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Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXIII

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Table of contents

Part I. Plenary Talks (PT)

1. Global Convergence Rates of Some Multilevel Methods for Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequalities
Lori Badea

2. Parallel Sum Primal Spaces for Isogeometric Deluxe BDDC Preconditioners
L. Beirão Veiga, L. F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi, O. B. Widlund, S. Zampini

3. Development of Nonlinear Structural Analysis Using Co-rotational Finite Elements with Improved Domain Decomposition Method
Haeseong Cho, Jun Young Kwak, Hyunshig Joo, SangJoon Shin

4. An Adaptive Coarse Space for P.L. Lions Algorithm and Optimized Schwarz Methods
Ryadh Haferssas, Pierre Jolivet, Frédéric Nataf

5. On the Time-Domain Decomposition of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems
Felix Kwok

6. Parallel Solver for


(div) Problems Using Hybridization and AMG
Chak S. Lee, Panayot S. Vassilevski

7. Preconditioning for Nonsymmetry and Time-Dependence
Eleanor McDonald, Sean Hon, Jennifer Pestana, Andy Wathen

8. Algebraic Adaptive Multipreconditioning Applied to Restricted Additive Schwarz
Nicole Spillane

Part II. Talks in Minisymposia (MT)

9. Closed Form Inverse of Local Multi-Trace Operators
Alan Ayala, Xavier Claeys, Victorita Dolean, Martin J. Gander

10. Schwarz Preconditioning for High Order Edge Element Discretizations of the Time-Harmonic Maxwell’s Equations
Marcella Bonazzoli, Victorita Dolean, Richard Pasquetti, Francesca Rapetti

11. On Nilpotent Subdomain Iterations
Faycal Chaouqui, Martin J. Gander, Kévin Santugini-Repiquet

12. A Direct Elliptic Solver Based on Hierarchically Low-Rank Schur Complements
Gustavo Chávez, George Turkiyyah, David E. Keyes

13. Optimized Schwarz Methods for Heterogeneous Helmholtz and Maxwell’s Equations
Victorita Dolean, Martin J. Gander, Erwin Veneros, Hui Zhang

14. On the Origins of Linear and Non-linear Preconditioning
Martin J. Gander

15. Time Parallelization for Nonlinear Problems Based on Diagonalization
Martin J. Gander, Laurence Halpern

16. The Effect of Irregular Interfaces on the BDDC Method for the Navier-Stokes Equations
Martin Hanek, Jakub Šístek, Pavel Burda

17. BDDC and FETI-DP Methods with Enriched Coarse Spaces for Elliptic Problems with Oscillatory and High Contrast Coefficients
Hyea Hyun Kim, Eric T. Chung, Junxian Wang

18. Adaptive Coarse Spaces for FETI-DP in Three Dimensions with Applications to Heterogeneous Diffusion Problems
Axel Klawonn, Martin Kühn, Oliver Rheinbach

19. Newton-Krylov-FETI-DP with Adaptive Coarse Spaces
Axel Klawonn, Martin Lanser, Balthasar Niehoff, Patrick Radtke, Oliver Rheinbach

20. New Nonlinear FETI-DP Methods Based on a Partial Nonlinear Elimination of Variables
Axel Klawonn, Martin Lanser, Oliver Rheinbach, Matthias Uran

21. Direct and Iterative Methods for Numerical Homogenization
Ralf Kornhuber, Joscha Podlesny, Harry Yserentant

22. Nonlinear Multiplicative Schwarz Preconditioning in Natural Convection Cavity Flow
Lulu Liu, Wei Zhang, David E. Keyes

23. Treatment of Singular Matrices in the Hybrid Total FETI Method
A. Markopoulos, L. Říha, T. Brzobohatý, P. Jirůtková, R. Kučera, O. Meca, T. Kozubek

24. From Surface Equivalence Principle to Modular Domain Decomposition
Florian Muth, Hermann Schneider, Timo Euler

25. Space-Time CFOSLS Methods with AMGe Upscaling
Martin Neumüller, Panayot S. Vassilevski, Umberto E. Villa

26. Scalable BDDC Algorithms for Cardiac Electromechanical Coupling
L. F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi, C. Verdi, E. Zampieri, S. Zampini

27. A BDDC Algorithm for Weak Galerkin Discretizations
Xuemin Tu, Bin Wang

28. Parallel Sums and Adaptive BDDC Deluxe
Olof B. Widlund, Juan G. Calvo

29. Adaptive BDDC Deluxe Methods for H(curl)
Stefano Zampini

Part III. Contributed Talks (CT) and Posters

30. A Study of the Effects of Irregular Subdomain Boundaries on Some Domain Decomposition Algorithms
Erik Eikeland, Leszek Marcinkowski, Talal Rahman

31. On the Definition of Dirichlet and Neumann Conditions for the Biharmonic Equation and Its Impact on Associated Schwarz Methods
Martin J. Gander, Yongxiang Liu

32. SHEM: An Optimal Coarse Space for RAS and Its Multiscale Approximation
Martin J. Gander, Atle Loneland

33. Optimized Schwarz Methods for Domain Decompositions with Parabolic Interfaces
Martin J. Gander, Yingxiang Xu

34. A Mortar Domain Decomposition Method for Quasilinear Problems
Matthias A. F. Gsell, Olaf Steinbach

35. Deflated Krylov Iterations in Domain Decomposition Methods
Y. L. Gurieva, V. P. Ilin, D. V. Perevozkin

36. Parallel Overlapping Schwarz with an Energy-Minimizing Coarse Space
Alexander Heinlein, Axel Klawonn, Oliver Rheinbach

37. Volume Locking Phenomena Arising in a Hybrid Symmetric Interior Penalty Method with Continuous Numerical Traces
Daisuke Koyama, Fumio Kikuchi

38. Dual-Primal Domain Decomposition Methods for the Total Variation Minimization
Chang-Ock Lee, Changmin Nam

39. A Parallel Two-Phase Flow Solver on Unstructured Mesh in 3D
Li Luo, Qian Zhang, Xiao-Ping Wang, Xiao-Chuan Cai

40. Two New Enriched Multiscale Coarse Spaces for the Additive Average Schwarz Method
Leszek Marcinkowski, Talal Rahman

41. Relaxing the Roles of Corners in BDDC by Perturbed Formulation
Santiago Badia, Hieu Nguyen

42. Simulation of Blood Flow in Patient-specific Cerebral Arteries with a Domain Decomposition Method
Wen-Shin Shiu, Zhengzheng Yan, Jia Liu, Rongliang Chen, Feng-Nan Hwang, Xiao-Chuan Cai

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering

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Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
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