Adesso, Gerardo

Lectures on General Quantum Correlations and their Applications

Adesso, Gerardo - Lectures on General Quantum Correlations and their Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Measures of Quantum Correlations Beyond Entanglement

1. Foundations of Quantum Discord
Vlatko Vedral

2. From Discord to Entanglement
Shunlong Luo

3. Monogamy of Quantum Correlations - A Review
Himadri Shekhar Dhar, Amit Kumar Pal, Debraj Rakshit, Aditi Sen(De), Ujjwal Sen

4. Measurement-Induced Nonlocality and Quantum Correlations Under Local Operations
Xueyuan Hu, Ming-Liang Hu, Heng Fan

5. Quantum Correlations in Multipartite Quantum Systems
Thiago R. Oliveira

6. Geometric Measures of Quantum Correlations with Bures and Hellinger Distances
D. Spehner, F. Illuminati, M. Orszag, W. Roga

7. Metrological Measures of Non-classical Correlations
Pieter Bogaert, Davide Girolami

Part II. Operational Interpretations and Applications

8. Why Should We Care About Quantum Discord?
Aharon Brodutch, Daniel R. Terno

9. Local Broadcasting of Quantum Correlations
Marco Piani

10. Entanglement Distribution and Quantum Discord
Alexander Streltsov, Hermann Kampermann, Dagmar Bruß

11. Discord, Quantum Knowledge and Private Communications
Mile Gu, Stefano Pirandola

12. Quantum Discord in Quantum Communication Protocols
Animesh Datta, Vaibhav Madhok

13. Non-Classical Correlations in Information Processing
Anil Shaji

Part III. Quantum Correlations in Open Quantum Dynamics

14. The Local Detection Method: Dynamical Detection of Quantum Discord with Local Operations
Manuel Gessner, Heinz-Peter Breuer, Andreas Buchleitner

15. The Sudden Change Phenomenon of Quantum Discord
Lucas C. Céleri, Jonas Maziero

16. Frozen and Invariant Quantum Discord Under Local Dephasing Noise
Göktuğ Karpat, Carole Addis, Sabrina Maniscalco

17. Overview on the Phenomenon of Two-Qubit Entanglement Revivals in Classical Environments
Rosario Lo Franco, Giuseppe Compagno

18. Quantum Correlations and Synchronization Measures
Fernando Galve, Gian Luca Giorgi, Roberta Zambrini

19. How Does Interference Fall?
Patrick J. Orlando, Felix A. Pollock, Kavan Modi

Part IV. Physical Realizations and Experimental Progress

20. Quantum Discord and Entropic Measures of Quantum Correlations: Optimization and Behavior in Finite XY Spin Chains
N. Canosa, M. Cerezo, N. Gigena, R. Rossignoli

21. Experimental Investigation of the Dynamics of Quantum Discord in Optical Systems
Jin-Shi Xu, Chuan-Feng Li, Guang-Can Guo

22. Experimental Investigation of Quantum Correlation in Solid-State Spin System
Jiangfeng Du, Fangzhou Jin, Xing Rong

23. Quantum Correlations in NMR Systems
T. S. Mahesh, C. S. Sudheer Kumar, Udaysinh T. Bhosale

24. NMR Contributions to the Study of Quantum Correlations
Isabela A. Silva, Jefferson G. Filgueiras, Ruben Auccaise, Alexandre M. Souza, Raimund Marx, Steffen J. Glaser, Tito J. Bonagamba, Roberto S. Sarthour, Ivan S. Oliveira, Eduardo R. deAzevedo

Keywords: Physics, Quantum Physics

Publication year
Quantum Science and Technology
Page amount
9 pages
Natural Sciences
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