Marcantognini, Stefania

Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Banach Spaces, and Operator Theory (Volume 2)

Marcantognini, Stefania - Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Banach Spaces, and Operator Theory (Volume 2), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. More Remembrances and photos

1. Remembering Corita…
Margaret Randall

2. Remembering Cora
Neil Hindman

Part II. Survey Articles

3. The Two Weight Inequality for the Hilbert Transform: A Primer
Michael T. Lacey

4. Singular Integrals, Rank One Perturbations and Clark Model in General Situation
Constanze Liaw, Sergei Treil

Part III. Research Articles

5. On Two Weight Estimates for Dyadic Operators
Oleksandra Beznosova, Daewon Chung, Jean Carlo Moraes, María Cristina Pereyra

6. Potential Operators with Mixed Homogeneity
Calixto P. Calderón, Wilfredo Urbina

7. Elementary Proofs of One Weight Norm Inequalities for Fractional Integral Operators and Commutators
David Cruz-Uribe

8. Finding Cycles in Nonlinear Autonomous Discrete Dynamical Systems
Dmitriy Dmitrishin, Anna Khamitova, Alexander M. Stokolos, Mihai Tohaneanu

9. Smooth Analytic Functions and Model Subspaces
Konstantin M. Dyakonov

10. Rational Inner Functions on a Square-Matrix Polyball
Anatolii Grinshpan, Dmitry S. Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Victor Vinnikov, Hugo J. Woerdeman

11. A Note on Local Hölder Continuity of Weighted Tauberian Functions
Paul Hagelstein, Ioannis Parissis

12. Three Observations on Commutators of Singular Integral Operators with BMO Functions
Carlos Pérez, Israel P. Rivera-Rı́os

13. A Two Weight Fractional Singular Integral Theorem with Side Conditions, Energy and k-Energy Dispersed
Eric T. Sawyer, Chun-Yen Shen, Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero

14. A Partition Function Connected with the Göllnitz–Gordon Identities
Nicolas Allen Smoot

15. On Toeplitz Operators with Quasi-radial and Pseudo-homogeneous Symbols
Nikolai Vasilevski

16. A Bump Theorem for Weighted Embeddings and Maximal Operator: The Bellman Function Approach
Alexander Volberg

17. The Necessity of A

for Translation and Scale Invariant Almost-Orthogonality
Michael Wilson

Keywords: Mathematics, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Operator Theory, Mathematical Physics

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Association for Women in Mathematics Series
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20 pages
Natural Sciences
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