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Mathematics and Technology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Fernando Hitt

Part I. Technology, a Tool for Teaching and Learning Mathematics: A. Teaching

2. Early Child Spatial Development: A Teaching Experiment with Programmable Robots
Cristina Sabena

3. Mediation of Technological Resources in Lessons on Polyhedra: Analysis of Two Teaching Actions
Nielce Meneguelo Lobo da Costa, Maria Celia Pimentel Carvalho, Tânia Maria Mendonça Campos

4. Task Design in a Paper and Pencil and Technological Environment to Promote Inclusive Learning: An Example with Polygonal Numbers
Fernando Hitt, Mireille Saboya, Carlos Cortés

5. ICT and Liminal Performative Space for Hyperbolic Geometry’s Teaching
Panagiota Kotarinou, Charoula Stathopoulou

6. Improving the Teaching of Mathematics with the Use of Technology: A Commentary
Sixto Romero

Part II. Technology, a Tool for Teaching and Learning Mathematics: B. Learning

7. Domains of Manipulation in Touchscreen Devices and Some Didactic, Cognitive, and Epistemological Implications for Improving Geometric Thinking
Marcelo Bairral, Ferdinando Arzarello, Alexandre Assis

8. Graphs in Primary School: Playing with Technology
Daniela Ferrarello

9. Pocket Calculator as an Experimental Milieu: Emblematic Tasks and Activities
Ruhal Floris

10. The Street Lamp Problem: Technologies and Meaningful Situations in Class
Elisa Gentile, Monica Mattei

11. A Framework for Failed Proving Processes in a Dynamic Geometry Environment
Madona Chartouny, Iman Osta, Nawal Abou Raad

12. Disclosing the “Ræmotionality” of a Mathematics Teacher Using Technology in Her Classroom Activity
Marina Simone

13. Integrating Arithmetic and Algebra in a Collaborative Learning and Computational Environment Using ACODESA
Fernando Hitt, Carlos Cortés, Mireille Saboya

14. L-System Fractals as Geometric Patterns: A Case Study
Anna Alfieri

15. Learning and Technology? Technology and Learning? A Commentary
Peter Appelbaum

Part III. Communication and Information: A. Communication Inside and Outside the Classroom

16. e-Mathematics Engineering for Effective Learning
Giovannina Albano

17. Learning Paths and Teaching Bridges: The Emergent Mathematics Classroom within the Open System of a Globalised Virtual Social Network
Andreas Moutsios-Rentzos, François Kalavasis, Emmanouil Sofos

18. e-Collaborative Forums as Mediators When Solving Algebraic Problems
M. Pilar Royo, César Coll, Joaquin Giménez

Part IV. Communication and Information: B. Information’s Tools, to Inform Oneself and to Inform Others

19. Problems Promoting the Devolution of the Process of Mathematisation: An Example in Number Theory and a Realistic Fiction
Gilles Aldon, Viviane Durand-Guerrier, Benoit Ray

20. A Classroom Activity to Work with Real Data and Diverse Strategies in Order to Build Models with the Help of the Computer
Marta Ginovart

21. Communication Inside and Outside the Classroom: A Commentary
Corinne Hahn

Part V. Technology and Teachers’ Professional Development

22. A Study on Statistical Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge on an Innovative Course on Quantitative Research Methods
Ana Serradó Bayés, Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Efi Paparistodemou

23. The Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers: Generality and Specificity
Maria Polo

24. Integration of Digital Technologies in Mathematics Teacher Education: The Reconstruction Process of Previous Trigonometrical Knowledge
Nielce Meneguelo Lobo da Costa, Maria Elisa Esteves Lopes Galvão, Maria Elisabette Brisola Brito Prado

25. Formative Assessment and Technology: Reflections Developed Through the Collaboration Between Teachers and Researchers
Gilles Aldon, Annalisa Cusi, Francesca Morselli, Monica Panero, Cristina Sabena

26. Teaching Intriguing Geometric Loci with DGS
Daniela Ferrarello, Maria Flavia Mammana, Mario Pennisi, Eugenia Taranto

27. Technology and Teachers’ Professional Development: A Commentary
Gail E. FitzSimons

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Educational Technology, Learning & Instruction, Teaching and Teacher Education

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Advances in Mathematics Education
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7 pages
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