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Gravity and the Quantum

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Table of contents

1. Prof. Padmanabhan: A Personal and Professional History
Jasjeet Singh Bagla, Sunu Engineer

2. Measuring Baryon Acoustic Oscillations with Angular Two-Point Correlation Function
Jailson S. Alcaniz, Gabriela C. Carvalho, Armando Bernui, Joel C. Carvalho, Micol Benetti

3. Resonant Disruption of Binary Stars by a Catalytic Black Hole
C. M. Boily

4. Mechanics of Apparent Horizon in Two Dimensional Dilaton Gravity
Rong-Gen Cai, Li-Ming Cao

5. Boundary Terms of the Einstein–Hilbert Action
Sumanta Chakraborty

6. Decay of the Cosmic Vacuum Energy
Timothy Clifton, John D. Barrow

7. Understanding General Relativity After 100 Years: A Matter of Perspective
Naresh Dadhich

8. Piecewise Conserved Quantities
Tevian Dray

9. Units of the Nonlinear Universe
Sunu Engineer

10. Self-similarity and Criticality in Gravitational Collapse
Pankaj S. Joshi

11. Notes on Semiclassical Weyl Gravity
Claus Kiefer, Branislav Nikolić

12. Accelerated Observers, Thermal Entropy, and Spacetime Curvature
Dawood Kothawala

13. 100 Years of the Cosmological Constant: Past, Present and Future
Ofer Lahav

14. Pedagogical and Real Physics
Malcolm S. Longair

15. A Local Stress Tensor for Gravity Fields
D. Lynden-Bell

16. Nonlocal Infrared Modifications of Gravity. A Review
Michele Maggiore

17. Emergence of Gravity and RG Flow
Ayan Mukhopadhyay

18. Modelling Non-paradoxical Loss of Information in Black Hole Evaporation
Sujoy K. Modak, Daniel Sudarsky

19. Relativistic Paths: A Feynman Problem
Jayant V. Narlikar

20. Einstein Equations from/as Thermodynamics of Spacetime
Krishnamohan Parattu

21. Thoughts on 50 Years in Astrophysics and Cosmology and on What Comes Next
Martin J. Rees

22. Area Theorem: General Relativity and Beyond
Sudipta Sarkar

23. What Are the Atoms of the Space Time?
S. Shankaranarayanan

24. From Quantum to Classical in the Sky
Suprit Singh

25. Classical and Quantum: A Conflict of Interest
T. P. Singh

26. Four Principles for Quantum Gravity
Lee Smolin

27. What Do Detectors Detect?
L. Sriramkumar

28. Stability Longevity and All That: False Vacua and Topological Defects
Urjit A. Yajnik

Keywords: Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics

Publication year
Fundamental Theories of Physics
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12 pages
Natural Sciences
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