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Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides

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Table of contents

Part I. Landslide Interactions with the Built Environment

1. Session Introduction—Landslide Interaction with the Built Environment

M. G. Winter, T. A. Dijkstra, J. Wasowski

2. Landslide Risk Assessment for the Built Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Peter Redshaw, Tom Dijkstra, Matthew Free, Colm Jordan, Anna Morley, Stuart Fraser

3. Rainfall-Induced Debris Flow Risk Reduction: A Strategic Approach

Mike G. Winter

4. RUPOK: An Online Landslide Risk Tool for Road Networks

Michal Bíl, Richard Andrášik, Jan Kubeček, Zuzana Křivánková, Rostislav Vodák

5. The Impact (Blight) on House Value Caused by Urban Landslides in England and Wales

William Disberry, Andy Gibson, Rob Inkpen, Malcolm Whitworth, Claire Dashwood, Mike Winter

6. Landslide Monitoring and Counteraction Technologies in Polish Lignite Opencast Mines

Zbigniew Bednarczyk

7. New Perspectives on Landslide Assessment for Spatial Planning in Austria

Arben Kociu, Leonhard Schwarz, Karl Hagen, Florian Rudolf-Miklau

8. Characterisation of Recent Debris Flow Activity at the Rest and Be Thankful, Scotland

Bradley Sparkes, Stuart Dunning, Michael Lim, Mike G. Winter

9. The Use of Morpho-Structural Domains for the Characterization of Deep-Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations in Valle d’Aosta

Daniele Giordan, Martina Cignetti, Davide Bertolo

10. Gediminas’s Castle Hill (in Vilnius) Case: Slopes Failure Through Historical Times Until Present

Vidas Milkulėnas, Vytautas Minkevičius, Jonas Satkūnas

11. Design Criteria and Risk Management of New Construction in Landslide Areas: The Case of the Djendjen–El Eulma Highway (Algeria)
Mirko Vendramini, Attilio Eusebio, Fabrizio Peruzzo, Patrizia Vitale, Alessandro Fassone, Francesca Guazzotti

12. Numerical Analysis of a Potential Debris Flow Event on the Irazú Volcano, Costa Rica

Marina Pirulli, Rolando Mora

13. Landslides Impact Analysis Along the National Road 73C of Romania

Andreea Andra-Topârceanu, Mihai Mafteiu, Razvan Gheorghe, Mircea Andra-Topârceanu, Mihaela Verga

14. Evaluation of Building Damages Induced by Landslides in Volterra Area (Italy) Through Remote Sensing Techniques

Silvia Bianchini, Teresa Nolesini, Matteo Soldato, Nicola Casagli

15. The Resilience of Some Villages 36Years After the Irpinia-Basilicata (Southern Italy) 1980 Earthquake

Sabina Porfido, Giuliana Alessio, Germana Gaudiosi, Rosa Nappi, Efisio Spiga

16. Urgent Need for Application of Integrated Landslide Risk Management Strategies for the Polog Region in R. of Macedonia

Igor Peshevski, Tina Peternel, Milorad Jovanovski

17. Comprehensive Overview of Historical and Actual Slope Movements in the Medieval Inhabited Citadel of Sighisoara

Andreea Andra-Topârceanu, Mihai Mafteiu, Mircea Andra-Topârceanu, Mihaela Verga

18. Analyze the Occurrence of Rainfall-Induced Landslides in a Participatory Way for Mid-Hills of Nepal Himalayas

Hari Prasad Pandey

Part II. Landslides in Natural Environment

19. Session Introduction—Landslides in Natural Environment

J. Klimeš

20. Multi-methodological Studies on the Large El Capulín Landslide in the State of Veracruz (Mexico)

Martina Wilde, Wendy V. Morales Barrera, Daniel Schwindt, Matthias Bücker, Berenice Solis Castillo, Birgit Terhorst, Sergio R. Rodríguez Elizarrarás

21. Cut Slope Icing Formation Mechanism and Its Influence on Slope Stability in Periglacial Area

Ying Guo, Wei Shan, Zhaoguang Hu, Hua Jiang

22. Climate Change Driving Greater Slope Instability in the Central Andes

Stella Maris Moreiras, Ivan Pablo Vergara Dal Pont

23. Understanding the Chandmari Landslides

Nirmala Vasudevan, Kaushik Ramanathan, Aadityan Sridharan

24. Activation of Cryogenic Earth Flows and Formation of Thermocirques on Central Yamal as a Result of Climate Fluctuations

Artem Khomutov, Marina Leibman, Yury Dvornikov, Anatoly Gubarkov, Damir Mullanurov, Rustam Khairullin

25. Landslide Investigations in the Northwest Section of the Lesser Khingan Range in China Using Combined HDR and GPR Methods

Zhaoguang Hu, Ying Guo, Wei Shan

26. Soil Co2 Emission, Microbial Activity, C and N After Landsliding Disturbance in Permafrost Area of Siberia

Oxana V. Masyagina, Svetlana Yu. Evgrafova, Valentina V. Kholodilova

Part III. Landslides and Water

27. Session Introduction—Landslides and Water

Patrick Wassmer

28. Quantifying the Performances of Simplified Physically Based Landslide Susceptibility Models: An Application Along the Salerno-Reggio Calabria Highway

Giuseppe Formetta, Giovanna Capparelli, Pasquale Versace

29. Assessing Landslide Dams Evolution: A Methodology Review

Carlo Tacconi Stefanelli, Samuele Segoni, Nicola Casagli, Filippo Catani

30. Inventory and Typology of Landslide-Dammed Lakes of the Cordillera Blanca (Peru)

Adam Emmer, Anna Juřicová

31. Recommending Rainfall Thresholds for Landslides in Sri Lanka

Udeni P. Nawagamuwa, Lasitha P. Perera

32. Brahmaputra River Bank Failures—Causes and Impact on River Dynamics

Archana Sarkar

33. Downstream Geomorphic Response of the 2014 Mount Polley Tailings Dam Failure, British Columbia

Vanessa Cuervo, Leif Burge, Hawley Beaugrand, Megan Hendershot, Stephen G. Evans

34. The Sediment Production and Transportation in a Mountainous Reservoir Watershed, Southern Taiwan

Chih Ming Tseng, Kuo Jen Chang, Paolo Tarolli

35. Integration of Geometrical Root System Approximations in Hydromechanical Slope Stability Modelling

Elmar Schmaltz, Rens Beek, Thom Bogaard, Stefan Steger, Thomas Glade

36. Landslide Deformation Prediction by Numerical Simulation in the Three Gorges, China

Kun Song, Fawu Wang, Yiliang Liu, Haifeng Huang

37. Patterns of Development of Abrasion-Landslide Processes on the North-West Coast of the Black Sea

Olena Dragomyretska, Galina Pedan, Oleksandr Dragomyretskyy

Part IV. Landslides as Environmental Change Proxies: Looking at the Past

38. Session Introduction—Landslides as Environmental Change Proxies

Tomáš Pánek

39. Rock-Avalanche Activity in W and S Norway Peaks After the Retreat of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet

Reginald L. Hermanns, Markus Schleier, Martina Böhme, Lars Harald Blikra, John Gosse, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Paula Hilger

40. The Role of Rainfall and Land Use/Cover Changes in Landslide Occurrence in Calabria, Southern Italy, in the 20th Century

Stefano Luigi Gariano, Olga Petrucci, Fausto Guzzetti

41. Geomorphology and Age of Large Rock Avalanches in Trentino (Italy): Castelpietra

Susan Ivy-Ochs, Silvana Martin, Paolo Campedel, Kristina Hippe, Christof Vockenhuber, Gabriele Carugati, Manuel Rigo, Daria Pasqual, Alfio Viganò

42. Coupled Slope Collapse—Cryogenic Processes in Deglaciated Valleys of the Aconcagua Region, Central Andes

Stella Maris Moreiras

43. Coastal Erosion and Instability Phenomena on the Coast of Krk Island (NE Adriatic Sea)

Igor Ružić, Čedomir Benac, Sanja Dugonjić Jovančević

44. Rock Avalanches in a Changing Landscape Following the Melt Down of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet, Norway

Markus Schleier, Reginald L. Hermanns, Joachim Rohn

45. Multi-Temporal Landslide Susceptibility Maps and Future Scenarios for Expected Land Cover Changes (Southern Apennines, Italy)

Luca Pisano, Veronica Zumpano, Žiga Malek, Mihai Micu, Carmen Maria Rosskopf, Mario Parise

46. Holocene Seismically and Climatically Driven Mass Wasting Processes in Boguty Valley, Russian Alta

R. K. Nepop, A. R. Agatova

Part V. Student Session

47. Stress-Strain Modelling to Investigate the Internal Damage of Rock Slopes with a Bi-Planar Failure

Alberto Bolla, Paolo Paronuzzi

48. Slope Mass Assessment of Road Cut Rock Slopes Along Karnprayag to Narainbagarh Highway in Garhwal Himalayas, India

Saroj Kumar Lenka, Soumya Darshan Panda, Debi Prasanna Kanungo, R. Anbalagan

49. Towards Decentralized Landslide Disaster Risk Governance in Uganda

Sowedi Masaba, N. David Mungai, Moses Isabirye, Haroonah Nsubuga

50. Automatic Landslides Mapping in the Principal Component Domain

Kamila Pawłuszek, Andrzej Borkowski

51. Geological Aspects of Landslides in Volcanic Rocks in a Geothermal Area (Kamojang Indonesia)

I. Putu Krishna Wijaya, Christian Zangel, Wolfgang Straka, Franz Ottner

52. Adaptive Learning Techniques for Landslide Forecasting and the Validation in a Real World Deployment

T. Hemalatha, Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh, Venkat P. Rangan

53. Influence of Mixture Composition in the Collapse of Soil Columns

Lorenzo Brezzi, Fabio Gabrieli, Simonetta Cola, Isabella Onofrio

54. New Thoughts for Impact Force Estimation on Flexible Barriers

Daoyuan Tan, Jianhua Yin, Jieqiong Qin, Zhuohui Zhu

55. A Check-Dam to Measure Debris Flow-Structure Interactions in the Gadria Torrent

Georg Nagl, Johannes Hübl

56. Detail Study of the Aratozawa Large-Scale Landslide in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Hendy Setiawan, Kyoji Sassa, Kaoru Takara, Hiroshi Fukuoka

57. Identification of Rock Fall Prone Areas on the Steep Slopes Above the Town of Omiš, Croatia

Marin Sečanj, Snježana Mihalić Arbanas, Branko Kordić, Martin Krkač, Sanja Bernat Gazibara

58. Automatic Detection of Sediment-Related Disasters Based on Seismic and Infrasound Signals

Andreas Schimmel, Johannes Hübl

59. Simulating the Formation Process of the Akatani Landslide Dam Induced by Rainfall in Kii Peninsula, Japan

Pham Tien, Kyoji Sassa, Kaoru Takara, Khang Dang, Le Hong Luong, Nguyen Duc Ha

60. Diversity of Materials in Landslide Bodies in the Vinodol Valley, Croatia

Sara Pajalić, Petra Đomlija, Vedran Jagodnik, Željko Arbanas

61. Small Flume Experiment on the Influence of Inflow Angle and Stream Gradient on Landslide-Triggered Debris Flow Sediment Movement

Hefryan Sukma Kharismalatri, Yoshiharu Ishikawa, Takashi Gomi, Katsushige Shiraki, Taeko Wakahara

62. Relative Landslide Risk Assessment for the City of Valjevo

Katarina Andrejev, Jelka Krušić, Uroš Đurić, Miloš Marjanović, Biljana Abolmasov

63. Huge Slope Collapses Flashing the Andean Active Orogenic Front (Argentinean Precordillera 31–33°S)

Sebastián Junquera Torrado, Stella Maris Moreiras, Sergio A. Sepúlveda

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Sustainable Development

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