Janz, Bruce B.

Place, Space and Hermeneutics

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Bruce B. Janz

Part I. Elements of Place, Space and Hermeneutics

2. Understanding Place
Abraham Olivier

3. Is Place a Text?
Bruce B. Janz

4. Narrative and Place
Annike Schlitte

5. An Eco-Echo-Philopoetics of Dialog & Place: Why & When Should Language Alert & Alter Itself?
Kyoo Lee

6. Suspended in Mid-Air: Casting Nets and Making Places Between Earth and Sky at Meteora
Bahar Aktuna, Charlie Hailey

7. Action-Space and Time: Towards an Enactive Hermeneutics
Shaun Gallagher, Sergio F. Martínez, Melina Gastelum

8. Hermeneutics of Play – Hermeneutics of Place: On Play, Style, and Dream
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

9. A Hermeneutics of the Body and Place in Health and Illness
Kevin Aho

10. Place and Non-place: A Phenomenological Perspective
Dylan Trigg

Part II. Figures and Thinkers

11. Topos Unbound: From Place to Opening and Back
Robert Mugerauer

12. The Configuration of Space Through Architecture in the Thinking of Gadamer
Jean-Claude Gens

13. Space and Narrative: Ricoeur and a Hermeneutic Reading of Place
Christina M. Gschwandtner

14. Gaston Bachelard’s Places of the Imagination and Images of Space
Cristina Chimisso

15. Merleau-Ponty’s Hermeneutic Reflections on Certainty and Place: Science and Art
Babette Babich

16. Arendt’s Multi-perspectivism and the Tension Between Place and Space
Kieran Bonner

17. Lefebvre, Hermeneutics, and Place
Peter Gratton

18. A Discursive View from Somewhere: Foucault’s Epistemic Position
Hans-Herbert Kögler

19. A Place for James J. Gibson
Daniel S. McConnell, Stephen M. Fiore

20. Tuanian Geography
Paul C. Adams

21. Edward Casey: Subliminal Hermeneutics in the Wake of Place
David Morris

22. Jeff Malpas: From Hermeneutics to Topology
Paloma Puente-Lozano

Part III. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Spaces of the Hermeneutics of Place and Space

23. Towards Topopoetics: Space, Place and the Poem
Tim Cresswell

24. When the ‘Here and Now’ Is Nowhere
Keith Harder

25. Hermeneutics and Architecture: Buildings-in-Themselves and Interpretive Trustworthiness
David Seamon

26. The Mental Life of the Metropolis
Alan Blum

27. The Hermeneutics of the Urban Spatial Sociologies of Simmel, Benjamin and Lefebvre
Andy Zieleniec

28. Toward an Anthropological Understanding of Space and Place
Pauline McKenzie Aucoin

29. Place, Life-World and the Leib: A Reconstructive Perspective on Spatial Experiences for Human Geography
Thomas Dörfler, Eberhard Rothfuß

30. Hermeneutics, Place, and the Environment
Janet Donohoe

31. Psychology and Lived Space: Woodland Paths and the Pathic Dimension of Place Experience
Eva-Maria Simms

32. Being on the Edge: Body, Place, Climate
Edward Casey

33. Digital Virtual Places: Utopias, Atopias, Heterotopias
Golfo Maggini

34. A Woman’s Place: Place-Based Theory, Hermeneutics, and Feminism
Janet C. Wesselius

35. Race as a Historico-Spatial Construct: The Hermeneutical Challenge to Institutional Racism
Robert Bernasconi

36. Inattentiveness to Place: The Case of South African Philosophy
Pedro Tabensky

37. Thinking Across Cultures: Western Hermeneutics and Chinese Exegesis
On-cho Ng

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Sociology, general

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