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Table of contents

1. Evaluation of Camera Motion in Stereo-DIC
R. Balcaen, P. L. Reu, P. Lava, D. Debruyne

2. Identifying Dynamic Constitutive Parameters of Bending Plates Using the Virtual Fields Method
Alain Berry, Olivier Robin, Patrick O’Donoughue

3. Full-Field Displacement Characterisation of TCW Joint Using Digital Image Correlation and Comparison to Numerical Models
Zhi Bin Tan, Liyong Tong

4. 3D Digital Image Correlation Applied to Birdstrike Tests
L. Barrière, O. Cherrier, J.-C. Passieux, M. Bouquet, J.-F. Ferrero

5. The Ill-Posed Problem in DIC
Rich Lehoucq, Dan Turner

6. GPU Accelerated High Accuracy Digital Volume Correlation
Tianyi Wang, Lingqi Zhang, Zhenyu Jiang, Kemao Qian

7. Optimization of Speckle Pattern for Digital Image Correlation
Zhenning Chen, Xiangyang Xu, Jialin Wu, Xiaoyuan He

8. A Speckle Patterning Study for Laboratory-Scale DIC Experiments
Sharlotte Kramer, Phillip Reu, Sarah Bonk

9. Combining Full-Field Measurements and Inverse Techniques for Smart Material Testing
E. M. C. Jones, J. D. Carroll, K. N. Karlson, S. L. B. Kramer, R. B. Lehoucq, P. L. Reu, D. Z. Turner

10. Distortion of Full-Field Surface Displacements from Heat Waves
Elizabeth M. C. Jones, Phillip L. Reu

11. Development of a 2D DIC Experimental Tool for Piezoelectric Strains Measurements
Valentin Segouin, Mathieu Domenjoud, Yves Bernard, Laurent Daniel

12. Applications of DIC in the Mechanics of Collective Cell Migration
Aashrith Saraswathibhatla, Jacob Notbohm

13. Original Methodology Using DIC to Characterize Friction Materials Compression Behavior
Itziar Serrano-Munoz, Vincent Magnier, Ruddy Mann, Philippe Dufrénoy

14. Forming Limit Diagram Determination Using Digital Image Correlation: A Review
Junrui Li, Xin Xie, Guobiao Yang, Changqing Du, Lianxiang Yang

15. High-Accuracy and High-Efficiency Compensation Method in Two-Dimensional Digital Image Correlation
Xiaohai Xu, Qingchuan Zhang

16. Theoretical and Numerical Analyses of Systematic Errors in Local Deformations
Xiaohai Xu, Qingchuan Zhang

17. Quality Assessment of Speckle Patterns by Estimating RMSE
Yong Su, Qingchuan Zhang

18. Statistical Error Analysis of the Inverse Compositional Gauss-Newton Algorithm in Digital Image Correlation
Xinxing Shao, Xiaoyuan He

19. DIC in Machining Environment, Constraints and Benefits
Guillaume Rebergue, Benoît Blaysat, Helene Chanal, Emmanuel Duc

20. Extracting High Frequency Operating Shapes from 3D DIC Measurements and Phased-Based Motion Magnified Images
Peyman Poozesh, Aral Sarrafi, Christopher Niezrecki, Zhu Mao, Peter Avitabile

21. 2D DIC-Based Inverse Procedures for the Plastic Identification of Sheet Metals in High Strain Rate Tests
G. Chiappini, E. Mancini, M. Rossi, M. Sasso

22. Direct Measurement of R Value for Aluminum Alloy Sheet Metal Using Digital Image Correlation
Xin Xie, Junrui Li, Boyang Zhang, Bernard Sia, Lianxiang Yang

23. Failure Process of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Mortars Based on Digital Image Correlation
K. L. Apedo, S. Braymand, F. Hoerd, F. Feugeas, C. Fond

24. Identification of a 3D Anisotropic Yield Surface Using a Multi-DIC Setup
K. Denys, S. Coppieters, D. Debruyne

25. Inertial Impact Method for the Through-Thickness Strength of Composites
Lloyd Fletcher, Fabrice Pierron

26. Assessing the Metrological Performance of DIC Applied on RGB Images
Benoît Blaysat, Michel Grédiac, Frédéric Sur

27. Experimental Investigation of Compaction Wave Propagation in Cellular Polymers

Suraj Ravindran, Behrad Koohbor, Addis Kidane

28. Full-Scale Damage Detection of Railroad Crossties Using Digital Image Correlation
Alessandro Sabato, Christopher Niezrecki

29. Leveraging Vision for Structural Identification: A Digital Image Correlation Based Approach
Mehrdad Shafiei Dizaji, Mohamad Alipour, Devin K. Harris

30. Uncertainty Quantification in the Evaluation of DIC-Based Dynamic Fracture Parameters
Logan Shannahan, Leslie Lamberson

31. Behavior Investigation of CFRP-Steel Composite Members Using Digital Image Correlation
Yuntong Dai, Haitao Wang, Gang Wu, Jianxiao Wan, Shuangyin Cao, Fujun Yang, Xiaoyuan He

32. Analysis of Possible Registration of Inhomogeneous Deformation Fields in Composite Plates with Technological Defects
E. M. Spaskova, V. E. Wildemann

33. Regularization Techniques for Finite Element DIC
J.-F. Witz, J. Réthoré, J. Hosdez

34. Micro Speckle Stamping: High Contrast, No Basecoat, Repeatable, Well-Adhered
Andrew H. Cannon, Jacob D. Hochhalter, Geoffrey F. Bomarito, Timothy Ruggles

35. Determination of Fracture Loci for Anisotropic AA6063-T6 Extrusions
Michael J. Nemcko, Clifford Butcher, Michael J. Worswick

36. DIC Analysis for Crack Closure Investigations During Fatigue Crack Growth Following Overloads
G. L. G. Gonzáles, J. A. O. González, J. T. P. Castro, J. L. F. Freire

37. On the Evaluation of Volume Deformation from Surface DIC Measurements
Marco Rossi, Marco Sasso, Luca Cortese

38. DIC of Dual Thick-Wall Pressurized Pipe
Benjamin Cheung, Jeremy Goh, Megnath Ramesh, Jason Carey, Simon Iremonger

39. Digital Image Correlation for Large Strain
J.-F. Witz, P. Lecomte-Grosbras, A. Morch, C. Martel, F. Lesaffre, M. Brieu

40. Shock Response of Composite Materials Subjected to Aggressive Marine Environments
C. Javier, J. LeBlanc, A. Shukla

41. Investigations on Cyclic Flexural Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites Using Digital Image Correlation and Acoustic Emissions
Muhammad M. Sherif, Osman E. Ozbulut, Jonathon Tanks

42. Method for Determining Temperature Dependence of Material Properties and Failures on the Meso-Scale
Charles M. Spellman, Vishaal B. Verma, G. Alex Arzoumanidis

43. Shock-Structure Interaction Using Background Oriented Schlieren and Digital Image Correlation
S. Kishore, M. Pinto, A. Shukla

44. Identification of Heterogeneous Elastoplastic Materials by Constitutive Equation Gap Method
T. Madani, Y. Monerie, S. Pagano, C. Pelissou, B. Wattrisse

45. Metrological Analysis of the DIC Ultimate Error Regime
M. Bornert, P. Doumalin, J.-C. Dupré, C. Poilâne, L. Robert, E. Toussaint, B. Wattrisse

46. Inverse Identification of the High Strain Rate Properties of PMMA
Frances Davis, Clive Sivour, Fabrice Pierron

47. Quantification of the Compressibility of Elastomers Using DIC
Frances Davis, Jason L’Hommel, Jean-Benoît Cam, Fabrice Pierron

48. Inverse Identification of the Elasto-Plastic Response of Metals at High Strain Rates
Sarah Dreuilhe, Frances Davis, Clive Sivour, Fabrice Pierron

49. Viscoelastic Properties Identification Through Innovative Image-Based DMTA Strategy
Rian Seghir, Fabrice Pierron

50. Experimental Study of Measurement Errors in 3D-DIC Due to Out-of-Plane Specimen Rotation
Farzana Yasmeen, Sreehari Rajan, Michael A Sutton, Hubert W. Schreier

51. Investigation of Optimal Digital Image Correlation Patterns for Deformation Measurement
G. F. Bomarito, T. J. Ruggles, J. D. Hochhalter, A. H. Cannon

52. Characterization of Elastic-Plastic Fracture Behavior in Thin Sheet Aluminum
D. S. Dawicke, I. S. Raju

53. Full-Field Structural Dynamics by Video Motion Manipulations
Yongchao Yang, Charles Farrar, David Mascarenas

54. Coupled Experimental/Numerical Approach to Determine the Creep Behavior of Zr-4 Cladding Under LOCA Condition
D. Campello, N. Tardif, M.-C. Baietto, M. Coret, J. Desquines

55. Comparison of DIC Methods of Determining Necking Limit of PLC Material
Junying Min, Thomas B. Stoughton, John E. Carsley, Jianping Lin

56. Large Field Digital Image Correlation Used for Full-Scale Aircraft Crash Testing: Methods and Results
Justin Littell

57. Desirable Features of Processing Dic Data with a Stress Function
A. Alshaya, W. A. Samad, R. E. Rowlands

58. Characterization of Deformation Localization Mechanisms in Polymer Matrix Composites: A Digital Image Correlation Study
Jay Patel, Pedro Peralta

59. Experimental Investigation on Macroscopic Fracture Behavior of Wood Plates Under Tensile Load Using Digital Image Correlation Method
Tzu-Yu Kuo, I-Feng Cheng, Wei-Chung Wang

60. DIC Data-Driven Methods Improving Confidence in Material Qualification of Composites
Guillaume Seon, Andrew Makeev, Yuri Nikishkov, Brian Shonkwiler

61. DIC Applications Highlights from China
Darren Yang, Roger Lou, Belinda Chen, Tim Schmidt

62. High-Speed DIC on Inside Perma-Gel During Ballistic Peneration
Matthew Grimm, Rory Bigger, Christopher Freitas

63. High-Speed DIC on Flat Panels Subjected to Ballistic Impacts
Rory Bigger, Christopher Freitas, James Mathis

64. Microscopic Height Change on the Surface of Polycrystalline Pure Titanium Plate Under Cyclic Tension
Naoya Tada

65. On the Evaluation of Stress Triaxiality Fields via Integrated DIC: Influence of Mesh Discretization and Mesh Type
Dominik Lindner, Olivier Allix, François Hild, Olivier Paulien-Camy

66. CorreliSTC: A Global Approach in Digital Image Correlation
S. Jaminion, N. W. Nelson, J. P. Chambard, N. Swiergel, F. Hild

67. The Spatial-Time Inhomogeneity of the Plastic Flow in Metals at Postcritical Deformation Stage: Experimental Study by Combined Use of the DIC Technique and IR Aanalysis
T. V. Tretyakova, M. P. Tretyakov, V. E. Wildemann

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Materials Engineering

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Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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