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Protective Coatings

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Table of contents

Part I. Network Formation and Modeling

1. Role of Distributions in Binders and Curatives and Their Effect on Network Evolution and Structure
Karel Dušek, Jos Huybrechts, Miroslava Dušková-Smrčková

2. Heterogeneity in Crosslinked Polymer Networks: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
D. M. Kroll, S. G. Croll

3. Rigidity Percolation Modeling of Modulus Development During Free-Radical Crosslinking Polymerization
Mei Wen, L. E. Scriven, Alon V. McCormick

Part II. Coating Film Formation and Properties

4. Rheology Measurement for Automotive Coatings
Michael R. Koerner

5. Magnetic Microrheology for Characterization of Viscosity in Coatings
David J. Castro, Jin-Oh Song, Robert K. Lade, Lorraine F. Francis

6. CryoSEM: Revealing Microstructure Development in Drying Coatings
Kyle Price, Alon V. McCormick, Lorraine F. Francis

7. Film Formation Through Designed Diffusion Technology
Zhenwen Fu, Andy Hejl, Andy Swartz, Kebede Beshah, Gary Dombrowski

8. In Situ FTIR Study of Cure Kinetics of Coatings with Controlled Humidity
Mei Wen, Karlis Adamsons

9. Shrinkage in UV-Curable Coatings
Yong He, Miao Yao, Jun Nie

10. Measurements of Stress Development in Latex Coatings
Kyle Price, Wenjun Wu, Alon V. McCormick, Lorraine F. Francis

11. Stress Development in Reactive Coatings
Jiří Zelenka, Karel Dušek, Mei Wen

Part III. Coating Film Properties and Applications

12. Swelling of Coating Films
Karel Dušek, Miroslava Dušková-Smrčková, C. Brent Douglas

13. Chemical Depth Profiling of a Multilayer Coating System Using Slab Microtomy and FTIR-ATR Analysis
Karlis Adamsons, Mei Wen

14. Characterization of Component Distributions in Acrylic Latex and Paint Films Containing an Alkali-Soluble Resin (ASR)
Wenjun Wu, Dana Garcia, Steve Severtson

15. Advances in NanoScratch Testing of Automotive Clearcoats
Gregory S. Blackman, Michael T. Pottiger, Benjamin W. Foltz, Jing Li, Ted Diehl, Mei Wen

16. Scratch and Mar Resistance of Automotive Coatings
Jun Lin

17. Appearance of Automotive Coatings
Jun Lin, Jingguo Shen, Marcy E. Zimmer

18. Craters and Other Coatings Defects: Mechanisms and Analysis
Clifford K. Schoff

19. Degradation of Polymer Coatings in Service: How Properties Deteriorate Due to Stochastic Damage
S. G. Croll

20. Long-Term Mechanical Durability of Coatings
Mark E. Nichols

21. Automotive Paint Application
John R. Moore

Keywords: Materials Science, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, Thin Films

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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