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Advances in Energy System Optimization

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Table of contents

Part I. Demand Response and Distribution Grids

1. An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Optimization of Residential Energy Resources
Ana Soares, Álvaro Gomes, Carlos Henggeler Antunes

2. Comparison of Control Strategies for Electric Vehicles on a Low Voltage Level Electrical Distribution Grid
Simon Marwitz, Marian Klobasa, David Dallinger

Part II. Optimizing Transmission Grid Operation

3. Optimal Storage Operation with Model Predictive Control in the German Transmission Grid
Nico Meyer-Hübner, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried, Viktor Slednev, Valentin Bertsch, Wolf Fichtner, Philipp Gerstner, Michael Schick, Vincent Heuveline

4. Security-Constrained Optimization Framework for Large-Scale Power Systems Including Post-contingency Remedial Actions and Inter-temporal Constraints
Jonas Eickmann, Christian Bredtmann, Albert Moser

Part III. Flexibility, Storage and Uncertainty Quantification

5. Dispatch of Flexibility Options, Grid Infrastructure and Integration of Renewable Energies Within a Decentralized Electricity System
Matthias Koch, Franziska Flachsbarth, Dierk Bauknecht, Christoph Heinemann, David Ritter, Christian Winger, Christof Timpe, Malin Gandor, Thole Klingenberg, Martin Tröschel

6. Dynamic Decision Making in Energy Systems with Storage and Renewable Energy Sources
Stephan Meisel, Warren B. Powell

Part IV. Challenges in Microgrids

7. An Optimal Investment Model for Battery Energy Storage Systems in Isolated Microgrids
Hisham Alharbi, Kankar Bhattacharya

8. A Dynamic Programming Approach to Multi-period Planning of Isolated Microgrids
Benoît Martin, Emmanuel Jaeger, François Glineur, Arnaud Latiers

Part V. Renewable Energy and Power Grid Expansion Planning

9. Curtailing Renewable Feed-In Peaks and Its Impact on Power Grid Extensions in Germany for the Year 2030
David Gunkel, Dominik Möst

10. Simulation of Distribution Grid Expansion Costs and the Impact of Load Shifting
Thomas Eberl

Part VI. Data Provision for Power Grid Modeling

11. Structure Analysis of the German Transmission Network Using the Open Source Model SciGRID
Carsten Matke, Wided Medjroubi, David Kleinhans, Sebastian Sager

12. Modeling of the Transmission Grid Using Geo Allocation and Generalized Processes
Simon Köppl, Felix Böing, Christoph Pellinger

13. Regionalizing Input Data for Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning Models
Viktor Slednev, Manuel Ruppert, Valentin Bertsch, Wolf Fichtner, Nico Meyer-Hübner, Michael Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried, Philipp Gerstner, Michael Schick, Vincent Heuveline

Part VII. Convex Versus Nonconvex Approaches for Power Flow Analysis

14. Convexity/Nonconvexity Certificates for Power Flow Analysis
Boris Polyak, Elena Gryazina

15. A Convex Model for the Optimization of Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation
Mariana Resener, Sérgio Haffner, Panos M. Pardalos, Luís A. Pereira

Keywords: Mathematics, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control; Optimization, Operations Research, Management Science

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Trends in Mathematics
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8 pages
Natural Sciences
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