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Advances in Mechanical Engineering

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Table of contents

1. The Combined Cold Axial Rotary Forging of Thick Hollow Flanges
L. B. Aksenov, S. N. Kunkin

2. Bench Tests of Vibroacoustic Effects
Pavel A. Andrienko, Vladimir I. Karazin, Igor O. Khlebosolov

3. Stability of Walking Algorithms
Anastasia Borina, Valerii Tereshin

4. Deleting Objects Algorithm for the Optimization of Orthogonal Packing Problems
Vladislav A. Chekanin, Alexander V. Chekanin

5. Computational Technique of Plotting Campbell Diagrams for Turbine Blades
Vladimir V. Eliseev, Artem A. Moskalets

6. Computer Simulation of Mechanisms
Alexander N. Evgrafov, Gennady N. Petrov

7. Energy-Flux Analysis of the Bending Waves in an Infinite Cylindrical Shell Filled with Acoustical Fluid
George V. Filippenko

8. Principle of Compatibility of Heterogeneous Additives in Triboactive Metalworking Fluids for Edge Cutting of Metals
Vladimir A. Godlevskiy, Vladimir V. Markov, Nadezhda V. Usoltseva

9. Some Ways of Stable Counterbalancing in Respect to Moving Masses on Centrifuges
Vladimir I. Karazin, Denis P. Kozlikin, Alexander A. Sukhanov, Valery A. Tereshin, Igor O. Khlebosolov

10. Self-oscillations of Machines and Mechanisms
Mikhail J. Platovskikh, Mikhail M. Vetyukov

11. Analysis of Machine Tool Installation on the Base
Yuri А. Semenov, Nadezhda S. Semenova

12. About the Nature of Dissipative Processes in Cutting Treatments of Titanium Vanes
Margarita A. Skotnikova, Nikolay A. Krylov

13. The Model of the Elastic–Plastic Deformation of a Structural Member
Sergei A. Sokolov

14. Parametric Vibrations Excitation in Cyclic Mechanisms
Iosif I. Vulfson

15. Theoretical and Practical Conditions of Bennett Mechanism Workability
Munir Gumerovich Yarullin, Fanil Fargatovich Khabibullin

16. Dislocation-Phonon Mechanism and Interpolation Dependence of Fatigue-Damaged Structural Steel
Vladimir A. Zhukov

17. Calculation of Shells of Revolution with Arbitrary Meridian Oscillations
Tatiana V. Zinovieva

18. Wheelsets and Railways. Determining Contact-Points Coordinates
Kirill V. Eliseev

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Structural Mechanics, Computational Science and Engineering

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Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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