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Non-canonical Cyclic Nucleotides

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Table of contents

1. cCMP and cUMP Across the Tree of Life: From cCMP and cUMP Generators to cCMP- and cUMP-Regulated Cell Functions
Roland Seifert

2. cCMP and cUMP in Apoptosis: Concepts and Methods
Sabine Wolter, Fanni Dittmar, Roland Seifert

3. Mammalian Nucleotidyl Cyclases and Their Nucleotide Binding Sites
Stefan Dove

4. The Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exoenzyme Y: A Promiscuous Nucleotidyl Cyclase Edema Factor and Virulence Determinant
K. Adam Morrow, Dara W. Frank, Ron Balczon, Troy Stevens

5. Cyclic Nucleotide Monophosphates in Plants and Plant Signaling
Claudius Marondedze, Aloysius Wong, Ludivine Thomas, Helen Irving, Chris Gehring

6. cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase and cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase as Cyclic Nucleotide Effectors
Robin Lorenz, Daniela Bertinetti, Friedrich W. Herberg

7. Regulation of HCN Ion Channels by Non-canonical Cyclic Nucleotides
Bryan VanSchouwen, Giuseppe Melacini

8. Interaction of Epac with Non-canonical Cyclic Nucleotides
Holger Rehmann

9. Identification of cCMP and cUMP Substrate Proteins and Cross Talk Between cNMPs
Jens Schlossmann, Stefanie Wolfertstetter

10. Inactivation of Non-canonical Cyclic Nucleotides: Hydrolysis and Transport
Erich H. Schneider, Roland Seifert

11. 3′,5′-cIMP as Potential Second Messenger in the Vascular Wall
Susan W. S. Leung, Yuansheng Gao, Paul M. Vanhoutte

12. Discovery and Roles of 2′,3′-cAMP in Biological Systems
Edwin K. Jackson

13. 8-Nitro-cGMP: A Novel Protein-Reactive cNMP and Its Emerging Roles in Autophagy
Hirokazu Arimoto, Daiki Takahashi

14. Cyclic Dinucleotides in the Scope of the Mammalian Immune System
Arun K. Mankan, Martina Müller, Gregor Witte, Veit Hornung

15. Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Non-canonical Cyclic Nucleotides
Heike Bähre, Volkhard Kaever

16. Medicinal Chemistry of the Noncanonical Cyclic Nucleotides cCMP and cUMP
Frank Schwede, Andreas Rentsch, Hans-Gottfried Genieser

17. Holistic Methods for the Analysis of cNMP Effects
Manuel Grundmann, Evi Kostenis

18. The Chemistry of the Noncanonical Cyclic Dinucleotide 2′3′-cGAMP and Its Analogs
Frank Schwede, Hans-Gottfried Genieser, Andreas Rentsch

Keywords: Biomedicine, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Biochemistry, general, Human Physiology

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Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology
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8 pages
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