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Neonatal Pain

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Table of contents

Part I. Delivery and Pain

1. Gender Differences in Pain Since Birth
Anna Maria Aloisi, Irina Butkevich, Stefano Pieretti

2. Stress and Pregnancy: CRH as Biochemical Marker
Silvia Vannuccini, Caterina Bocchi, Filiberto Maria Severi, Felice Petraglia

3. Pain Control During Labour
Chiara Benedetto, Marina Zonca, Davide Sturla, Fulvia Borella, Evelina Gollo

Part II. Fetal Pain

4. Fetal Stress: Ultrasound Study of Fetal Behavior
Caterina Bocchi, Silvia Vannuccini, Filiberto Maria Severi, Carlo Valerio Bellieni, Felice Petraglia

5. Prenatal Affective Exchanges and Their Subsequent Effects in Postnatal Life
Catherine Dolto

6. Foetal Pain
G. Noia, E. Cesari, M. S. Ligato, D. Visconti, M. Tintoni, I. Mappa, C. Greco, G. P. Fortunato, A. Caruso

7. Analgesia During Fetal Surgery
Gloria Pelizzo

8. New Insights into Prenatal Stress: Immediate- and Long-Term Effects on the Fetus and Their Timing
Kieran J. O’Donnell, Nadja Reissland, Vivette Glover

Part III. Neonatal Pain

9. Understanding Infant Pain Responding Within a Relational Context
Jordana Waxman, Jodi Martin, Rebecca Pillai Riddell

10. Detecting Acute Pain is Enough: The Conundrum of Pain Assessment
C. V. Bellieni, G. Buonocore

11. Analgesic Procedures in Newborns
Laura Giuntini, Cristina Navarra, Rossella Angotti, Giovanna Amato

12. Nonpharmacological Treatment of Neonatal Pain
R. Carbajal

13. Sensorial Saturation and the 3Ts Rule
C. V. Bellieni, G. Buonocore

14. Surgical Use of Analgesic Drugs
A. M. Guadagni, L. Manganozzi

15. Physical Risk Agents in Incubators
Renata Sisto

Part IV. Pain: A Risk Factor for Brain Damage

16. Neonatal Stressors
M. Delivoria-Papadopoulos, P. Kratimenos

17. New Insights into Neonatal Hypersensitivity
C. J. Woodbury

18. From the Gate-Control Theory to Brain Programs for Neonatal Pain
Kanwaljeet J. S. Anand

19. Long-Term Consequences of Pain and Stress in Neonates
Kim Kopenhaver Doheny

Part V. Pain and Communication

20. Disclosure of Pathology to the Newborn’s Family
P. Arosio

21. Pain and Grief in the Experience of Parents of Children with a Congenital Malformation
Luigi Memo, Emanuele Basile

22. Invest in Prenatal Life: A High-Yield Stock
M. Enrichi

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Pain Medicine, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Neurology, Nursing, Psychopharmacology

Publication year
2nd ed. 2017
Page amount
11 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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