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Analysis Meets Geometry

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Table of contents

Part I. Memorial Contributions

1. Mikael Passare
Galina Passare, Mats Andersson, Jan Boman, Christer Kiselman, Pavel Kurasov, Ragnar Sigurdsson

2. Mikael Passare (1959–2011)
Christer O. Kiselman

3. Mikael Passare
Magnus Carlehed, Mats Andersson, Jan Boman, Christer Kiselman, Pavel Kurasov, Ragnar Sigurdsson

Part II. Research Articles

4. Amoebas and Coamoebas of Linear Spaces
Mounir Nisse, Mikael Passare

5. One Parameter Regularizations of Products of Residue Currents
Mats Andersson, Håkan Samuelsson Kalm, Elizabeth Wulcan, Alain Yger

6. On the Effective Membership Problem for Polynomial Ideals
Mats Andersson, Elizabeth Wulcan

7. On the Optimal Regularity of Weak Geodesics in the Space of Metrics on a Polarized Manifold
Robert J. Berman

8. A Comparison Principle for Bergman Kernels
Bo Berndtsson

9. Suita Conjecture from the One-dimensional Viewpoint
Zbigniew Błocki

10. Siciak’s Theorem on Separate Analyticity
Jan Boman

11. Mikael Passare, a Jaunt in Approximation Theory
Jean-Paul Calvi

12. Amoebas and their Tropicalizations – a Survey
Timo Wolff

13. Coamoebas of Polynomials Supported on Circuits
Jens Forsgård

14. Limit of Green Functions and Ideals, the Case of Four Poles
Duong Quang Hai, Pascal J. Thomas

15. Geodesics on Ellipsoids
Jens Hoppe

16. Welschinger Invariants Revisited
Ilia Itenberg, Viatcheslav Kharlamov, Eugenii Shustin

17. Some Results on Amoebas and Coamoebas of Affine Spaces
Petter Johansson

18. Convexity of Marginal Functions in the Discrete Case
Christer O. Kiselman, Shiva Samieinia

19. Modules of Square Integrable Holomorphic Germs
László Lempert

20. An Effective Uniform Artin–Rees Lemma
Johannes Lundqvist

21. Amoebas of Half-dimensional Varieties
Grigory Mikhalkin

22. A log Canonical Threshold Test
Alexander Rashkovskii

23. Root-counting Measures of Jacobi Polynomials and Topological Types and Critical Geodesics of Related Quadratic Differentials
Boris Shapiro, Alexander Solynin

24. Interior Eigenvalue Density of Jordan Matrices with Random Perturbations
Johannes Sjöstrand, Martin Vogel

Keywords: Mathematics, Several Complex Variables and Analytic Spaces, Geometry, Partial Differential Equations

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Trends in Mathematics
Natural Sciences
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