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Emerging Trends in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Survey on Models and Methodology for Emergency Relief and Staff Scheduling
Bhupesh Kumar Mishra, Thepparit Sinthamrongruk, Zeeshan Pervez, Keshav Dahal

2. A Technology Vision of the Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Mobile Networks
Zoran Bojkovic, Dragorad Milovanovic

3. An Overview of Cloud RAN: Architecture, Issues and Future Directions
Meruyert Makhanbet, Xuewei Zhang, Hui Gao, Himal A. Suraweera

4. Resonance and Impedance Matching for an Experimental Low-Frequency Wireless Power Transfer System
Raaju Hoolaus, Yasdeo Bissessur

5. Impact of Introducing Small Scale Distributed Generation on Technical Losses in a Secondary Distribution Network
Ismaël Adam Essackjee, Robert T. F. Ah King

6. Noise Measurement and Analysis in a Power Line Communication Channel
B. Rajkumarsingh, B. N. Sokappadu

7. Using the Development of the Information and Communications Technology Sector to Enhance Teaching in Electrical Engineering
Bhimsen Rajkumarsingh, Sarjoosing Goolaup

8. Quantifying the Pumping Energy Loss Associated with Different Types of Leak in a Piping System
L. Latchoomun, D. Mawooa, Robert T. F. Ah King, K. Busawon, R. Binns

9. A Power Flow Control Scheme for a Photovoltaic to a Low Voltage Microgrid System
S. Z. Sayed Hassen, M. I. Jahmeerbacus, K. Sewraj, M. S. Ruhomaun

10. Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Algorithm for Power Loss Reduction by Distribution Network Reconfiguration
Sarah Marappa Naiken, Robert T. F. Ah King

11. Voltage Stability Maximization by Distribution Network Reconfiguration Using a Hybrid Algorithm
Robert T. F. Ah King, Sarah Marappa Naiken

12. Design and Implementation of a Smart Dual Axis Solar Tracker with an Anti-theft Alarm Mechanism
Anshu Prakash Murdan, Rameshwar Jugurnauth, Ravishwara Rakesh Nirsimloo

13. A Low-Cost Autonomous Cleaning System for Photovoltaic Arrays
Mohammad Fardeen Islam, Vishwamitra Oree, Anshu Prakash Murdan

14. Voltage Control of a Power System with Exciter and Generator Saturation
R. Ramjug-Ballgobin, S. G. Calchand

15. Estimation of Solar Photovoltaic Parameters Using Pattern Search Algorithm
M. Derick, C. Rani, M. Rajesh, K. Busawon, R. Binns

16. An Improved Reconstruction Method for Compressively Sampled Magnetic Resonance Images Using Adaptive Gaussian Denoising
Henry Kiragu, George Kamucha, Elijah Mwangi

17. A Novel Implementation of FPGA Based Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Technique for Two Dimensional Objects
Srinivasa Rao Gandham, Kartheek Bodireddy, Boya Pradeep Kumar, Chandra Sekhar Paidimarry

18. An Iterative Back-Projection Technique for Single Image Super Resolution with Natural Texture Preservation
Boniface M. Ngocho, Elijah Mwangi

19. Development of Active Acoustic Noise Cancellation Using the Professional Audio Development Kit (PADK) Featuring the TMS 320C6727 DSP
Sajaad Boodoo, Yasdeo Bissessur, Roshun Paurobally

20. Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in the DSA: Simulation of Spectrum Sensing Time Consumptions by Cognitive Radio Secondary Users
Masiala Mavungu, A. L. Nel

21. Large Scale Fading Pre-coder for Massive MIMO Without Cell Cooperation
Tedros Salih, Elijah Mwangi, Kibet Langat

22. Performance Analysis of Symmetric and Asymmetric LTE Turbo Codes with Prioritisation and Regression Based Scaling
Y. Beeharry, Tulsi Pawan Fowdur, K. M. S. Soyjaudah

23. Wireless Body Area Network System Architecture for Real-Time Diabetes Monitoring
Geshwaree Huzooree, Kavi Kumar Khedo, Noorjehan Joonas

24. A Secure Device and Service Discovery Protocol for Proximity Based Social Networks (PBSNs)
Asslinah Mocktoolah, Krishiv Askoolum, Kavi Kumar Khedo

25. Performance of Unequal Error Protection Schemes for Audio Transmission Over ADSL with Reed Solomon and Turbo Codes
Prateema Ragpot, Tulsi Pawan Fowdur, K. M. S. Soyjaudah

26. Performance Analysis of Link Adaptation with MIMO and Varying Channel Estimation Schemes
Maryam Imran Sheik Mamode, Tulsi Pawan Fowdur

27. A Context-Aware Mobile Learning System Using Dynamic Content Adaptation for Personalized Learning
Brita Curum, Nigel Chellapermal, Kavi Kumar Khedo

28. Towards Improving the Security of Low-Interaction Honeypots: Insights from a Comparative Analysis
Abubakar Zakari, Abdulmalik Ahmad Lawan, Girish Bekaroo

29. Implementation of Driver Drowsiness Detection Application in Mauritius
Karishma Ramodhine, Shireen Panchoo

30. A Hybrid Three-Phased Approach in Requirement Elicitation
Abubakar Zakari, Abdulmalik Ahmad Lawan, Girish Bekaroo

31. A Framework to Reduce the Testing Time of a Mobile Application Using an Automation Tool
V. Hurbungs, B. Dookheea, Y. K. Suttroogun

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Networks

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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