Kubiak, Jacek Z.

Asymmetric Cell Division in Development, Differentiation and Cancer

Kubiak, Jacek Z. - Asymmetric Cell Division in Development, Differentiation and Cancer, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Modeling Asymmetric Cell Division in Caulobacter crescentus Using a Boolean Logic Approach
Ismael Sánchez-Osorio, Carlos A. Hernández-Martínez, Agustino Martínez-Antonio

2. Spatiotemporal Models of the Asymmetric Division Cycle of Caulobacter crescentus

Kartik Subramanian, John J. Tyson

3. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Determinants Linking Spindle Pole Fate, Spindle Polarity, and Asymmetric Cell Division in the Budding Yeast S. cerevisiae

Marco Geymonat, Marisa Segal

4. Wnt Signaling Polarizes C. elegans Asymmetric Cell Divisions During Development
Arielle Koonyee Lam, Bryan T. Phillips

5. Asymmetric Cell Division in the One-Cell C. elegans Embryo: Multiple Steps to Generate Cell Size Asymmetry
Anne Pacquelet

6. Size Matters: How C. elegans Asymmetric Divisions Regulate Apoptosis
Jerome Teuliere, Gian Garriga

7. The Midbody and its Remnant in Cell Polarization and Asymmetric Cell Division
Christian Pohl

Drosophila melanogaster Neuroblasts: A Model for Asymmetric Stem Cell Divisions
Emmanuel Gallaud, Tri Pham, Clemens Cabernard

9. Asymmetric Divisions in Oogenesis
Szczepan M. Bilinski, Jacek Z. Kubiak, Malgorzata Kloc

10. Asymmetric Localization and Distribution of Factors Determining Cell Fate During Early Development of Xenopus laevis

Radek Sindelka, Monika Sidova, Pavel Abaffy, Mikael Kubista

11. Asymmetries in Cell Division, Cell Size, and Furrowing in the Xenopus laevis Embryo
Jean-Pierre Tassan, Martin Wühr, Guillaume Hatte, Jacek Kubiak

12. Asymmetric and Unequal Cell Divisions in Ascidian Embryos
Takefumi Negishi, Hiroki Nishida

13. Asymmetries and Symmetries in the Mouse Oocyte and Zygote
Agathe Chaigne, Marie-Emilie Terret, Marie-Hélène Verlhac

14. Symmetry Does not Come for Free: Cellular Mechanisms to Achieve a Symmetric Cell Division
Damian Dudka, Patrick Meraldi

15. A Comparative Perspective on Wnt/β-Catenin Signalling in Cell Fate Determination
Clare L. Garcin, Shukry J. Habib

16. Extracellular Regulation of the Mitotic Spindle and Fate Determinants Driving Asymmetric Cell Division
Prestina Smith, Mark Azzam, Lindsay Hinck

17. Regulation of Asymmetric Cell Division in Mammalian Neural Stem and Cancer Precursor Cells
Mathieu Daynac, Claudia K. Petritsch

18. Molecular Programs Underlying Asymmetric Stem Cell Division and Their Disruption in Malignancy
Subhas Mukherjee, Daniel J. Brat

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Cycle Analysis, Embryology, Stem Cells, Cancer Research

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Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation
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Natural Sciences
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