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Sustainable Development and Renovation in Architecture, Urbanism and Engineering

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Table of contents

Part I. Sustainable Planning and Urban Development

1. Urban Heat Island and Vulnerable Population. The Case of Madrid
Carmen Sánchez-Guevara Sánchez, Miguel Núñez Peiró, F. Javier Neila González

2. Analysis of the Influence of Variables Linked to the Building and Its Urban Context on the Passive Energy Performance of Residential Stocks
Marta Braulio-Gonzalo, Mª José Ruá Aguilar, Mª Dolores Bovea Edo

3. Typological Analysis of H-Plan Social Housing Blocks Built in Spain Between 1957 and 1981
Alfonso Guajardo

4. Model to Integrate Resilience and Sustainability into Urban Planning
Irina Tumini, Carolina Arriagada Sickinger, Sergio Baeriswyl Rada

5. Opportunity Detection of Empty Architectonical Lands and Their Recycle for a More Sustainable City
Santiago Carroquino Larraz

6. The Arrabal of Alcázar viejo from Cordoba: Urban, Hereditary and Sustainable Regeneration of the Historic City Centre
Rafael Cabello Montoro

7. An Approach to Daylight Contrast Assessment in Mediterranean Urban Environments
Judit Lopez-Besora, Helena Coch, Antonio Isalgue

Part II. Architecture and Society

8. Heritage and Community Space as Contemporary Housing Project Matters. Neighbors Courtyards
María del Carmen Martínez-Quesada

9. Restoration of Pier-Dock of Clevedon. An Example of Involvement of Society in Defense of the Cultural Heritage
Concepción González-García de Velasco, Andrés Agudo Martínez, Miguel González Vilchez

10. The Empathic City. Towards a New Model of Urban Sociability
Isabel Jiménez-López, Angela Barrios-Padura, Marta Molina-Huelva

Part III. Sustainable Renovation of Buildings and Neighbourhoods

11. (Re)Programa. Architectural Rehabilitation Incorporating Sustainability Criteria in an Andalusia Neighborhood
Begoña Blandón-González, Pedro Gómez de Terreros-Guardiola, Angela Barrios-Padura, Marta Molina-Huelva

12. Steps Towards the Integration of Regeneration Processes Obsolete Buildings Envelope Spanish in the Paradigm of Sustainable Development
Manuel Ramos Martín, Pilar Mercader-Moyano

13. From Recovery Constructively Towards the Social Reactivation. The Integrated Knowledge of Traditional Architecture as a Sustainable Strategy
Victoria Domínguez Ruiz

14. Energy Retrofitting and Social Housing Instrumentation Attending Passive Criteria. Case Study in Winter
S. G. Melgar, J. M. Andújar, M. A. Bohórquez

15. Assessment Method of Urban Intervention in Social Housing Developments: The Rehabilitation of Caño Roto (Madrid) Case Study
Noelia Cervero Sánchez

16. Environmental Assessment and Energy Certification for the Sustainable Restoration of a Traditional Residential Building
Carmen Rodríguez-Liñán, Mª Jesús Morales-Conde, Filomena Pérez-Gálvez, Paloma Rubio-de Hita, Silvia López-Alonso

17. Social Rent Housing Refurbishment Demonstrator of LIFE Project “New4Old” (LIFE10 ENV/ES/439)
Emilia Román, Gloria Gómez, Margarita Luxán

18. Using Mappable Indicators for Prioritizing the Refurbishment of Social Housing. A Case Study of Zaragoza (Spain)
Marta Monzón, Belinda López-Mesa

Part IV. Minimizing the Consumption of Material Resources

19. Assessment of the Relationship Between Diameter and Tensile Strength of Piassaba (Aphandra natalia) Fibers
Cristian Balcázar-Arciniega, Francisco Hernández-Olivares

20. Selection of Criteria for the Systematization of Technologies for a Sustainable Urban Water Cycle Management
Ana Prieto-Thomas

21. Study of Fine Mortar Powder from Different Waste Sources for Recycled Concrete Production
Eduardo Aguirre-Maldonado, Francisco Hernández-Olivares

22. Concrete Sustainable Light and of High Performance
Isabel Miñano, Francisco J. Benito, Carlos J. Parra, Pilar Hidalgo

Part V. Sustainable Engineering

23. Project AURA: Sustainable Social Housing
Rafael Herrera, Paloma Pineda, Jorge Roa, Sebastián Cordero, Álvaro López-Escamilla

24. Structural Refurbishment Projects. The Sustainability of Reinforcements Using Composite Materials
Victoriano González, Angela Barrios-Padura, Marta Molina-Huelva

25. Rethinking Ephemeral Architecture. Advanced Geometry for Citizen-Managed Spaces
Andrés Martín-Pastor, Amanda Martín-Mariscal, Alicia López-Martínez

26. NESS®, an Alternative System to Double Strand of Hot Water that Saves Water and Energy
M. Carmen Ladrón de Guevara Muñoz, Eduardo J. Dueñas Ladrón de Guevara, Marcos Ortega Rodríguez, Luis Martín Martínez

27. Vegetation as a Design Element to Recover Green Areas in Settlements Developed on Contaminated Soils
Christhopher Contreras Lopez

Part VI. Energy Efficiency

28. Update of the Urban Heat Island of Madrid and Its Influence on the Building’s Energy Simulation
Miguel Núñez Peiró, Carmen Sánchez-Guevara Sánchez, F. Javier Neila González

29. Thermal Energy Refurbishment of Envelope in Mass Neighbourhood Housing, Located in Semi-arid Climate of Argentina
Irene Blasco Lucas

30. Method for the Implementation of Active Solar Systems in Hospitals, in the Hospitalization Unit of the Hospital Clínico del Sur, Concepción, Chile
Alberto Nope Bernal, Rodrigo García Alvarado, Ariel Bobadilla Moreno

31. Validation of a Dynamic Simulation of a Classroom HVAC System by Comparison with a Real Model
Miguel Ángel Campano, Armando Pinto, Ignacio Acosta, Juan J. Sendra

32. Study on Envelope in Office Buildings Under the Influence of Climate Change in Santiago, Chile
Carlos Rubio-Bellido, Alexis Pérez-Fargallo, Jesús A. Pulido-Arcas

33. Methodology for the Optimisation of Thermal Performance and Daylight Access to the Retrofit of Hospital Rooms in Mediterranean Climate
Juan Diego Pérez Téllez, Rafael Suárez Medina, Ángel Luis León Rodríguez

34. Urban Heat Island of Madrid and Its Influence over Urban Thermal Comfort
Emilia Román, Gloria Gómez, Margarita Luxán

35. Threshold Values for Energy Loss in Building Façades Using Infrared Thermography
Juan José Moyano Campos, Daniel Antón García, Fernando Rico Delgado, David Marín García

36. Assessment of the Energy Efficiency of a “Cool Roof” for Passive Cooling. Comparative Study of a Case of Tropical Climate and a Case of Southern Spanish Climate
Carlos A. Domínguez Torres, Antonio Domínguez Delgado

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Building Construction and Design, Building Repair and Maintenance, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Structural Materials

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