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Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to the Role of Cognitive Issues in Health Behaviors and the Design of Interventions

1. Cognitive Informatics and Behavior Change in the Health Care Domain
Vimla L. Patel, Jose F. Arocha, Jessica S. Ancker

2. Design and Implementation of Behavioral Informatics Interventions
Liliana Laranjo, Annie Lau, Enrico Coiera

Part II. Understanding Public Health Beliefs

3. Making Sense of Health Problems: Folk Cognition and Healthcare Decisions
Jose F. Arocha, Vimla L. Patel

4. Toward a Framework for Understanding Embodied Health Literacy
Jose F. Arocha, Laurie Hoffman-Goetz

5. Models of Health Beliefs in South India: Impact on Managing Childhood Nutritional Illnesses
Malathi Sivaramakrishnan, Vimla L. Patel

Part III. Cognition and Health Behaviors

6. Health Information Literacy as a Tool for Addressing Adolescent Behaviors, Knowledge, Skills, and Academic Trajectories
Alla Keselman

7. Using Behavior Measurement to Estimate Cognitive Function Based on Computational Models
Misha Pavel, Holly Jimison, Stuart Hagler, James McKanna

8. The Slippery Slope of Sexual Decision-Making in Young Adults: The Role of Social and Cognitive Factors
Nicole A. Yoskowitz, David R. Kaufman, Courtney A. Denton, Vimla L. Patel

9. Numeracy and Older Immigrants’ Health: Exploring the Role of Language
Sospeter Gatobu, Laurie Hoffman-Goetz, Jose F. Arocha

10. Culturally Appropriate Behavioral Change in Maternal Health: Role of Mobile and Online Technologies Over Time
Yuri Quintana, Jennifer McWhirter

Part IV. Information Technology and Cognitive Support

11. Addressing Health Literacy and Numeracy Through Systems Approaches
Jessica S. Ancker

12. Aging, Cognition, and Technology Systems
Jessica Taha, Sara J. Czaja

13. eHealth Literacy as a Mediator of Health Behaviors
David R. Kaufman, Jelena Mirkovic, Connie Chan

Part V. Behavioral Measures and Interventions

14. From Personal Informatics to Personal Analytics: Investigating How Clinicians and Patients Reason About Personal Data Generated with Self-Monitoring in Diabetes
Lena Mamykina, Matthew E. Levine, Patricia G. Davidson, Arlene M. Smaldone, Noemie Elhadad, David J. Albers

15. Leveraging Social Media for Health Promotion and Behavior Change: Methods of Analysis and Opportunities for Intervention
Sahiti Myneni, Kayo Fujimoto, Trevor Cohen

16. Game Based Behavior Change Methods in Healthcare: The Case of Obesity

Ashish Amresh, Ann Lyles, Kevin Gary

Part VI. Future Directions

17. Cognitive Informatics and Health Behaviors: The Road Ahead
Thomas G. Kannampallil, Vimla L. Patel

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Informatics, Health Informatics, Cognitive Linguistics

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Health Informatics
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