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The On-line Electric Vehicle

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Table of contents

Part I. Synergy of Diverse Ideas Behind OLEV

1. Making the Move: From Internal Combustion Engines to Wireless Electric Vehicles
Nam P. Suh, Dong Ho Cho

2. Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles
Nam P. Suh, Dong Ho Cho

3. Design of Large Engineered Systems
Nam P. Suh

Part II. The Technology of OLEV and SMFIR

4. Axiomatic Design in the Design of OLEV
Nam P. Suh, Dong Ho Cho

5. Magnetic Field Generation
Seungyoung Ahn

6. Overview of Wireless Power Transfer System for Bus
Dong Ho Cho

7. Magnetic Energy Pickup Using Resonance
Uooyeol Yoon

8. Selection of Optimum Frequency and Optimization
Uooyeol Yoon

9. Optimum Design of Wireless Power Transfer System
Gu Ho Jung

10. Inverter and Link Road-Embedded Power with Cable Module
Gu Ho Jung

11. Installation of Road-Embedded Power Cable
Gu Ho Jung

12. Pickup and Rectifier
Uooyeol Yoon

13. Regulator
Gu Ho Jung

14. Shielding of Magnetic Field
Seungyoung Ahn

15. High Power and Energy Management System in OLEV
In-Soo Suh

16. System Structure and the Allocation of Wireless Charging Power Supply Systems for OLEV System
Young Jae Jang

Part III. Other Applications for OLEV Technology

17. Application of SMFIR to Trains
Byung Song Lee, Soon Man Hong

18. Electrification of Other Transportation Systems
Uooyeol Yoon

19. Other Applications of SMFIR
Gu Ho Jung

Part IV. Performance, Cost, Regulatory, and Safety Considerations

20. Electrified Transportation System Performance: Conventional Versus Online Electric Vehicles
Amro M. Farid

21. Energy Efficiency Consideration of an OLEV Bus System
In-Soo Suh

22. The Economics of Wireless Charging on the Road
Jong Han Park, Yong Hoon Jeong

23. Regulatory and Safety Issues
Dong Ho Cho

24. Energy Revolution: Journey towards a Greener Planet
Kon Fah Loh

Keywords: Engineering, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering, Transportation, Innovation/Technology Management, Engineering Design

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