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Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology

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Table of contents

1. What Is Industrial Chemistry
J. J. Siirola

Section 1. Raw Materials for the Chemical Process Industries

2. Petroleum and Its Products
Paul R. Robinson, Chang Samuel Hsu

3. Coal Technology for Power, Liquid Fuels, and Chemicals
Burtron H. Davis, James C. Hower

4. Natural Gas
Arland H. Johannes, Mahmood Moshfeghian, Tyler W. Johannes

5. Wood and Wood Products
Yuan-Zong Lai

6. Biomass Conversion
Stephen R. Decker, John Sheehan, David C. Dayton, Joseph J. Bozell, William S. Adney, Andy Aden, Bonnie Hames, Steven R. Thomas, Richard L. Bain, Roman Brunecky, Chien-Yuan Lin, Antonella Amore, Hui Wei, Xiaowen Chen, Melvin P. Tucker, Stefan Czernik, Amie Sluiter, Min Zhang, Kim Magrini, Michael E. Himmel

Section 2. Industrial Organic Chemistry

7. Synthetic Organic Chemicals
Scott D. Barnicki

8. Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry
John F. Kadow, Nicholas A. Meanwell, Kyle J. Eastman, Kap-Sun Yeung, Albert J. DelMonte

9. Manufacture of Dye Intermediates, Dyes, and Their Industrial Applications
R. W. Sabnis

10. The Chemistry of Structural Adhesives: Epoxy, Urethane, and Acrylic Adhesives
Kirk J. Abbey, Denis J. Zalucha

11. The Agrochemical Industry
K. N. Singh, Kavita Merchant

12. Fertilizers and Food Production
Amit H. Roy

13. Pigments, Paints, Polymer Coatings, Lacquers, and Printing Inks
Dean C. Webster, Rose A. Ryntz

14. Animal and Vegetable Fats, Oils, and Waxes
Edmund W. Lusas, M. N. Riaz, M. S. Alam, R. Clough

15. Sugar and Other Sweeteners
Gillian Eggleston, Benjamin Legendre, Mary An Godshall

16. Soap, Fatty Acids, and Synthetic Detergents
Janine Chupa, Steve Misner, Amit Sachdev, Peter Wisniewski, George A. Smith, Robert Heffner

17. Chemical Explosives
D. Lynn Gordon, Jordan L. Arthur, Verlene Lovell, Lee F. McKenzie

18. The Nuclear Industry
Edward Lahoda, Keith Task

Section 3. Industrial Inorganic Chemistry

19. Synthetic Nitrogen Products
Gary R. Maxwell

20. Phosphorus and Phosphates
Brian K. Birky

21. Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid
Lori E. Apodaca, Gerard E. d’Aquin, Robert C. Fell

22. Salt, Chlor-Alkali, and Related Heavy Chemicals
Thomas F. O’Brien

23. Industrial Gases
Steven J. Cooke

Section 4. Polymer Chemistry

24. Manufactured Textile Fibers
Bhupender S. Gupta

25. Synthetic Resins and Plastics
Margaret Sobkowicz-Kline, Bridgette M. Budhlall, Joey L. Mead

26. Rubber
M. Rackaitis, D. F. Graves

Section 5. Biochemistry

27. Industrial Biotechnology: Discovery to Delivery
Gopal K. Chotani, Timothy C. Dodge, Caroline M. Peres, Peyman Moslemy, Michael V. Arbige

28. Industrial Enzymes and Biocatalysis
Adam L. Garske, Gregory Kapp, Joseph C. McAuliffe

29. Industrial Production of Therapeutic Proteins: Cell Lines, Cell Culture, and Purification
Marie M. Zhu, Michael Mollet, Rene S. Hubert, Yun Seung Kyung, Green G. Zhang

Section 6. Emerging Fields of Industrial Chemistry

30. Nanoparticles: From Fundamentals to Applications
Ranjit T. Koodali

31. Electrochemical Energy Storage: Current and Emerging Technologies
Neili Loupe, Jonathan Doan, Bogdan Gurau, Eugene S. Smotkin

32. Electrochemical Energy Production Using Fuel Cell Technologies
Viola Birss, Ehab El Sawy, Sanaz Ketabi, Parastoo Keyvanfar, Xiaoan Li, Jason Young

33. CO2 Utilization
Chih-Hung Huang, Duy the Phan, Chung-Sung Tan

Section 7. Industrial Processing and Engineering

34. Safety Considerations in the Chemical Process Industries
John F. Murphy

35. Applied Statistical Methods and the Chemical Industry
Stephen Vardeman, Robert Kasprzyk

36. Green Engineering: Integration of Green Chemistry, Pollution Prevention, Risk-Based Considerations, and Life Cycle Analysis
Palghat A. Ramachandran, David Shonnard, Robert Hesketh, Daniel Fichana, C. Stewart Slater, Angela Lindner, Nhan Nguyen, Richard Engler

37. Industrial Catalysis: A Practical Guide
Robert J. Farrauto

38. Dividing Wall Columns in the Chemical Industry
Craig A. Hoyme

39. Process Control in the Chemical Industry
Terry Blevins, James J. Downs

40. Industrial Chemistry of Steel
Rama Bommaraju

41. Managing an Emergency Preparedness Program
Everette M. Spore, Thaddeus H. Spencer, James W. Bowman

42. Environmental Chemical Determinations
William L. Budde

Keywords: Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Physics of Energy Technology, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Polymer Sciences, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

Publication year
13rd ed. 2017
Page amount
18 pages
Natural Sciences
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