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Serious Games and Edutainment Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Serious Games and Emotion

1. Rising to the Challenge: An Emotion-Driven Approach Toward Adaptive Serious Games
Claudia Schrader, Julia Brich, Julian Frommel, Valentin Riemer, Katja Rogers

2. The Emotion Detectives Game: Supporting the Social-emotional Competence of Young Children
Merja Koivula, Kerttu Huttunen, Marleena Mustola, Sari Lipponen, Marja-Leena Laakso

Part II. Games for Music Education

3. Designing Music Games and Mobile Apps for Early Music Learning
Szu-Ming Chung, Chun-Tsai Wu

4. Shake and Create: Reappropriating Video Game Technologies for the Enactive Learning of Music
Kenneth B. McAlpine

Part III. Games for Medical Education and Training

5. Digitisation of Anatomical Specimens and Historical Pathology Specimens for Educational Benefit
Paul Rea, Daniel Livingstone, Ianto Thorvald Jocks, Cecilie Osnes

6. Towards the Development of a Virtual Reality Simulator with Haptic Force Feedback for Training in Stereotactic Brain Biopsies
Laura Pérez-Pachón, Matthieu Poyade, Jennifer Brown, Val Fallon

7. Interaction and Communication in an Immersive Learning Game: The Challenges of Modelling Real-Time Collaboration in a Virtual Operating Room
David Panzoli, Catherine Pons Lelardeux, Michel Galaup, Pierre Lagarrigue, Vincent Minville, Vincent Lubrano

8. VR Surgery: Interactive Virtual Reality Application for Training Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion
Yeshwanth Pulijala, Minhua Ma, Ashraf Ayoub

9. Creation of E-Tutorials to Enhance Medical Student Anatomy Learning Experience Using Articulate Storyline 2
Paul Rea, Aileen Linn

Part IV. Game Based Learning in Various Subjects

10. Tipping the Scales: Classroom Feasibility of the Radix Endeavor Game
Louisa Rosenheck, Jody Clarke-Midura, Susannah Gordon-Messer, Eric Klopfer

11. Al-Kimia: How to Create a Video Game to Help High School Students Enjoy Chemistry
Beatriz Legerén Lago

12. Designing Virtual Worlds for Learning History: The Case Study of NetConnect Project
Assunta Tavernise, Francesca Bertacchini

Part V. Serious Games for Children and Adolescents

13. Intelligent Behaviors of Virtual Characters in Serious Games for Child Safety Education
Tingting Liu, Minhua Ma, Zhen Liu, Gerard Jounghyun Kim, Cuijuan Liu, Qintao Geng

14. Using Serious Games to (Re)Train Cognition in Adolescents
Wouter J. Boendermaker, Margot Peeters, Pier J. M. Prins, Reinout W. Wiers

15. Promoting Healthy Adolescent Lifestyles Through Serious Games: Enacting a Multidisciplinary Approach
Ian Dunwell, Laura A. Condon, Kim C. M. Bul, Alexandra R. Lang, Sarah Atkinson, Neil S. Coulson, Emily Collins

16. Digital Games in Early Childhood: Broadening Definitions of Learning, Literacy, and Play
Marja Kankaanranta, Merja Koivula, Marja-Leena Laakso, Marleena Mustola

Part VI. Serious Games for Serious Topics

17. “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”: A Virtual World Exercise for Fostering Students’ Subjective Understandings of the Experiences of People of Color
John Tawa

18. Question-Answering Virtual Humans Based on Pre-recorded Testimonies for Holocaust Education
Minhua Ma, Sarah Coward, Chris Walker

19. A Driving Simulator Designed for the Care of Trucker Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Corentin Haidon, Adrien Ecrepont, Benoit Girard, Bob-Antoine J. Menelas

20. Using Serious Games to Establish a Dialogue Between Designers and Citizens in Participatory Design
Danilo Di Mascio, Ruth Dalton

Part VII. Gamification

21. How to Use Game Elements to Enhance Learning: Applications of the Theory of Gamified Learning
Richard N. Landers, Michael B. Armstrong, Andrew B. Collmus

22. Why Gamification Fails in Education and How to Make It Successful: Introducing Nine Gamification Heuristics Based on Self-Determination Theory
Rob Roy, Bieke Zaman

Part VIII. Assessment of Serious Games

23. Factors Associated with Player Satisfaction and Educational Value of Serious Games
Andrew Sean Wilson, Chloe Broadbent, Brandon McGrath, Julie Prescott

24. Learning Analytics as an Assessment Tool in Serious Games: A Review of Literature
Min Liu, Jina Kang, Sa Liu, Wenting Zou, Jeff Hodson

Part IX. Narrative Design

25. Creating Story-Based Serious Games Using a Controlled Natural Language Domain Specific Modeling Language
Olga Troyer, Frederik Broeckhoven, Joachim Vlieghe

26. Immersion and Narrative Design in Educational Games Across Cultures
James Baker, Vanissa Wanick, Mashael Asiri, Gary Wills, Ashok Ranchhod

Part X. Review and Methodology

27. “I Just Don’t Know Where to Begin”: Designing to Facilitate the Educational Use of Commercial, Off-the-Shelf Video Games
Kyrie Eleison H. Caldwell, Scot Osterweil, Carole Urbano, Philip Tan, Richard Eberhardt

28. The Role of the Teacher in Game-Based Learning: A Review and Outlook
Gerhard Molin

29. Building Context-Aware Gamified Apps by Using Ontologies as Unified Representation and Reasoning-Based Models
Maha Khemaja, Félix Buendia

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Simulation and Modeling, Computer Graphics, Computers and Education, Media Design

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