Bailey, Geoffrey N.

Under the Sea: Archaeology and Palaeolandscapes of the Continental Shelf

Bailey, Geoffrey N. - Under the Sea: Archaeology and Palaeolandscapes of the Continental Shelf, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Archaeology and Palaeolandscapes of the Continental Shelf: An Introduction
Geoffrey N. Bailey, Jan Harff, Dimitris Sakellariou

Part I. Techniques and Strategies

2. Survey Strategies and Techniques in Underwater Geoarchaeological Research: An Overview with Emphasis on Prehistoric Sites
Tine Missiaen, Dimitris Sakellariou, Nicholas C. Flemming

3. Relative Sea Level Rise, Palaeotopography and Transgression Velocity on the Continental Shelf
Francesco Latino Chiocci, Daniele Casalbore, Francesca Marra, Fabrizio Antonioli, Claudia Romagnoli

4. Joint Explorations of the Sunken Past: Examples of Maritime Archaeological Collaboration Between Industry and Academia in the Baltic
Joakim Holmlund, Björn Nilsson, Johan Rönnby

5. The Late Mesolithic Site of Falden, Denmark: Results from Underwater Archaeological Fieldwork and a Strategy for Capacity-Building Based on the SPLASHCOS Mission
Otto Uldum, Jonathan Benjamin, John McCarthy, Frederick Feulner, Harald Lübke

6. Atlit-Yam: A Unique 9000 Year Old Prehistoric Village Submerged off the Carmel Coast, Israel – The SPLASHCOS Field School (2011)
Ehud Galili, Jonathan Benjamin, Israel Hershkovitz, Mina Weinstein-Evron, Irit Zohar, Vered Eshed, Deborah Cvikel, Jehuda Melamed, Yaacov Kahanov, Jean Bergeron, Clive Ruggles, Avraham Ronen, Liora Kolska Horwitz

Part II. Underwater Archaeological Sites

7. Submerged Pottery Neolithic Settlements off the Coast of Israel: Subsistence, Material Culture and the Development of Separate Burial Grounds
Ehud Galili, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Vered Eshed, Baruch Rosen

8. Hjarnø Sund: An Eroding Mesolithic Site and the Tale of two Paddles
Claus Skriver, Per Borup, Peter Moe Astrup

9. Fished up from the Baltic Sea: A New Ertebølle Site near Stohl Cliff, Kiel Bay, Germany
Julia Goldhammer, Sönke Hartz

10. Investigations of Submerged Palaeoshorelines in the Kiel Fjord
Frederick Feulner

11. Submerged Settlement in the Öresund, Western Scania, Southernmost Sweden
Lars Larsson

Part III. Underwater Landscapes and Archaeology

12. Prospecting for Holocene Palaeolandscapes in the Sound of Harris, Outer Hebrides
Andrew Bicket, Genevieve Shaw, Jonathan Benjamin

13. Early Holocene Landscape Development and Baltic Sea History Based on High-Resolution Bathymetry and Lagoonal Sediments in the Hanö Bay, Southern Sweden
Anton Hansson, Svante Björck, Hans Linderson, Mats Rundgren, Björn Nilsson, Arne Sjöström, Dan Hammarlund

14. Tributaries of the Elbe Palaeovalley: Features of a Hidden Palaeolandscape in the German Bight, North Sea
Daniel A. Hepp, Ursula Warnke, Dierk Hebbeln, Tobias Mörz

15. The Wadden Sea of North-West Germany: An Intertidal Environment of High Archaeological Research Potential
Martina Karle, Julia Goldhammer

16. Sacred Landscapes and Changing Sea Levels: New Interdisciplinary Data from the Early Neolithic to the Present in South-Eastern Sicily
Giovanni Scicchitano, Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri, Fabrizio Antonioli, Cecilia Rita Spampinato, Carmelo Monaco

17. Archaeological Potential of the Anchialine Caves in Croatia
Irena Radić Rossi, Neven Cukrov

Part IV. Landscapes of the Continental Shelf and Human Dispersals

18. The Role of the Submerged Prehistoric Landscape in Ground-Truthing Models of Human Dispersal During the Last Half Million Years
Nicholas C. Flemming

19. The Northern Coasts of Doggerland and the Colonisation of Norway at the End of the Ice Age
Håkon Glørstad, Jostein Gundersen, Frode Kvalø

20. Doggerland and the Lost Frontiers Project (2015–2020)
Vince Gaffney, Robin Allaby, Richard Bates, Martin Bates, Eugene Ch’ng, Simon Fitch, Paul Garwood, Garry Momber, Philip Murgatroyd, Mark Pallen, Eleanor Ramsey, David Smith, Oliver Smith

21. Postglacial Human Dispersal and Submerged Landscapes in North-West Europe
Garry Momber, Hans Peeters

22. Aegean Pleistocene Landscapes Above and Below Sea-Level: Palaeogeographic Reconstruction and Hominin Dispersals
Dimitris Sakellariou, Nena Galanidou

23. Africa-Arabia Connections and Geo-Archaeological Exploration in the Southern Red Sea: Preliminary Results and Wider Significance
Geoffrey N. Bailey, Dimitris Sakellariou, Abdullah Alsharekh, Salem Al Nomani, Maud Devès, Panos Georgiou, Manolis Kallergis, Stefanos Kalogirou, Leonidas Manousakis, Prokopis Mantopoulos, Matt Meredith-Williams, Garry Momber, Ioannis Morfis, Ioannis Pampidis, Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Panagiotis Renieris, Grigoris Rousakis, Vasilis Stasinos, Spyros Stavrakakis

24. To the Islands: The Archaeology of the Archipelagos of NW Australia and its Implications for Drowned Cultural Landscapes
Ingrid Ward, Peter Veth

Part V. Outreach and Management

25. Education and Engagement: Developing Understanding and Appreciation of Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes
Julie Satchell

26. Arch-Manche: Using Archaeological, Palaeoenvironmental, Historic and Artistic Resources in Coastal Management
Lauren Tidbury, Julie Satchell, Garry Momber

27. The SeArch Project: Towards an Assessment Methodology and Sustainable Management Policy for the Archaeological Heritage of the North Sea in Belgium
Tine Missiaen, Marnix Pieters, Frank Maes, Pauline Kruiver, Philippe Maeyer, Jan Seys

28. The History of Industry-Linked Research in English Waters: Lessons for the Future
Fraser Sturt, Justin Dix, Michael J. Grant

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Coastal Sciences, Archaeology, Regional and Cultural Studies

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