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Educator Stress

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Table of contents

Part I. Defining the Problem of Educator Stress in the Context of Current Education Challenges

1. School Context and Educational System Factors Impacting Educator Stress
Rebecca J. Collie, Nancy E. Perry, Andrew J. Martin

2. Current Knowledge on the Nature, Prevalence, Sources and Potential Impact of Teacher Stress
Cheryl Travers

3. Consequences of Job Stress for the Mental Health of Teachers
Irvin Sam Schonfeld, Renzo Bianchi, Peter Luehring-Jones

4. Biological Pathways to Stress-Related Disease Vulnerability in Educators
Silja Bellingrath, Brigitte M. Kudielka

5. Teacher Stress and Teacher Self-Efficacy: Relations and Consequences
Einar M. Skaalvik, Sidsel Skaalvik

6. Consequences of Educator Stress on Turnover: The Case of Charter Schools
Stephanie L. Cano, Belinda Bustos Flores, Lorena Claeys, Daniel A. Sass

7. The Role of Culture and Other Contextual Factors in Educator Stress
Christopher J. McCarthy, Sally Lineback, Paul G. Fitchett, Richard G. Lambert, Maytal Eyal, Lauren H. Boyle

Part II. Understanding Educator Stress from an Occupational Health Framework

8. Development and Testing of a Theoretical-Empirical Model of Educator Stress, Coping and Burnout
Cameron Montgomery

9. The Job Demand-Control (-Support) Model in the Teaching Context
Margot Doef, Chris Verhoeven

10. Applying Occupational Health Theories to Educational Stress and Health: Evidence from the Effort-Reward Imbalance Model
Johannes Siegrist

11. Applying Occupational Health Theories to Educator Stress: Contribution of the Job Demands-Resources Model
Toon W. Taris, Peter L. M. Leisink, Wilmar B. Schaufeli

12. Towards a Dynamic Integrative Theory of Educator Stress
Teresa Mendonça McIntyre, Scott E. McIntyre, Christopher D. Barr, David J. Francis, Angelia C. Durand

Part III. Managing and Reducing Stress in Education Systems

13. Defining Healthy Schools: An Occupational Health Psychology Perspective on Healthy School Climates
Robert R. Sinclair, Janelle H. Cheung, Adam Cox

14. Individual-Level Interventions: Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Reducing Stress and Improving Performance Among Teachers
Patricia A. Jennings, Anthony A. DeMauro

15. Individual-Organizational Interface (IOI) Interventions to Address Educator Stress
Raymond Randall, Cheryl Travers

16. Organizational Interventions to Reduce Sources of K-12 Teachers’ Occupational Stress
Paul Landsbergis, Jeanette Zoeckler, Bianca Rivera, Darryl Alexander, Amy Bahruth, Wendy Hord

17. New Directions in Intervention: Cyber-Bullying, Schools and Teachers
Tom Cox, Magda Marczak, Kevin Teoh, Juliet Hassard

Part IV. Implications for Research, Practice, and Policy in Education

18. Issues in Research Methodology on Educator Stress
David J. Francis, Christopher D. Barr, Julia S. Benoit, Teresa Mendonça McIntyre

19. Translating Educator Stress Research into Practice and Policy
Peggy McCardle

20. Implications of an Occupational Health Perspective for Educator Stress Research, Practice, and Policy
Scott E. McIntyre, Teresa Mendonça McIntyre, David J. Francis

Keywords: Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management, Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine

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Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-Being
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