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Energy Materials 2017

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Table of contents

Part I. Energy and Environmental Issues in Materials Manufacturing and Processing: Opportunities in the Steel Industry

1. Waste Energy Recovery Technology of Iron and Steel Industry in China
Xu Zhang, Hao Bai, Juxian Hao, Zhancheng Guo

2. Green Manufacturing Process of Shougang Jingtang Steel Plant
Fuming Zhang, Jianxin Xie

3. The Introduction and Process Optimization Research of Oxygen Blast Furnace Ironmaking Technology
Qingguo Xue, Zeshang Dong, Jingsong Wang, Zeyi Jiang, Haibin Zuo, Xuefeng She, Guang Wang

4. Prediction and Optimal Scheduling of Byproduct Gases in Steel Mill: Trends and Challenges
Xiancong Zhao, Hao Bai, Qi Shi, Zhancheng Guo

5. Processing Non-oriented Electrical Steels Using Inclined/Skew Rolling Schemes
Youliang He, Mehdi Sanjari, Erik J. Hilinski

6. A Possible Way for Efficient Utilization of Coal Energy: The Combined Process of Ironmaking with Gasoline Synthesis and Electricity Generation
Zhancheng Guo

7. The Influence of Water Vapour on the Fuming Rate in a Ferromanganese System
Sarel J. Gates, Gerrit Kornelius, Ida Kero, Gabriella M. Tranell

Part II. Energy and Environmental Issues in Materials Manufacturing and Processing: Opportunities in Aluminum Production, Waste Heat and Water Recovery

8. Approach for Pyrolysis Gas Release Modelling and Its Potential for Enhanced Energy Efficiency of Aluminium Remelting Furnaces
H. Bruns, A. Rückert, H. Pfeifer

9. Numerical Approach for the Implementation of the Interaction of Pyrolysis Gases and Combustion Products in an Aluminium Melting Furnace
R. Gültekin, A. Rückert, H. Pfeifer

10. Fluoropolymer Coated Condensing Heat Exchangers for Low-Grade Waste Heat Recovery
Youliang He, Afsaneh Edrisy, Robert W. Triebe

11. Nitrate and Other Anion Removal from Waste Water Using the Hydroflex Technology
David Dreisinger, Gary Kordosky, Todd Beers, Mike Schrock, Jianming Lu, Buming Chen

12. Mechanical Analysis of Raceway Formation in Bulk Bed of Blast Furnace
Qiuming Wang, Yuanxiang Lu, Zeyi Jiang

Part III. Materials for Coal-Based Power: Materials For Coal-Based Power: Session I

13. Ni-Fe Based Alloy GH984G Used for 700°C Coal-Fired Power Plants
Changshuai Wang, Tingting Wang, Jianting Guo, Lanzhang Zhou, Haiping Zhao, Songqian Xu

Part IV. Materials for Coal-Based Power: Materials for Coal-Based Power: Session II

14. Creep Strength and Oxidation Resistance of Industrially Made G115 Steel Pipe
Zhengdong Liu, Hansheng Bao, Zhengzong Chen, Songqian Xu, Haiping Zhao, Qijiang Wang

15. Accelerated Creep Test for New Steels and Welds
Stan T. Mandziej

Part V. Materials for Coal-Based Power: Materials for Coal-Based Power: Session III

16. The Reliability Analysis of 12Cr1MoVG and T23 Used for USC Water Wall
Xiaoli Lu, Yu Wang, Jianyong Wang, Chongbin Wang, Jiongxiang Wang

Part VI. Materials for Coal-Based Power: Poster Session

17. Effect of High-Frequency InductionHardeningon Stress Corrosion of a 12%Cr Martensitic Stainless Steel
Tong Kang, Sheng-qi Xi, Xian-ping Wei, Gong-xian Yang, Xiu-fang Gong, Yu-jiong Liu

18. Fireside Corrosion Behaviors of Inconel 740H Superalloy in Various SO2 Contents
Jin-tao Lu, Yan Li, Zhen Yang, Jin-yang Huang, Ming Zhu, Y. Gu

19. High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of HAYNES282 Superalloy
Ming Yang, Gongxian Yang, Xiufang Gong, Bangqiang Zhang, Xianping Wei, Zhenhuan Gao, Liping Nie, Laohu Long

20. Recent Development in the Characteristics of Alloy 625 for A-USC Steam Turbine Casting
Wenlong Yu, Songfeng Liu, Yu Wang, Lingen Sun

Part VII. Materials for Gas Turbines: Coatings

21. Evolution of the Thermal Conductivity of Sm2Zr2O7 Under CMAS Attack
A. Bakal, K. Roebbecke, H. Wang, W. Deng, X. Zhang, J. W. Fergus

Part VIII. Materials for Gas Turbines: Hot Corrosion and New Materials

22. Development of a New High Strength and Hot Corrosion Resistant Directionally Solidified Superalloy DZ409
Jun-tao Li, Ping Yan, Jian-tao Wu, Jian-xin Dong, Lei Wang, Qiang Zeng

Part IX. Materials for Gas Turbines: Microstructure and Processing

23. Modeling the Diffusion of Minor Elements in Different MCrAlY—Superalloy Coating/Substrates at High Temperature
Krishna Praveen Jonnalagadda, Kang Yuan, Xin-Hai Li, Ru Lin Peng, Yueguang Yu

24. On Healing Mechanism of Cast Porosities in Cast Ni-Based Superalloy by Hot Isostatic Pressing
Chao Yuan, Jie Li, Kai-Xin Dong, Jian-Ting Guo

25. The Influence of Dendritic Segregation Degree to the Recrystallization Nucleation in U4720LI
Jiayu Chen, Jianxin Dong

Part X. Materials for Gas Turbines: Poster Session

26. Stress Rupture Properties of Alloy 783
Yating Zhao, Mengxiao Chen, Shipu Wang

27. Study on the Undercoolability and Single Crystal Castability of Nickel-Based Superalloys
Haiwei Wang, Dexin Ma, Gongxian Yang, Xiufang Gong, Qiongyuan Zhang, Xianping Wei

Part XI. Materials for Nuclear Energy: Materials for Nuclear Applications I

28. Enhancing the High-Cycle Fatigue Property of 316 Austenitic Stainless Steels Through Introduction of Mechanical Twins by Cold-Drawing
Xingfei Xie, Jian Sun

Part XII. Materials for Nuclear Energy: Materials for Nuclear Applications II

29. Microstructure Evolution of a Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel During High-Temperature Tempering
Chuanwei Li, Jianfeng Gu, Lizhan Han, Qingdong Liu

Part XIII. Materials for Nuclear Energy: Environmental Effects

30. Effect of Steam Pressure on the Oxidation Behaviour of Alloy 625
Shengli Jiang, Xiao Huang, Wenjing Li, Pei Liu

31. Friction Stir Processing of Degraded Austenitic Stainless Steel Nuclear Fuel Dry Cask Storage System Canisters
Ben Sutton, Ken Ross, Glenn Grant, Gary Cannell, Greg Frederick, Robert Couch

Part XIV. Materials for Nuclear Energy: Accident Tolerant Fuels & Irradiation Effects

32. The Mechanical Response Evaluation of Advanced Claddings During Proposed Reactivity Initiated Accident Conditions
M. Nedim Cinbiz, Nicholas Brown, Kurt A. Terrani, Rick R. Lowden, Donald Erdman

33. First Principles Investigations of Alternative Nuclear Fuels
Barbara Szpunar, Linu Malakkal, Ericmoore Jossou, Jerzy A. Szpunar

34. Comparative Study of Thermal Conductivity of SiC and BeO from Ab Initio Calculations
Linu Malakkal, Barbara Szpunar, Jerzy Szpunar

Part XV. Materials for Oil and Gas and AMREE Oil & Gas III

35. Anisotropic Behaviors for X100 High Grade Pipeline Steel Under Stress Constraints
Kun Yang, Ting Sha, Ming Yang, Cheng Shang, Qiang Chi

36. Co-relation of Microstructural Features with Tensile and Toughness Characteristics of X70 Grade Steel
Tushal Kyada, J. Raghu Shant, Rajesh K. Goyal, T. S. Kathayat

37. Development and Applications of New Generation Ni-Containing Cryogenic Steels in PR China
Zhenyu Liu, Meng Wang, Jun Chen, Guodong Wang

38. Microstructure Analysis and Weldability Investigation of Stainless Steel Clad Plate
B. X. Liu, C. X. Chen, F. X. Yin, M. Y. Liu, W. Fang, F. Y. Zhang, Y. G. Zhang

39. Microstructure and Properties of High Performance Pipeline Steels
Lei Zheng

40. Sensitivity Variation of Nanomaterials at Different Operating Temperature Conditions
Enobong E. Bassey, Philip Sallis, Krishnamachar Prasad

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Materials Engineering, Physics of Energy Technology

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