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Table of contents

Part I. Phytoremediation Using Soil Microorganisms

1. Microbial Inoculants-Assisted Phytoremediation for Sustainable Soil Management
Elizabeth Temitope Alori, Oluyemisi Bolajoko Fawole

2. Phytoremediation of Salt-Impacted Soils and Use of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) to Enhance Phytoremediation
Karen E. Gerhardt, Gregory J. MacNeill, Perry D. Gerwing, Bruce M. Greenberg

3. Successful Integrated Bioremediation System of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soil at a Former Oil Refinery Using Autochthonous Bacteria and Rhizo-Microbiota
Valentina Spada, Pietro Iavazzo, Rosaria Sciarrillo, Carmine Guarino

4. Phytoremediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil in Association with Soil Bacteria
Prayad Pokethitiyook

Part II. Higher Plants in Biomonitoring and Environmental Bioremediation

5. The Use of Higher Plants in Biomonitoring and Environmental Bioremediation
Svetlana Vladimirovna Gorelova, Marina Vladimirovna Frontasyeva

6. Phytoremediation Applications for Metal-Contaminated Soils Using Terrestrial Plants in Vietnam
Bui Thi Kim Anh, Ngyuen Thi Hoang Ha, Luu Thai Danh, Vo Minh, Dang Dinh Kim

7. Essential Elements and Toxic Metals in Some Crops, Medicinal Plants, and Trees
Elena Masarovičová, Katarína Kráľová

Part III. Phytoremediation of Aquatic Ecosystems

8. Phytoremediation Using Aquatic Macrophytes
Amtul Bari Tabinda Akhtar, Abdullah Yasar, Rabia Ali, Rabia Irfan

9. Remediation of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in Constructed Wetlands: Applicability and New Perspectives
Ana Rita Ferreira, Alexandra Ribeiro, Nazaré Couto

10. Floating Wetlands for the Improvement of Water Quality and Provision of Ecosystem Services in Urban Eutrophic Lakes
Eugenia J. Olguín, Gloria Sánchez-Galván

11. Green Aquaculture: Designing and Developing Aquaculture Systems Integrated with Phytoremediation Treatment Options
Guy R. Lanza, Keith M. Wilda, Sushera Bunluesin, Thanawan Panich-Pat

Part IV. Special Applications of Phytoremediation

12. Modelling Phytoremediation: Concepts, Models, and Approaches
Edita Baltrėnaitė, Pranas Baltrėnas, Arvydas Lietuvninkas

13. Genetic Control of Metal Sequestration in Hyper-Accumulator Plants
Shahida Shaheen, Qaisar Mahmood, Mahnoor Asif, Rafiq Ahmad

14. Engineered Nanomaterials for Phytoremediation of Metal/Metalloid-Contaminated Soils: Implications for Plant Physiology
Domingo Martínez-Fernández, Martina Vítková, Zuzana Michálková, Michael Komárek

15. Phytoremediation Application: Plants as Biosorbent for Metal Removal in Soil and Water
Rasha H. Mahmoud, Amal Hassanein Mohammed Hamza

16. Nutrient Management Strategies for Coping with Climate Change in Irrigated Smallholder Cropping Systems in Southern Africa
Davie M. Kadyampakeni, Isaac R. Fandika, Lawrent L. M. Pungulani

17. Phytoremediation of Landfill Leachates
Prasanna Kumarathilaka, Hasintha Wijesekara, Nanthi Bolan, Anitha Kunhikrishnan, Meththika Vithanage

18. Phytomining of Rare and Valuable Metals
Luís A. B. Novo, Paula M. L. Castro, Paula Alvarenga, Eduardo Ferreira Silva

19. Air Phytoremediation
Stanislaw W. Gawronski, Helena Gawronska

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Ecology, Plant Physiology, Soil Science & Conservation, Environmental Chemistry, Pollution, general

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