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History of Human Genetics

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Heike I. Petermann, Peter S. Harper, Susanne Doetz

Part I. Workshops on the History of Human Genetics

2. The International Workshops on Genetics, Medicine and History: An Overview, 2003–2015
Peter S. Harper, Heike I. Petermann

Part II. Beginning of Human Genetics

3. Ancestral Concepts of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine in Epicurean Philosophy
Christos Yapijakis

4. Bateson and the Doctors: The Introduction of Mendelian Genetics to the British Medical Community 1900–1910
Alan R. Rushton

Part III. Genetics and Medicine

5. Pedigrees and Prejudices: Pre-WWII Inherited Disease Classification at the US Eugenics Record Office
Philip K. Wilson

6. Aldred Scott Warthin’s Family ‘G’: The American Plot Against Cancer and Heredity (1895–1940)
Toine Pieters

7. Genetic Discrimination in the Doctoring of Cancer and Alcoholism
Stephen Snelders, Charles D. Kaplan, Frans J. Meijman, Toine Pieters

8. The Genomization of Biology: Counterbalancing Radical Reductionism
Ricardo Noguera-Solano, Rosaura Ruiz-Gutierrez, Juan Manuel Rodriguez-Caso

9. A Brief History of Uncertainty in Medical Genetics and Genomics
Reed E. Pyeritz

Part IV. Countries

10. “Nature’s Laboratories of Human Genetics”: Alpine Isolates, Hereditary Diseases and Medical Genetic Fieldwork, 1920–1970
Pascal Germann

11. Some Thoughts on Genetics and Politics. The Historical Misrepresentation of Scandinavian Eugenics and Sterilization
Nils Roll-Hansen

12. Changing the Point of View: The History of Human Genetics as an Applied Science in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945–1975
Heike I. Petermann

13. Herbert Bach (1926–1996): One of the Pioneers of Human Genetics in East Germany (GDR)
Jörg Pittelkow

14. Concise History of Prenatal Diagnostic Service in Russia
Vladislav S. Baranov

15. Foundation of the International Federation of Human Genetics Societies: The Catalyst
Karen Birmingham

Part V. Gene Mapping

16. The First Human Genetic Map 1936
Alan R. Rushton

17. Glasgow Contributions to Human Gene Mapping
Malcolm A. Ferguson-Smith

18. Human Gene Mapping: The Mass Media Iconography of the Human Genome Project in the Most Popular Greek Newspapers
Constantinos Morfakis

Part VI. Narrated History

19. National Human Genome Research Institute History of Genomics Oral History Program: An Example of “Triangulation”
Christopher Donohue

20. Narrating Genes: How Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Interpret an Emerging Disease Aetiology and How We Can Make Sense Out of It by Developing a Historically and Sociologically Informed Framework
Dana Mahr

Part VII. Genetic Counselling

21. The Establishment of Genetic Counselling in Sweden: 1940–1980
Maria Björkman, Anna Tunlid

22. Counselling, Risk and Prevention in Human Genetic Early Diagnosis in the Federal Republic of Germany
Birgit Nemec, Gabriele Moser

23. “The Happiness of the Individual Is of Primary Importance”: Genetic Counselling in the GDR
Susanne Doetz

24. Remarks on the History of Genetic Counselling in Czechoslovakia, 1945–1990
Michal V. Simunek

25. The Establishment of Human Genetic Counselling in Austria in the 1970s in Between the Establishment of Human Genetics and the Eugenic Indication of Abortion
Katja Geiger, Thomas Mayer

26. Genetic Counselling in Belgium: The Centre for Human Genetics at the University of Leuven, 1960–1990
Joris Vandendriessche

27. Genetic Counselling for Mediterranean Anaemia in Post-war Greece
Alexandra Barmpouti

28. Karyotyping and the Emergence of Genetic Counselling in Mexico in the 1960s
Ana Barahona

29. Newborn Screening on the Cusp of Genetic Screening: From Solidarity in Public Health to Personal Counselling
Margherita Brusa, Michael Y. Barilan

30. Feminist Criticism of Genetic Counselling in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Shachar Zuckerman

31. The Evolving Concept of Non-directiveness in Genetic Counselling
Angus Clarke

32. A Comparative and Social History of Genetic Counselling?
Jean-Paul Gaudilliere

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