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Space Operations: Contributions from the Global Community

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Table of contents

Part I. Mission Design and Management

1. Robotic and Human Exploration on the Moon: Preparing a New Lunar Analogue
Tom Hoppenbrouwers, Diego Urbina, Andrea Boyd, Barbara Imhof, Susmita Mohanty, Peter Weiss, Andreas Diekmann

2. MOE: A System Infrastructure for Robotic Experiments
Mariarosaria Cardone, Christian Laroque, Mehran Sarkarati, Kim Nergaard, Paul Steele, Sebastian Martin

3. Leveraging the Autonomous Mobile On-Orbit Diagnostic System to Initiate a Doctrinal Shift in Spacecraft Operations
E. A. Hanlon, B. P. Keegan, M. E. Lange, J. K. Pittman, D. L. Wenberg, J. G. Roser, J. S. Kang

4. Data Mining to Drastically Improve Spacecraft Telemetry Checking
David Evans, José Martinez, Moritz Korte-Stapff, Attilio Brighenti, Chiara Brighenti, Jacopo Biancat

5. Telecom Satellite Fleet Unattended Operations
Juan Carlos Gil

6. Robust Operations of Complex Satellite Systems: Using a Protection Layer Approach for Safety and Reliability Management
Heinz J. Gloeckner, Christian Arbinger

7. The Lunar Space Communications Architecture: Beyond the NASA–KARI Study
Wallace Tai, InKyu Kim, SangMan Moon, Day Young Kim, Kar-Ming Cheung, Cheol Hea Koo, James Schier, Dong Young Rew

8. Enabling International Data Relay at Mars
Daniel D. Wenkert, Roy E. Gladden, Charles D. Edwards, Peter Schmitz, Michel Denis, Alistair J. Winton

9. Secondary Payload Opportunities on NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Enable Science and Deep Space Exploration
Jody Singer, Joseph Pelfrey, George Norris

10. MarCO: Interplanetary Mission Development on a CubeSat Scale
Josh Schoolcraft, Andrew Klesh, Thomas Werne

11. Pursuit of Nigeria into Space for Sustainable Development
Ikpaya O. Ikpaya, Spencer O. Onuh, Christopher U. Achem, Baslem M. Okehie, Fidelis Y. Madalla

Part II. Ground System Design for Efficient and Secure Operations

12. Designing and Deploying Meaningful Auditory Alarms for Control Systems
Bruno Sousa, Alessandro Donati, Elif Özcan, René Egmond, Reinier Jansen, Judy Edworthy, Regina Peldszus, Yann Voumard

13. A Structured, Model-Based System Engineering Methodology for Operations System Design
Duane L. Bindschadler, Robert R. Smith, Charlene P. Valerio, Kathryn A. Schimmels

14. Preparing a Ground System for Plug and Play Exchange of Hardware
Armin Hauke, Erica Barkasz, Marcin Gnat, Udo Häring, Matias Lantschner, Klaus Wiedemann

15. Ground Station Development at Awarua, New Zealand
Robin G. McNeill, Jeffrey K. McNeill, Stephen F. Canny

16. Commanding and Telemetry Operations Using Reliable CFDP Service
Eric D. Melin, Christopher J. Krupiarz, Christopher A. Monaco, Nickalaus T. Pinkine, Patricia A. Harrington-Duff

17. Rosetta/BepiColombo Mission Planning System: From Mission to Infrastructure
Angela Dietz, Daniel Werner, Elsa Montagnon, Sylvain Lodiot, Bruno Sousa, Colin Haddow, Jakub Urbanek, Ian Shaw, Erik Noreus, Sonia Rosa Steinz, Oscar Gonzalez-Velazquez, Ritchie Kay

18. SpaceSecLab: A Representative, Modular Environment for Prototyping and Testing Space-Link Security Protocols End to End
Daniel Fischer, Mariella Spada, David Koisser

19. Supercomputing Centers Tight Coupling to Face Big Data Processing
Pierre-Marie Brunet, Jérome Gasperi, Maurice Poncet, Tristan Faure

20. The Use of Model-Based Engineering Methodologies in Complex Ground Data Systems
Anthony Walsh, Mauro Pecchioli, J. M. Carranza, Peter Ellsiepen

Part III. Mission Execution

21. Accommodating Navigation Uncertainties in the Pluto Encounter Sequence Design
Ann Harch, Brian Carcich, Gabe Rogers, Bobby Williams, Ken Williams, Bill Owen, Jeremy Bauman, Emma Birath, Alice Bowman, Eric Carranza, Zach Dischner, Kim Ennico, Tiffany Finley, Chris Hersman, Mark Holdridge, Coralie Jackman, Hong Kang, Nicole Martin, Cathy Olkin, Fred Pelletier, Joe Peterson, Jillian Redfern, Debi Rose, Dale Stanbridge, Alan Stern, Michael Vincent, Hal Weaver, Karl Whittenburg, Pete Wolff, Leslie Young

22. Science Scheduling Challenge for Philae Lander
Cédric Delmas, Aurelie Moussi, Jean-François Fronton, Vivian Lafaille, Philippe Gaudon

23. Dawn Navigation and Mission Design at Dwarf Planet Ceres
Dongsuk Han, John Smith, Brian Kennedy, Nickolaos Mastrodemos, Gregory Whiffen

24. Venus Express End of Life Operations: Or the Art of Saying Good-Bye
Matthias G. Eiblmaier, Tiago Francisco, Daniel Lakey, Adam Williams, Rick Blake

25. Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) Pathfinder: New Methods for Acquisition of Signal After Large Apogee-Raising Maneuvers
G. Bellei, P. Droll, F. Delhaise, I. Harrison, D. Amend

26. TAKE5 Experiment Jazzes Up SPOT5’s End of Operational Life, Repurposing SPOT5 to Simulate the New Sentinel-2 Mission
Martine Béhague, Olivier Hagolle, Sylvia Sylvander, Jean-Marc Walter, Florian Delmas, Laurence Houpert, Frédéric Daniaud

27. CNES and ESOC Flight Dynamics Operational Experience on First Nominal FOC Launch and Fine Positioning Activities of GALILEO
Laurence Lorda, Xavier Pena, Pierre Labourdette, Elisabet Canalias, Patrick Broca, Eva Jalabert, François Desclaux, Frank Dreger, Daniel Navarro-Reyes

28. Performance Analysis of LEO Space Object Tracking Using Monostatic and Bistatic Radar
Ki-Young Yu, DaeWon Chung, Dong-Gyu Kim, Jun-Yeong Bok

29. Technical Overview of the Last Two STRATO SCIENCE Campaigns in Timmins, Canada
Stéphane Louvel, Jean Evrard, Steeve Montminy

30. CANYVAL-X Mission Development Using CubeSats
Jae-Pil Park, Sang-Young Park, Young Bum Song, Guk Nam Kim, Kwangwon Lee, Hyungjik Jay Oh, Jin-Chul Yim, EunJi Lee, Soon-Hong Hwang, SungWoo Kim, Kyung Yun Choi, Dong Shin Lee, Sang Hoon Kwon, Min-Sik Kim, Seung-Won Yeo, Tae-Hyun Kim, Seung-hee Lee, Kang Been Lee, Joong-Won Seo, Won-Hyuk Cho, Jungpyo Lee, Jung-Hyun Park, Yong Woo Kim, Seok Ju Kang, Jiyoon Hwang, Soo Hwi Lee, Jin-Ho Yang, Sungmin Jin, Young Ro Lee

31. Future Mars Exploration Operational Simulation: Research Outcomes and Educational Benefit
Benjamin J. Morrell, Julie L. Read, Mauricio D. Coen, Austin B. Probe, Gregory E. Chamitoff, George H. James

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics

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