Friedrich, Bretislav

One Hundred Years of Chemical Warfare: Research, Deployment, Consequences

Friedrich, Bretislav - One Hundred Years of Chemical Warfare: Research, Deployment, Consequences, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Jürgen Renn

2. The Scientist as Expert: Fritz Haber and German Chemical Warfare During the First World War and Beyond
Margit Szöllösi-Janze

3. From Berlin-Dahlem to the Fronts of World War I: The Role of Fritz Haber and His Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in German Chemical Warfare
Bretislav Friedrich, Jeremiah James

4. Clara Immerwahr: A Life in the Shadow of Fritz Haber
Bretislav Friedrich, Dieter Hoffmann

5. France’s Political and Military Reaction in the Aftermath of the First German Chemical Offensive in April 1915: The Road to Retaliation in Kind
Olivier Lepick

6. Preparing for Poison Warfare: The Ethics and Politics of Britain’s Chemical Weapons Program, 1915–1945
Ulf Schmidt

7. Challenging the Laws of War by Technology, Blazing Nationalism and Militarism: Debating Chemical Warfare Before and After Ypres, 1899–1925
Miloš Vec

8. Military-Industrial Interactions in the Development of Chemical Warfare, 1914–1918: Comparing National Cases Within the Technological System of the Great War
Jeffrey Allan Johnson

Part II. Contexts and Consequences of Chemical Weapons

9. The Gas War, 1915–1918: If not a War Winner, Hardly a Failure
Edward M. Spiers

10. “Gas, Gas, Gaas!” The Poison Gas War in the Literature and Visual Arts of Interwar Europe
Doris Kaufmann

11. The Genie and the Bottle: Reflections on the Fate of the Geneva Protocol in the United States, 1918–1928
Roy MacLeod

12. The Soldier’s Body in Gas Warfare: Trauma, Illness, Rentennot, 1915–1933
Wolfgang U. Eckart

13. Chemical Weapons Research on Soldiers and Concentration Camp Inmates in Nazi Germany
Florian Schmaltz

14. No Retaliation in Kind: Japanese Chemical Warfare Policy in World War II
Walter E. Grunden

15. The 1925 Geneva Protocol: China’s CBW Charges Against Japan at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal
Jeanne Guillemin

Part III. Dual Use, Storage and Disposal of Chemical Weapons Today

16. The Reconstruction of Production and Storage Sites for Chemical Warfare Agents and Weapons from Both World Wars in the Context of Assessing Former Munitions Sites
Johannes Preuss

17. From Charles and Francis Darwin to Richard Nixon: The Origin and Termination of Anti-plant Chemical Warfare in Vietnam
Matthew Meselson

18. The Indelible Smell of Apples: Poison Gas Survivors in Halabja, Kurdistan-Iraq, and Their Struggle for Recognition
Karin Mlodoch

19. The Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria: Implications and Consequences
Ralf Trapp

Part IV. Commemoration Ceremony

20. A Century of Chemical Warfare: Building a World Free of Chemical Weapons
Paul F. Walker

21. Statement by HE Ghislain D’hoop, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium
Ghislain D’hoop

22. Fritz Haber and His Institute
Gerhard Ertl

Keywords: History, History of Military, Military and Defence Studies, History of Chemistry, Research Ethics, International Humanitarian Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Security Science and Technology

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