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Energy Technology 2017

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Table of contents

Part I. Energy Technologies: Energy Technologies

1. Continuous Optimization of the Energy Input—The Success Story of AOS
Felix Wolters, Michael Schütt

Part II. Energy Technologies: CO2 Management and Sustainable Metallurgical Processes

2. Transforming the Way Electricity is Consumed During the Aluminium Smelting Process
Mark Dorreen, Linda Wright, Geoff Matthews, Pretesh Patel, David S. Wong

3. The Thermodynamics of Slag Forming Inorganic Phases in Biomass Combustion Processes
Daniel K. Lindberg, Fiseha Tesfaye

4. Leaching of Sb from TROF Furnace Doré Slag
P. Halli, S. Jolivet, A. Klöfverskjöld, P. Latostenmaa, B. P. Wilson, M. Lundström

5. Potential CO2 Emission Reduction and H2 Production Using Industrial Slag Wastes Originating from Different Industrial Sectors
Jinichiro Nakano, James Bennett, Anna Nakano

Part III. Energy Technologies: Novel Technologies

6. Modeling Anthropogenic Heat Flux in Climate Models
Ganesan Subramanian, Neale R. Neelameggham

7. In-Situ Microscopic Study of Morphology Changes in Natural Hematite and Cu-Spinel Particles During Cyclic Redox Gas Exposures for Chemical Looping Applications
Anna Nakano, Jinichiro Nakano, James Bennett

8. Thermodynamic Stability of Condensed Phases in the Ternary System CaO–Cu–O by the EMF Method
Joseph Hamuyuni, Dmitry Sukhomlinov, Mari Lundström, Pekka Taskinen

9. Experimental Study on Electro-Spraying of Ethanol Based on PDA Measurement
Haige Li, Yunhua Gan, Xiaowen Chen, Yang Tong, Meilong Hu

Part IV. Energy Technologies: Heat Recovery

10. Integrated Utilization of Sewage Sludge for the Cement Clinker Production
Zhenzhou Yang, Zuotai Zhang

11. Valuable Metals and Energy Recovery from Electronic Waste Streams
Fiseha Tesfaye, Daniel Lindberg, Joseph Hamuyuni

12. Dry Granulation of Hot Metal and Heat Recovery from Off-Gas
Wenchao He, Xueqin Li, Xuewei Lv, Jie Qiu, Jie Dang

13. The Energy Recovery of Livestock Waste in Taiwan
Esher Hsu, Chen-Ming Kuo

14. Life Cycle Assessments of Incineration Treatment for Sharp Medical Waste
Maryam Ghodrat, Maria Rashidi, Bijan Samali

Part V. Energy Technologies: Poster Session

15. Effect of Granularity on Pretreatment of Coke With Microwave Irradiation
Qing-hai Pang, Zhi-jun He, Jun-hong Zhang, Wen-long Zhan, Teng-fei Song, Zhe Ning

16. Effect of Microwave and Ultrasonic Coupling Treatment on Granularity and Microstructure of Pulverized Coal
Zhi-jun He, Ji-hui Liu, Qing-hai Pang, Jun-hong Zhang, Wen-long Zhan, Zhe Ning

17. Influence of Sodium on Coke Microstructure in Different Reaction Atmosphere
Zhijun He, Wenlong Zhan, Junhong Zhang, Qinghai Pang, Sen Zhang, Chen Tian

Part VI. Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Materials: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: Deriving Value from Challenging Waste I

18. Maximizing the Values of Steelmaking Slags
Naiyang Ma

19. Recycling of Zinc from the Steelmaking Dust in the Sintering Process
Piotr Palimaka, Stanislaw Pietrzyk, Michal Stepien

20. Direct Preparation of Metal Doping Ni–Zn Ferrite from Zn-Containing Electric Arc Furnace Dust by Calcination Method
Hui-gang Wang, Min Guo, Mei Zhang

Part VII. Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Materials: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: Deriving Value from Challenging Waste II

21. Hydrometallurgical Processing of Copper Smelter Dust for Copper Recovery as Nano-particles: A Review
D. O. Okanigbe, A. P. I. Popoola, A. A. Adeleke

Part VIII. Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Materials: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: Deriving Value from Challenging Waste III

22. Chromium Removal from Iron-Rich Waste Generated During Processing Lateritic Nickel Ores
Hong Vu, Tomas Frydl, Petr Dvorak, Jana Selucka, Petra Starkova

23. Removal of Magnesium from Liquor Produced by Nickel Mining by Crystallization
Kristine Bruce Wanderley, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa, Jorge A. Soares Tenório

24. Synthesis of Magnesium Oxide from Ferronickel Smelting Slag Through Hydrochloric Acid Leaching-Precipitation and Calcination
M. Z. Mubarok, A. Yudiarto

25. Thermodynamic Analysis of the Recycling of Aircraft AL Alloys
Senlin Cui, In-Ho Jung

26. Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Through Secondary Aluminum Production
Reza Beheshti, Ali Tabeshian, Ragnhild E. Aune

Part IX. Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Materials: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: Poster Session

27. Alternative Method for Materials Separation from Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules
Pedro F. A. Prado, Jorge A. S. Tenório, Denise C. R. Espinosa

28. Bioleaching Process for Metal Recovery from Waste Materials
Solange Kazue Utimura, Carlos Gonzalo Alvarez Rosario, Amilton Barbosa Botelho, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa

29. Chemical Analysis of Sludge Originating from Industrial Painting Performed in Brazil
Rita de Cássia S. S. Alvarenga, Henrique Paula Santos, Beatryz C. Mendes, Maurício Paulo F. Fontes, Eduardo Antônio G. Marques, Kléos M. L. Cesar

30. Preparing Ferrosilicon Alloy with Copper Slag
Ruirui Wei, Mingrui Yang, Xuewei Lv

31. Research on Optimization of Sintering Mixture with Low-Grade Complex Ore
Yuchuan Ding, Zizong Zhu, Zhiqiang Zhou, Hao Xiong, Libin Zhu

Part X. Solar Cell Silicon: Silicon Production, Crystallization, and Properties

32. Study on Producing Solar Grade Silicon by Carbothermal Reduction of Andalusite Ore
Shilai Yuan, Huimin Lu, Panpan Wang

33. Phase Analysis of the Si-O2 System
Shadia J. Ikhmayies

34. Characterization of Composition, Morphology, and Structure of Disi Raw Sandstones in Jordan
Shadia J. Ikhmayies, Bothina M. Hamad, Abdulkader M. Abed, Belal S. Amireh, Yulia Valery Meteleva

Part XI. Solar Cell Silicon: Silicon Impurity Removal and Refining

35. Effect of Magnesium Addition on Removal of Impurities from Silicon by Hydrometallurgical Treatment
Stine Espelien, Gabriella Tranell, Jafar Safarian

36. Evaporation Removal of Boron in Molten Silicon Using Reactive Fluxes
Ye Wang, Kazuki Morita

Part XII. Solar Cell Silicon: Silicon Photovoltaics

37. Electrodynamic Eddy Current Separation of End-of-Life PV Materials
York R. Smith, James R. Nagel, Raj K. Rajamani

38. Investigation on Quartz Crucibles for Monocrystalline Silicon Ingots for Solar Cells
M. Di Sabatino, F. W. Thorsen, A. Lanterne, Y. Hu, J. A. Bones, E. Øvrelid

39. Influence of Oxygen Content on the Wettability of Silicon on Graphite
Zineb Benouahmane, Lifeng Zhang, Yaqiong Li

40. Particle Separation in Silicon Ingot Casting Using AC Magnetic Field
V. Bojarevics, G. Djambazov, K. Pericleous

Part XIII. Advances in Environmental Technologies: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: Advances in Environmental Technologies: Characterization and Uncertainty

41. Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash With Particulate Matters PM 2.5–PM 10
T. Thriveni, Ch. Ramakrishna, Ahn Ji Whan

Part XIV. Advances in Environmental Technologies: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: New Areas of Value Recovery

42. Accelerating Life-Cycle Management Protocols for New Generation Batteries
Timothy W. Ellis, John A. Howes

43. Recovery of Metals and Nonmetals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) by Physical Recycling Techniques
Muammer Kaya

44. The Use of Rice Husk Ash as an Aggregate for Foundry Sand Mould Production
A. O. Apata, F. V. Adams

Part XV. Advances in Environmental Technologies: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: Poster Session

45. Chemical Reduction of Fe(III) in Nickel Lateritic Wastewater to Recover Metals by Ion Exchange
Amilton Barbosa Botelho, Mónica M. Jiménez Correa, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório

46. Chronopotentiometry Applied to the Determination of Copper Transport Properties Through a Cation-Exchange Membrane
K. S. Barros, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa

47. Effect of Flow Rate on Metals Adsorption of Synthetic Solution Using Chelating Resin Dowex XUS43605 in Column Experiments
Isadora Dias Perez, Mónica M. Jiménez Correa, Flávia P. Cianga Silvas, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa

Keywords: Materials Science, Energy Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Renewable and Green Energy

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