Roman, Nicolae Marius

International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology; 12th - 15th October 2016, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Roman, Nicolae Marius - International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology; 12th - 15th October 2016, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Clinical Engineering Assessment

1. Ultrasonographic Correlations and Challenges in Liver Hemangiomas
I. Grigorescu, Z. Sparchez, R. Badea, M. Dragoteanu, C. D. Piglesan, D. L. Dumitrascu

2. Impact of Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomography in the Clinical Practice
S. D. Nicoară

3. Laparoscopic Repair of Morgagni Hernia – Transfascial Suturing with Extracorporeal Knotting
F. Graur, E. Moiș, N. Al-Momani, N. Al-Hajjar

4. Ambulatory Heart Rate Variability Correlates with High-Sensitivity C - Reactive Protein in Type 2 Diabetes and Control Subjects
D. M. Ciobanu, A. E. Crăciun, I. A. Vereşiu, C. Bala, G. Roman

5. Heart Rate Dynamics Study on the Impact of “Mirror Therapy” in Patients with Stroke
D. Andriţoi, C. Corciovă, C. Luca, D. Matei, R. Ciorap

6. Assessment of Nerve Fibers Dysfunction Through Current Perception Threshold Measurement in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
G. V. Inceu, G. Roman, I. A. Veresiu

7. Implantable Ports in Oncology
B. Micu, C. Micu, T-R Pop, N. Constantea

8. Robotic Splenectomy using the DaVinci Platform
B. Micu, C. Micu, T-R Pop, N. Constantea

9. Classical Chemometrics Methods Applied for Clinical Data Analysis
R. Bleiziffer, M. Culea, C. Sarbu, P. Podea, S. Suvar, A. Iordache, C. Mesaros

10. What do job adverts tell Higher Education about the ‘shape’ of Biomedical Engineering Graduates?
A. E. Ward, B. Baruah, A. Gbadebo, N. J. Jackson

11. Ozone and Intense Electric Fields Applyance in Treating of External Wounds Become Overinfected
R. E. Suarasan, I. Suarasan, S. R. Budu, M. I. Suarasan, A. Maniu, R. Morar

12. Comparative Analysis of Cardiovascular Risk Profile, Cardiac and Cervical Arterial Ultrasound in Patients with Chronic Coronary and Peripheral Arterial Ischemia
M. A. Stoia, A. D. Farcaș, F. P. Anton, A. I. Roman, L. A. Vida-Simiti

13. Cardiovascular Risk Profile, Cardiac and Cervical Artery Ultrasound in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease
A. D. Farcaș, M. A. Stoia, F. A. Anton, A. I. Roman, L. A. Vida-Simiti

Part I. Clinical Engineering Assessment

14. A Single-Character Refreshable Braille Display with FPGA Control
M. C. Ignat, P. Faragó, S. Hintea, M. N. Roman, S. Vlad

15. Assessing Microcirculation for Predictive Purposes with the Aim of Reducing the Amputation Rate in the Case of Patients with Critical Lower Limb Ischemia
O. Andercou, B. Stancu, A. Mironiuc, H. Silaghi

16. An EIT Belt Reference Design with Active Electrodes
and Digital Output
I. Jivet

17. Age Simulation Suits for Training, Research and
H. L. Groza, S. B. Sebesi, D. S. Mandru

18. Low Cost Command and Control System for Automated
Infusion Devices
B. Tebrean, S. Crisan, C. Muresan, T. E. Crisan

19. Monitoring System for the Emotional
M. Cenușă, M. Poienar, L. D. Milici, S. D. Pața

20. Low Cost Prototype for Viewing a Map of
D. Iudean, R. Munteanu Jr., E. M. Bindea, D. F. Muresanu, O. Selejan

21. Modular Multi-channel Real-time Bio-signal Acquisition System
C. Kast, M. Krenn, W. Aramphianlert, C. Hofer, O. C. Aszmann, W. Mayr

22. An ECG Front-End Device based on ADS1298 Converter
C. M. Fort, A. M. Ciupe, S. Vlad

23. New Approach for the Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine
M. Tertiș, A. Florea, A. Adumitrachioaie, D. Bogdan, C. Cristea, R. Săndulescu

24. Aptamer-based Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Ampicillin
B. Feier, I. Băjan, C. Cristea, R. Săndulescu

25. Determination of the Electrical Parameters of Some ECG Electrodes
A. R. Iusan, N. M. Bîrlea, M. Paunescu, A. M. Ciupe

26. How to Describe the Skin’s Electrical Nonlinear Response
N. M. Bîrlea, S. I. Bîrlea, E. Culea

27. Case Study of Static and Dynamic Postural Balance of an Overweight Pregnant Woman
D. Cotoros, A. Stanciu, I. Serban

28. Multipoint Wireless Network for Complex Patient Monitoring based on Embedded Processors
T. Sumalan, E. Lupu, R. Arsinte, E. Onaca

29. Automated Titration of Oxygen Fraction in Inspiratory Mixture in Mechanical Ventilation of Life-size Mannequin
M. Rožánek, P. Kudrna, V. Králová

30. A Study of the Effects of Geometry on the Efficiency of Single Slot Microwave Ablation Antennas Used in Hepatic Tumor Hyperthermia
V. Neagu

31. The Influence of an Orifice Plates as a Flow Sensors on the Removal of Carbon Dioxide in High Frequency Oscillatory and Jet Ventilation
P. Kudrna, M. Rožánek

32. Evaluation of the Electric and Magnetic Field near High Voltage Power Lines
Ș. F. Braicu, L. Czumbil, D. Șteț, D. D. Micu

33. Analysis of Pulse Wave During Magneto-Therapy Session
C. Luca, D. Andriţoi, C. Corciovă, R. Ciorap

34. Three Element Windkessel Model to Non-Invasively Assess PAH Patients: One Year Follow-up
A. Lungu, D. R. Hose, D. G. Kiely, D. Capener, J. M. Wild, A. J. Swift

35. Thermal Rehabilitation Influence upon the Comfort in Hospitals
A. Abrudan, T. Rus, R. Mare

36. Modelling the Passive Behavior of the Nervous Cell. Influence of Electric Parameters Variation
M. Crețu, L. Darabant, A. Răcășan

37. Simulation of Teeth Movement in the Case of Orthodontic Treatment Procedures
T. Coloşi, V. Mureşan, O. Nemeş, M. Olt, N. M. Roman

Part II. Medical Devices, Measurements and Instrumentation

38. Non-linear Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
Z. German-Sallo

39. Dependency of Tidal Volume on Mean Airway Pressure in High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation
J. Matejka, M. Rozanek

40. Towards a Trial-based,Time-scale Dynamic Detection of M1 and M2 Components from the EMG Stretch Reflex Response
M. Tarata, M. S. Serbanescu, D. Georgescu, D. O. Alexandru, W. Wolf

41. Discriminate Animal Sounds Using TESPAR Analysis
G. P. Pop

42. Robust Analysis of Non-stationary Cortical Responses: tracing Variable Frequency Gamma Oscillations and Separating Multiple Component Input Modulations
A. Dăbâcan, R. C. Mureşan

43. Comparison of Classifiers for Brain Tumor Segmentation
L. Lefkovits, Sz. Lefkovits, M. F. Vaida, S. Emerich, R. Măluțan

44. Abnormalities Identification in Mammograms
L. D. Chiorean, M. F. Vaida, C. Striletchi

Part III. Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

45. Interconnecting Heterogeneous Non-smart Medical Devices using a Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) Infrastructure
B. Iancu, R. Kovacs, V. Dadarlat, A. Peculea

46. Algorithm with Heuristics for Kidney Allocation in
Transplant Information System
S. Luscalov, L. Loga, D. Luscalov, A. Lăcătuș, G. Dragomir, L. Dican

47. Exploring Hierarchical Medical Data stored as
Multi-trees in a Relational Database
P. Olah, I. Movileanu, N. Suciu, M. Muji, M. Marusteri, D. Simionescu, C. Avram

48. Development of a Complex Acquisition and Storage
System of Medical Data used in a Clinical Environment
R. Pop
Kun, M. Munteanu, D. Rafiroiu, D. Pop Kun, R. Moga

49. Elderly Fall Risk Prediction System
O. Stan, L. Miclea, A. Sarb

50. Particle Swarm Optimization Based Method for
Personalized Menu Recommendations
V. Chifu, R. Bonta, E. St. Chifu, I. Salomie, D. Moldovan

51. Diet Generator for Elders using Cat Swarm Optimization and Wolf Search
D. Moldovan, P. Stefan, C. Vuscan, V. R. Chifu, I. Anghel, T. Cioara, I. Salomie

52. Telemonitoring Systems and Technologies for Independent Life of Elderly
S. B. Sebesi, H. L. Groza, D. Mândru

53. Automatic Learning of Medical Text Annotation Rules – a Case Study on Endoscopies
R. R. Slavescu, M. N. Oltean, A. P. Torok, K. C. Slavescu

54. Use of Machine Learning for Improvement of Similarity Searches of Patients
B. Petrovan, B. Orza, A. Vlaicu

Part IV. Telemedicine and Health Care Information Systems

55. Motor Imagery Brain-Computer Interface for the Control of a Shoulder-Elbow Rehabilitation Equipment
A. Ianoși-Andreeva-Dimitrova, D. S. Mândru, M. O. Tătar, S. Noveanu

56. Performance and Efficiency Feedback in Rehabilitation Program with Kinematic Analysis System – a Case Study in Rehabilitation after Lumbar Discectomy
S. A. Moldoveanu, D. Şardaru, L. Pendefunda, C. Luca

57. Assistive Technology Product Innovation through Undergraduate Projects
A. Ward, I. Grout, L. Grindei, D. Mândru

Part V. Biomechanics, Robotics and Rehabilitation

58. Baby Wearing Buying Decision-making - A Focus Group Exploratory Study
Anca Constantinescu-Dobra, M. A. Coțiu

59. A Critical Analysis of Self-assessment Tools for Improving Workers’ Health and Work Performance
S. C. Anca

60. Promoting a Dental Practice on Facebook
A. I. Iancu, S. D. Cîrstea

61. Generation Z and Online Dentistry. An Exploratory Survey on the Romanian Market
A. Constantinescu-Dobra, V. Maier

62. Patient Satisfaction with Diabetes Care in Romania – An Importance-performance Analysis
M.A. Coțiu, A. Sabou

63. Analysis of Factors that Influence OTC Purchasing Behavior
S. D. Cîrstea, C. Moldovan-Teselios, A. I. Iancu

64. Wireless Systems with Reduced PAPR Using K-means Modified PTS Implemented for Epilepsy Classification from EEG Signals
Sunil Kumar Prabhakar, Harikumar Rajaguru

65. Efficient Wireless System for Telemedicine Application with Reduced PAPR Using QMF Based PTS Technique for Epilepsy Classification from EEG Signals
Sunil Kumar Prabhakar, Harikumar Rajaguru

66. The Impact of Dizziness in Life’s Quality of Elderly Patients with Vestibular Disorders and Their Caregivers
A. Maniu, G. S. Chiș, O. E. Harabagiu, R. Holonec, A. I. Roman

67. Prioritization of Medical Devices for Maintenance Decisions
C. Corciovă, D. Andriţoi, C. Luca, R. Ciorap

68. Development of Wireless Biomedical Data Transmission and Real Time Monitoring System
C. M. Fort, S. Gergely, A. O. Berar

Part VII. Miscellaneous Topics

69. Preparation, Characterization and Preliminary Evaluation of Magnetic Nanoparticles based on Biotinylated N-palmitoyl Chitosan
V. Balan, M. Butnaru, L. Verestiuc

70. Cellular Nanostructures and Their Investigation. History and Perspectives
C. M. Niculițe, A. O. Urs, E. Fertig, C. Florescu, M. Gherghiceanu, M. Leabu

71. Chemical Stability of Vitamin B5
D. Cașcaval, M. Poștaru, L. Kloetzer, A. C. Blaga, A. I. Galaction

72. Study upon the Mechanical Properties of Most Used Dental Restoration Materials
D. Cotoros, A. Stanciu, M. M. Scutariu

73. Principles to Build a Stochastic Model for a Minimal Biological Cell with Built-in Feedback Reaction Capabilities
D. Stoicovici, A. Cotetiu, M. Banica, M. Ungureanu, I. Craciun

74. Microarray Gene Expression Analysis using R
I. Petre, C. Buiu

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Medicine, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Public Health

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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