Piga, Barbara E.A.

Urban Design and Representation

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Table of contents

1. Introducing a Research Perspective in Urban Design and Representation
Barbara E. A. Piga, Eugenio Morello, Rossella Salerno

Part I. Conceptual and Experiential Approaches

2. Mapping Urban Environment by Geometry(es) and Perception(s)
Rossella Salerno

3. Experiential Simulation for Urban Design: From Design Thinking to Final Presentation
Barbara E. A. Piga

4. To Be There, Or Not To Be. Designing Subjective Urban Experiences
Marco Boffi, Nicola Rainisio

Part II. Digital Modelling and Visibility Studies

5. Visibility Analysis for Open Spaces in Urban Areas: Coupling Environmental Quality and Human Comfort Assessment
Eugenio Morello

6. Motion Perspectives Integration in the Qualification of the Urban Spaces: Towards a 2D- and a 3D-Enrichment of the S-Partition Method
Thomas Leduc, Francis Miguet, Vincent Tourre

7. Evolution of Planning with Visual Conditions
Åsmund Izaki, Christian Derix

Part III. Physical Models in the Professional Practice

8. The Model as Experience. Experience with Models
Andrea Rossetto

9. Architectural Modeling in a Fab Lab
Alessandro Capati

10. Daylight Simulation
Giulio Maria Podestà

Part IV. Mapping and Simulation

11. Mapping Venice. From Visualizing Venice to Visualizing Cities
Andrea Giordano

12. Listen Through the Map
Valerio Signorelli

13. Application of Visual Simulation in Urban Renewal Projects
Anetta Kępczyńska-Walczak, Bartosz M. Walczak

Part V. Frontier Tools

14. Outdoor Augmented Reality for Urban Design and Simulation
Chiara Calabrese, Luciano Baresi

15. Luminous Planning Table: TUI as Support for Education and Public Participation
Laura Cibien

16. Mobile Devices and Urban Ambiances: How Connected Wearable Tools Change the Ways We Perceive and Design Public Spaces
Myriam Servières, Gwendoline L’Her, Daniel Siret

Keywords: Geography, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Sustainable Development, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

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