Giannoudis, Peter V.

Damage Control Management in the Polytrauma Patient

Giannoudis, Peter V. - Damage Control Management in the Polytrauma Patient, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction: Pathophysiology

1. The Evolution of Trauma Systems
Robert J. Winchell

2. The Concept of Damage Control
Claudia E. Goettler, Peter V. Giannoudis, Michael F. Rotondo

3. Changing Epidemiology of Polytrauma
Fiona Lecky, Omar Bouamra, Maralyn Woodford

4. Response to Major Injury
Todd W. Costantini, Raul Coimbra

5. Defining the Lethal Triad
Mitchell Dyer, Matthew D. Neal

Part II. General Treatment Principles

6. Damage Control Resuscitation
Eric J. Voiglio, Bertrand Prunet, Nicolas Prat, Jean-Stéphane David

7. Head Injury
James M. Schuster, Philip F. Stahel

8. Chest Trauma: Classification and Influence on the General Management
Frank Hildebrand, Hagen Andruszkow, Hans-Christoph Pape

9. Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
Rao R. Ivatury

10. Orthopaedic Surgery Approach to Damage Control: Decision-Making and Indications
Marius Keel, Hans-Christoph Pape

11. General Surgery Approach to DC: Decision Making and Indications
Molly Deane, Jose J. Diaz

12. New Technologies for Vascular Injuries and Hemorrhage Control
Megan L. Brenner, Thomas M. Scalea

Part III. Phases of Damage Control

13. Prehospital Damage Control
Eileen M. Bulger

14. Phase I: Abbreviated Surgery (General Surgery)
Brian P. Smith, Patrick M. Reilly

15. Abbreviated Surgery: Orthopaedic Surgery
Roman Pfeifer, Kai Sprengel, Hans-Christoph Pape

16. ICU Care Following Damage Control Surgery
Constance W. Lee, Phillip A. Efron, Frederick A. Moore

17. Damage Control Phase III: Repair of All Injuries, General Surgery
Babak Sarani, Patrick Maluso

18. Phase III: Second Operation: Repair of All Injuries, Orthopedic Surgery
Hans-Christoph Pape, P. Giannoudis

19. Phase IV: Late Reconstruction, Plastic Surgery for Orthopedics
LCDR Scott M. Tintle, L. Scott Levin

20. Phase IV: Late Reconstruction – Abdominal/Chest Wall Closure
Whitney M. Guerrero, Timothy C. Fabian

Part IV. Special Circumstances and Outcomes

21. Principles of Damage Control for Pelvic Ring Injuries
P. V. Giannoudis, Hans-Christoph Pape

22. Principles of Damage Control for Pediatric Trauma
Christine M. Leeper, Andrew Peitzman, Barbara A. Gaines

23. Principles of Damage Control in the Elderly
Pol Maria Rommens, Sebastian Kuhn

24. Damage Control in Vascular Injury
L. P. H. Leenen

25. Principles for Damage Control in Military Casualties
John B. Holcomb, Thomas A. Mitchell

26. Penetrating Injuries and Damage Control Surgery: Considerations and Treatment Options
Oscar J. F. Waes, Michael H. J. Verhofstad

27. Complications After Damage Control Surgery: Pin-Tract Infection
Peter V. Giannoudis, Paul Harwood

28. Complications Status Post Damage Control for the General Surgeon
Anastasia Kunac, David H. Livingston

29. DC2 Outcomes of Damage Control Surgery: General
Ben Kautza, Jason Sperry

30. Late Outcome After Severe Fractures
Roman Pfeifer, Christian Fang

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Traumatic Surgery, Surgical Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine

Publication year
2nd ed. 2017
Page amount
11 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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