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TMS 2017 146th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings

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Table of contents

Part I. 2017 Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials: Emerging Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

1. High-Performance Supercapacitors Based on Hierarchical VOx Microspheres Forming from Hyperbranched Nanoribbons
Chuang Wei, Hong-Yi Li, Zhao Yang, Bing Xie

2. Potential of Magnetotactic Bacteria for the Fabrication of Iron Nanoparticles
T. Thuy Minh Nguyen, Manish D. Baviskar, Paul Bernazzani

3. Facile Green Synthesis and Characterization of Water Soluble Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide-Gold Porphyrin Conjugate for Improved Photodynamic Therapy
Olayemi J. Fakayode, Sandile P. Songca, Oluwatobi S. Oluwafemi

4. Synthesis of AgNP’s from Industrial Waste Using Electrochemical Techniques
J. A. Elizalde Mata, R. F. Islas Hernández, J. L. Navarro Jiménez, P. A. Ramírez Ortega, M. U. Flores Guerrero, L. García Hernández

5. Synthesis of Mn2O3 Nanopowders with Urea and Citric Acid by Solution Combustion Route
Esma Yilmaz, M. Seref Sonmez, Bora Derin, Filiz Cinar Sahin, Onuralp Yucel

Part II. Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Establishing Location-Specific Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships

6. Evolution of Aluminum Alloys Structure at Production Phases of 3D Products by Methods of Additive Technologies
Victor Mann, Aleksandr Krokhin, Aleksandr Alabin, Sergey Zmanovskiy, Valentin Konkevich, Ivan Redkin

7. Characterization of Multiperforated Plates Manufactured by SLM and EBM for Aeroengine Applications
M. Thomas, O. Lambert, C. Davoine, F. Popoff, C. Dupuy, P. Peyre, R. Dendievel

8. Direct Laser Metal Deposition of Eutectic Al-Si Alloy for Automotive Applications
Amrinder Singh, Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Guru Prasad Dinda

9. Additive Manufacturing to Produce Standard and Custom Alloy Titanium
James C. Withers, Sion M. Pickard

10. Aiming for Modeling-Assisted Tailored Designs for Additive Manufacturing
Dayalan R. Gunasegaram, Anthony B. Murphy, Sharen J. Cummins, Vincent Lemiale, Gary W. Delaney, Vu Nguyen, Yuqing Feng

Part III. Additive Manufacturing: Building the Pathway towards Process and Material Qualification

11. The Use of Laser Ultrasound to Detect Defects in Laser Melted Parts
Sarah Everton, Phill Dickens, Chris Tuck, Ben Dutton, David Wimpenny

12. SLM (Near)-Net-Shape Part Design Optimization Based on Numerical Prediction of Process Induced Distortions
Maria San Sebastian, Iñaki Setien, Ane Miren Mancisidor, Alberto Echeverria

13. Optimizing, Fabricating and Characterizing Additively Manufactured Heat Exchanger Tubing
Paul Korinko, John Bobbitt, Haley McKee, Frederick List, S. S. Babu

14. Scaling Relationships for Direct Ink Writing with Acoustic Focusing
Leanne Friedrich, Rachel Collino, Tyler Ray, Matthew Begley

15. The Influence of Gas Cooling in Context of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing—A Novel Strategy of Affecting Grain Structure and Size
Philipp Henckell, Karsten Günther, Yarop Ali, Jean Pierre Bergmann, Jürgen Scholz, Pierre Forêt

16. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Deposited Ni/WC Metal Matrix Composite Coatings
Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Amrinder Singh, Guru Prasad Dinda

17. Composite Powder Consolidation Using Selective Laser Melting: Input Energy/Porosity Morphology/Balling Effect Relation
H. Salem, H. G. Salem, M. M. Attallah

Part IV. Advanced Characterization Techniques for Quantifying and Modeling Deformation Mechanisms

18. Strain Localization Structures in Textured Magnesium AZ31 Under Reversed Loading via Microscopic Digital Image Correlation
Enver Kapan, Nima Shafaghi, Sevinç Uçar, C. Can Aydıner

19. Deformation and Strengthening Mechanisms in AISI 321 Austenitic Stainless Steel Under Both Dynamic and Quasi-Static Loading Conditions
A. A. Tiamiyu, A. G. Odeshi, J. A. Szpunar

20. Analysis of Dislocation Structures in Ferritic and Dual Phase Steels Regarding Continuous and Discontinuous Loading Paths
Gregory Gerstein, Till Clausmeyer, Florian Gutknecht, A. Erman Tekkaya, Florian Nürnberger

21. Microstructural Characterization of Inconel 600 Tubes After Tensile Tests at Various Temperatures and Strain Rates
Cécile Davoine, Vincent Marcadon, David Lévêque, Fabienne Popoff, Nicolas Horezan, Denis Boivin, Gérald Portemont

Part V. Advanced High-Strength Steels

22. Influences of Thermomechanical Treatments on the Microcstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Nano-precipitates Strengthened Steels
Yu Zhao, Songsong Xu, Hao Guo, Junpeng Li, Z. W. Zhang

23. Effects of Solid Solution Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in the Ultra-High Strength Steel Strengthened by Nanoscale Particles
Songsong Xu, Yu Zhao, Hao Guo, Mingxing Qiu, Jing Zhang, Junpeng Li, Zhongwu Zhang

24. Effects of Microstructure on the Strain Rate Sensitivity of Advanced Steels
Rakan Alturk, Steven Mates, Zeren Xu, Fadi Abu-Farha

Part VI. Advanced Materials in Dental and Orthopedic Applications

25. Characterization of Chitin Synthesized from Snail Shell
S. O. Adeosun, O. P. Gbenebor, E. I. Akpan, S. A. Olaleye

26. Titanium-Magnesium Composite for Dental Implants (BIACOM)
Martin Balog, Mateja Snajdar, Peter Krizik, Zdravko Schauperl, Zlatko Stanec, Amir Catic

Part VII. Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications V

27. Thermoelectric Behaviour of Polyvinyl Acetate/CNT Composites
Hussein Badr, Mostafa Amr Youssef, Hebatullah Sayed Abd Elsalam, Mirna Abd Elrahman Mohamed, Mohamed Gamal El-kholy, Iman S. El-Mahallawi, Ahmed A. Abdel-Rehim

Part VIII. Applications of Solidification Fundamentals

28. Microstructure Characteristics of A356 Nanocomposites Manufactured via Ultrasonic Cavitation Processing Under Controlled Solidification Conditions
Yang Xuan, Laurentiu Nastac

Part IX. Biological Materials Science

29. Development of Sponge Structure and Casting Conditions for Absorbable Magnesium Bone Implants
Stefan Julmi, Christian Klose, Ann-Kathrin Krüger, Peter Wriggers, Hans Jürgen Maier

30. Osteoporosis and Fatigue Fracture Prevention by Analysis of Bone Microdamage
Gerardo Presbítero, David Gutiérrez, David Taylor

31. Bone Remodeling Under Tooth Loading
Kangning Su, Li Yuan, Jing Du

32. Investigating Biochemical Constituents of Cymbopogon citratus Leaf: Prospects on Total Corrosion of Concrete Steel-Reinforcement in Acidic-Sulphate Medium
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Elizabeth Toyin Okeniyi, Olubanke Olujoke Ogunlana, Taiwo Felicia Owoeye, Oluseyi Ebenezer Ogunlana

33. Two-Step Sintering Effects on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Forsterite Scaffolds
Fariborz Tavangarian, Lindsay Childs, Guoqiang Li, Dakota Wooten, Bryant Cornwell

Part X. Bulk Metallic Glasses XIV

34. Material Behavior in Micro Milling of Zirconium Based Bulk Metallic Glass
Boyuan Xie, Maroju N. Kumar, David P. Yan, Xiaoliang Jin

Part XI. Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics

35. Comparison of the Phase-Field Models to Predict the Recrystallization Kinetics
Julia Kundin

36. Surface Reaction and Transport in Oxides Formed on FeCrAl Alloys in High Temperature Nitridation Environments
Christine Geers, Vedad Babic, Lars-Gunnar Johansson, Itai Panas

37. Atomic-Scale Modeling of Fe-Al-Mn-C Alloy Using Pair Models and Monte-Carlo Calculations
Jérôme Dequeker, Alexandre Legris, Rémy Besson, Ludovic Thuinet

38. Control Technique Study of Non-metallic Inclusions in Low Carbon Steel by Rare Earth Final Deoxidization
Bowen Peng, Fangjie Li, Shaobo Zheng, Huigai Li

39. Effect of Cooling Rate on Phase Transformation and Microstructure Evolution in a Large Size Forged Ingot of Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steel
Emna Ben Fredj, Hadi Ghasemi Nanesa, Davood Shahriari, Jean-Benoit Morin, Mohammad Jahazi

40. Formation and Control of CaS Inclusion in Gear Steel 20MnCr5
Jie Xu, Jianxun Fu, Yanxin Wu, Xu Li

41. Investigations on the Mechanical Deformation of Amorphous Alloy Nanowires Using Phase-Field Modeling and Thermodynamics Avalanche Models
Guangping Zheng

42. Thermodynamic Modeling of Al-Fe-Cr Ternary System
Shusen Wang, Zhu Li, Ziwei Qin, Shihua Wang, Xionggang Lu, Chonghe Li

Part XII. Defects and Properties of Cast Metals

43. A Modeling and Experimental Investigation on the Formation of Acicular Silicon and Sludge in High Pressure Die Casting of a Modified A383 Alloy
Mikko Kärkkäinen, Tao Liu, Laurentiu Nastac, Luke Brewer, Vishweshwar Arvikar, Ilya Levin

44. Hot-Tearing of Multicomponent Al-Cu Alloys Based on Casting Load Measurements in a Constrained Permanent Mold
Adrian S. Sabau, Seyed Mirmiran, Christopher Glaspie, Shimin Li, Diran Apelian, Amit Shyam, J. Allen Haynes, Andres F. Rodriguez

45. Effect of Molybdenum Content, Pouring Temperature and Cooling Rate on the Casting Defects of High Chromium White Cast Iron
Izudin Dugic

46. Effect of Various Aluminum Content on the Formation of Inclusion
Yan Luo, Lifeng Zhang, Wen Yang, Ping Shen

47. Effect of Segregated Alloying Elements on the High Strength Steel Properties: Application to the Large Size Ingot Casting Simulation
Chunping Zhang, Davood Shahriari, Abdelhalim Loucif, Mohammad Jahazi, Louis-Philippe Lapierre-Boire, Rami Tremblay

48. Thermal-Mechanical Model of Depression Formation in Steel Continuous Casting
Matthew L.S. Zappulla, Brian G. Thomas

49. Study for the Initiation Locations of Longitudinal Surface Cracks on Beam Blank in the Mould of Continuous Casting
Wei Chen, Xingwang Yu, Ying Chen, Baoxiang Wang

50. The Influence of SEN and Upper Nozzle Design on the Flow Character for the Slab Quality
Yu Yanwen

51. Effect of the Addition of Ce and Si on Hot Cracking Behavior of SiMn Alloy During the Solidification Process
Zhiqiang Zhou, Zizong Zhu, Yuchuan Ding, Shengnan Zhou

52. Modeling and Predication of Shrinkage Porosity Formation in Steel Ingot
Chaojie Zhang, Yanping Bao, Min Wang, Lechen Zhang

53. Numerical Analysis of Coupled Turbulent Flow and Macroscopic Solidification in a Billet Continuous Casting Mould with Electromagnetic Stirring
H An, Yanping Bao, M Wang, L Zhao

Part XIII. Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Theory and Practice

54. Hydrogen Embrittlement and Hydrogen-Enhanced Strain-Induced Vacancies in α-Iron
Y. Matsumoto, N. Kurihara, H. Suzuki, K. Takai

55. Factors Causing Hydrogen Embrittlement of Cold-Drawn Pearlitic Steel Fractured Under Elastic/Plastic Region
R. Konno, T. Manabe, N. Matsui, D. Hirakami, K. Takai

56. Corrosion of Nickel-Titanium, C110, and Al6061 in Gallium-Based Liquid Metal Alloys
Jacob Mingear, Darren Hartl

Part XIV. General Poster Session

57. Synthesis and Characterization of Al–B4C Powders by Mechanical Alloying
Hao Guo, Zhongwu Zhang, Yu Zhao, Songsong Xu, Junpeng Li, Jing Zhang

58. Direct Conversion of Celestite to SrCO3 by Wet Milling
Raşit Sezer, Ayşegül Bilen, İbrahim Göksel Hizli, Selim Ertürk, Cüneyt Arslan

Part XV. High Temperature Electrochemistry III

59. Electrochemistry in Molten LiF-BeF2 Salt for Fluoride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor Applications
W. H. Doniger, T. Chrobak, B. Kelleher, K. Dolan, G. Cao, M. Anderson, K. Sridharan

60. Impurity Removal from Titanium Oxycarbide
Farzin Fatollahi-Fard, Petrus Christiaan Pistorius

61. New Generation Molten Oxide Energy Materials R&D
Valery V. Belousov

62. Effects of Oxide Precursor Preparation Parameters on the Electrochemical Reduction of Tantalum Pentoxide in Calcium Chloride Melt
Maureen P. Chorney, Bridger P. Hurley, Prabhat K. Tripathy, Jerome P. Downey

63. The Effect of Temperature on Electrochemical Codeposition of Mg–Ni Hydrogen Storage Alloys from Molten Salt System
Gökçe Hapçı Ağaoğlu, Gökhan Orhan

Part XVI. Materials and Fuels for the Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors VI

64. Diffusion Studies in the Development of an FCCI Barrier for High-Burnup Metallic Nuclear Fuel
Daniel Eichel, James Vollmer

Part XVII. Materials Engineering of Soft Magnets for Power and Energy Applications

65. Development of Mold Inductor for Power Conversion System
Hyungsuk Kim, Yeon Jun Chung, Seung Nam Yang, Tae Kyung Lee

66. Effect of Annealing Time on the Texture of a 2.8% Si Non-Oriented Electrical Steel After Inclined and Skew Rolling
Mehdi Mehdi, Youliang He, Erik J. Hilinski, Afsaneh Edrisy

67. Multi-Parameter Magnetic Material Characterization for High Power Medium Frequency Converters
Richard Beddingfield, Subhashish Bhattacharya

Part XVIII. Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution

68. An Experimental Assessment of the α + α’ Miscibility Gap in Fe-Cr
Alexander Dahlström, Frederic Danoix, Peter Hedström, Joakim Odqvist, Helena Zapolsky

69. Phase Transformation, Microstructural Evolution and Property Modification in Rapidly Solidified Grey Cast Iron
Olamilekan Oloyede, Robert F. Cochrane, Andrew M. Mullis

70. Morphology of Order-Disorder Structures in Rapidly Solidified L12 Intermetallics
Nafisul Haque, Robert F Cochrane, Andrew M Mullis

Part XIX. Recent Developments in Biological, Structural and Functional Thin Films and Coatings

71. Development of Enamel Coatings in Accordance with Recent Regulations of Food Contact Materials
Meltem Ipekci, Kagan Benzesik, Filiz Cinar Sahin, Onuralp Yucel

72. Transmission Probability of Diffusing Particles—A Case Study
Kinnari Shah, Nuggehalli M. Ravindra

73. Preparation of Porous Titanium Oxide Film by Sol-Gel Method
Guobo Yang, Baoqiang Xu, Xianjun Lei, Hongpin Dai, Xutao Guo, Jian Wu, Bin Yang

Part XX. Solid State Precipitation

74. Hydride Precipitates in Zirconium Alloys: Evolution of Dissolution and Precipitation Temperatures During Thermal Cycling Correlated to Microstructure Features
Egle Conforto, Stephane Cohendoz, Patrick Girault, Cyril Berziou, Xavier Feaugas

75. Analysis of β´ Cu4Ti Precipitation in Cu-Ti Alloys by Conventional and Diffusion-Couple Methods
Felipe Hernandez-Santiago, Victor M. Lopez-Hirata, Pamela E. Hernandez-Duran, Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz, Erika O. Avila-Davila

76. Carbide Precipitation in a Low Alloy Ferritic Steel
M. L. Saucedo-Muñoz, R. Gómez-Martínez, A. Ortiz-Mariscal, V. M. Lopez-Hirata, J. D. Villegas-Cardenas, J. L. Gonzalez-Velazquez

Part XXI. Student-Run Symposium: Building Bridges—Connecting Academic and Industry Research

77. Fundamental Principles for a Successful Collaboration Between University and Metalworking Industries
Silvia Lombardo, Federico Gobber, Mario Rosso

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Materials Engineering

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