inferences from Numerical Modelling
Luca Schilirò, Andrea Cevasco, Carlo Esposito, Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza

37. Analysis of the Impact of Precipitation on Landslide Activity Within the Erosive Slopes of River Valleys of the South of Ukraine
Galina Pedan, Olena Dragomyretska, Oleksandr Dragomyretskyy

38. Heavy Rains and Flash Floods at Rocky Coast. The Costiera Amalfitana (Southern Italy)
Crescenzo Violante, Eliana Esposito, Giuseppe Tranfaglia, Giovanni Braca

39. Drainage and Shear Velocity Dependent Shear Characteristics of Abandoned Imgi Mine Waste Materials in Ring Shear Tests
Sueng-Won Jeong, Sung-Sik Park, Hiroshi Fukuoka, Sang-Woo Ji, Choon-Oh Lee

40. Landslide Monitoring and Management Challenge in Remote Papua New Guinea
Norbert Baczynski, Neil Bar

Part III. Rapid Landslides: Debris Flows, Mudflows, Rapid Debris Slides

41. Session Introduction—Rapid Landslides: Debris Flows, Mudflows, Rapid Debris Slides
Giovanni Crosta

42. Characterization and Modeling of a Debris Flow in a Dolomitic Basin: Results and Issues
Chiara Boccali, Romano Lapasin, Luca Zini, Chiara Calligaris, Franco Cucchi

43. Debris Flow Hazard Assessment (Cave del Predil—NE Italy)
Chiara Calligaris, Glenda Nicola, Giacomo Casagrande, Luca Zini, Franco Cucchi

44. Stony Debris Flow Debouching in a River Reach: Energy Dissipative Mechanisms and Deposit Morphology
Antonio Fichera, Laura Maria Stancanelli, Stefano Lanzoni, Enrico Foti

45. Velocity Attenuation of Granular Debris Flows During Impact on Rigid Barriers
C. H. Raymond Koo, S. H. Julian Kwan, Carlos Lam, Wai-Keung Pun, W. W. Charles Ng, E. Clarence Choi

46. Impact Forces of a Supercritical Flow of a Shear Thinning Slurry Against an Obstacle
Michele Iervolino, Claudia Carotenuto, Corrado Gisonni, Mario Minale, Andrea Vacca

47. Observation and Numerical Simulation of Debris Flow Induced by Deep-Seated Rapid Landslide
Taro Uchida, Yuki Nishiguchi, Naoki Matsumoto, Wataru Sakurai

48. Analysis on Debris Flow Non-rectilinear Motion—From Case Study to Hazard Zone Delimitation Discussion
Tingyeh Wu, Su-Chin Chen

49. Frequency Difference of Debris Flows in Moxi Basin, Southwestern China
Yongbo Tie, Jintao Jiang, Zhi Song, Alena V. Kadetova, Artem A. Rybchenko

50. Debris Flow Activity in Permafrost Regions in Austria During the 20th Century
Roland Kaitna, Thomas Huber

51. Statistical Methods for the Assessment of Rainfall Thresholds for Triggering Shallow Landslides: A Case Study
Yuri Galanti, Michele Barsanti, Roberto Giannecchini, Giacomo D’Amato Avanzi, Gianni Benvenuto

52. Using Weather Radar Data (Rainfall and Lightning Flashes) for the Analysis of Debris Flows Occurrence in Emilia-Romagna Apennines (Italy)
Giuseppe Ciccarese, Alessandro Corsini, Pier Paolo Alberoni, Miria Celano, Anna Fornasiero

53. Monitoring of Debris Flows with an Improved System Setup at the Lattenbach Catchment, Austria
Johannes Hübl, Andreas Schimmel, Richard Koschuch

54. Natural Hazard Analysis for a Small Alpine Catchment in the Nepalese Himalayas
Klaus Schraml, Christian Uhlir, Johannes Hübl

55. Small-Scale Factors Controlling Onset of the Debris Avalanche of 4 March 2005 at Nocera Inferiore (Southern Italy)
Pantaleone Vita, Durante Aquino, Pietro Bruno Celico

56. Experimental Study of Fluidized Landslide
Hu Wei, Hicher Pierre-Yves, Qiang Xu, van Asch Theo, Wang Gonghui

Part IV. Landslides in Rocks and Complex Landslides

57. A New Calculation Method to Flexural Toppling Failure of Anti-dipped Rock Slope
Su Lijun, Qu Xin, Zhang Chonglei

58. Rock Slope Stability Assessment Using Stereographic Projection Method and Limit Equilibrium Analysis
P. H. E. Dulanjalee, Jagath Gunathilake

59. Insights into Deep-Seated Rockslides in Metamorphic Rock Masses: Lessons Learned from Field Surveys, In Situ Investigations and Numerical Modelling
Christian Zangerl, Thomas Strauhal, Christine Fey, Michael Holzmann, Sebastian Perzlmaier

60. Structural and Climatic Control of Mass Movements Along the Karakoram Highway
Sajid Ali, Sascha Schneiderwind, Klaus Reicherter

61. The Influence of the Geological Model in the Stress-Strain Analysis of the 1963 Vajont Landslide
Paolo Paronuzzi, Alberto Bolla

62. True 3D Kinematic Analysis for Slope Instability Assessment in the Siq of Petra (Jordan), from High Resolution TLS
Claudio Margottini, Daniele Spizzichino, Giovanni Gigli, Heinz Ruther, Nicola Casagli

63. Susceptibility to Sea Cliff Failures at Cala Rossa Bay in Favignana Island (Italy)
Roberto Iannucci, Salvatore Martino, Fabio Martorelli, Luca Falconi, Vladimiro Verrubbi

64. Complex Rainfall-Driven Kinematics of the Slow-Moving Pisciotta Rock-Slide (Cilento, Southern Italy)
Pantaleone Vita, Delia Cusano, Giovanni Barbera

65. Numerical Simulation on Gentle Dip Slope Deformation Caused by River Erosion
Tien-Chien Chen, Feng-Long Chou, Cheng Meng Hsieh

66. Mass Movement Processes of Quaternary Deposits in the Vipava Valley, SW Slovenia
Tomislav Popit, Jernej Jež, Timotej Verbovšek

67. Characteristics, Causes and Hazards of Large-Scale Debris Flows on June 23 at Haitong Watershed, Tibet, China
Ge Yonggang, Zou Qiang, Zhang Jianqiang, Guo Xiaojun

68. Joint Modelling and Monitoring on Case Pennetta and Case Costa Active Landslides System Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Geotechnical Data
Andrea Quagliarini, Andrea Segalini, Alessandro Chelli, Roberto Francese, Massimo Giorgi, Laura Spaggiari

69. Large-Scale Rockslope Deformations in Sogn Og Fjordane County (Norway)
Ivanna M. Penna, Martina Böhme, Reginald Hermanns, Trond Eiken, John Dehls

70. Landslide Zoning Using the Principal Component Analysis on Monitoring Data: The Sauna Earth Slide—Earth Flow (Parma, Italy)
Marco Mulas, Francesco Bonacini, Marcello Petitta, Francesco Ronchetti, Giovanni Truffelli, Michela Diena, Alessandro Corsini

Part V. Landslides and Other Natural Hazards

71. Experimental Study on Impact Behavior of Submarine Landslides on Communication Cables
Zili Dai, Fawu Wang, Yasutaka Nakahara

72. RFID-Aided Sediment Transport Monitoring—Laboratory and Preliminary Field Test Results
Vladislav Ivov Ivanov, Davide Brambilla, Laura Longoni, Diego Arosio, Monica Papini

73. Flash Floods in the Rwenzori Mountains—Focus on the May 2013 Multi-Hazard Kilembe Event
Liesbet Jacobs, Jan Maes, Kewan Mertens, John Sekajugo, Wim Thiery, Nicole Lipzig, Jean Poesen, Matthieu Kervyn, Olivier Dewitte

74. Debris Flow Generation in Burned Catchments
Mario Parise, Susan H. Cannon

75. Residual Slope Stability in Low Order Streams of Angangueo Mining Area (Michoacán, Mexico) After the 2010 Debris Flows
Stefano Morelli, Veronica Pazzi, Victor Hugo Garduño Monroy, Nicola Casagli

76. Landslides Risk Assessment Along Roads: The Transportation Corridors of the “Dolomiti Lucane” (Basilicata)
Lucia Losasso, Stefania Pascale, Francesco Sdao

77. Monitoring Eruption-Induced Mass-Wasting at Active Volcanoes: The Stromboli Case
Federico Traglia, Teresa Nolesini, Nicola Casagli

78. Development of a Rockfall Risk Mitigation Plan in the Montserrat Massif (Central Catalonia, Spain)
Pere Buxó, Marc Janeras, Guillem Domènech, Judit Pons, Elisabet Prat, Ferran López

79. Assessment of Rockslide Dam Scenarios at Catchment Scale in the Context of Cascading Hazards
Christian Kofler, Francesco Comiti, Bernhard Gems, Benni Thiebes, Stefan Schneiderbauer, Romy Schlögel

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Sustainable Development

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