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Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2017

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Table of contents

Part I. Recommender Systems and Semantic Web

1. Ontology-Based Matchmaking to Provide Personalized Recommendations for Tourists
Christoph Grün, Julia Neidhardt, Hannes Werthner

2. A Chat-Based Group Recommender System for Tourism
Thuy Ngoc Nguyen, Francesco Ricci

3. Extending the Schema.org Vocabulary for More Expressive Accommodation Annotations
Elias Kärle, Umutcan Simsek, Zaenal Akbar, Martin Hepp, Dieter Fensel

4. Reviewing Geotagging Research in Tourism
Elise Wong, Rob Law, Gang Li

5. Localization of National Tourism Organizations Websites: The Case of ETC Members
Emanuele Mele, Lorenzo Cantoni

6. Researching Individual Satisfaction with Group Decisions in Tourism: Experimental Evidence
Amra Delic, Julia Neidhardt, Laurens Rook, Hannes Werthner, Markus Zanker

Part II. E-strategy and ICT for Innovation

7. From Floating to Leading: The Transformation of Digital Marketing Capabilities Through ICT Uptake in Tourism SMEs
Kirsi Meriläinen

8. Entrepreneurship in the Contemporary Tourism Ecosystem: The Case of Incoming Tour Operators in Taiwan
Alex Yang-chan Hsu, Brian King, Dan Wang, Dimitrios Buhalis

9. Spill-over Effects of Online Consumer Reviews in the Hotel Industry
Sangwon Park, Jason Li Chen

10. Assessing the Performance of a Tourism MOOC Using the Kirkpatrick Model: A Supplier’s Point of View
Jingjing Lin, Lorenzo Cantoni

Part III. Smart Destinations and Big Data

11. Strategic Visitor Flows (SVF) Analysis Using Mobile Data
Rodolfo Baggio, Miriam Scaglione

12. Structural Implications of Destination Value System Networks
Jason L. Stienmetz, Daniel R. Fesenmaier

13. An Integrative Model of the Pursuit of Happiness and the Role of Smart Tourism Technology: A Case of International Tourists in Seoul
Jimin Lee, Hanna Lee, Namho Chung, Chulmo Koo

14. Big Data as Input for Predicting Tourist Arrivals
Wolfram Höpken, Dominic Ernesti, Matthias Fuchs, Kai Kronenberg, Maria Lexhagen

Part IV. Virtual and Augmented Reality

15. Measuring the Media Effects of a Tourism-Related Virtual Reality Experience Using Biophysical Data
Elena Marchiori, Evangelos Niforatos, Luca Preto

16. To Catch Them All—The (Un)intended Consequences of Pokémon GO on Mobility, Consumption, and Wellbeing
Florian J. Zach, Iis P. Tussyadiah

17. Virtual Reality and Attitudes Toward Tourism Destinations
Iis P. Tussyadiah, Dan Wang, Chenge (Helen) Jia

18. An Afternoon at the Museum: Through the Lens of Augmented Reality
Larissa Neuburger, Roman Egger

19. Technology Acceptance of Virtual Reality for Travel Planning
Peter Disztinger, Stephan Schlögl, Aleksander Groth

Part V. Mobile Services and Wearable Technologies

20. Managing Business Travellers’ Use of Mobile Travel Applications
Anneli Douglas, Berendien Lubbe, Adrene Merwe

21. The Future of Wearable Devices On-Site: A Scenario Technique Approach
Fernanda Ortiz Rincon, Eleonora Tommasini, Mattia Rainoldi, Roman Egger

22. Copy and Paste for Hotel Mobile Websites? Or: The Power of Screen Sizes
Melanie Fraiss, Sofiya Iliycheva, Mattia Rainoldi, Roman Egger

23. Psychological Antecedents of Smartphone Users’ Behaviour Along the Mobile Customer Journey
Thomas Wozniak, Dorothea Schaffner, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, Vera Lenz-Kesekamp

24. Validation of a Gamified Mobile Experience by DMOs
Ander Garcia, María Teresa Linaza, Aitor Gutierrez, Endika Garcia

Part VI. Online Consumer Behaviour

25. (Dis)Connectivity in the Travel Context: Setting an Agenda for Research
Barbara Neuhofer, Adele Ladkin

26. Impact of Destination Promotion Videos on Perceived Destination Image and Booking Intention Change
Daniel Leung, Astrid Dickinger, Lyndon Nixon

27. The Impact of IT-Enabled Customer Experience Management on Service Perceptions and Performance
Daniele Marchesani, Gabriele Piccoli, Tsz-wai Lui

28. Key Factors in the Booking Activity Process: The Case of Self-catering in Valais, Switzerland
Miriam Scaglione, Colin Johnson, Pascal Favre

29. Determinants of Customers’ eWOM Behaviour—A System Success Perspective
Ping Wang, Xianfeng Zhang, Reima Suomi, Chuanming Sun

30. Flight Cancellation Behaviour Under Mobile Travel Application: Based on the Construal Level Theory
Hyunae Lee, Namho Chung, Choong-Ki Lee

31. A Closer Look at Tourist Information Search Behaviour When Travelling Abroad: What Is the Role of Online Marketing in Choice of Destination?
Juho Pesonen, Katja Pasanen

32. Channels for Searching Hotel and Travel Information
Sunny Sun, Rob Law, Chris Luk, Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong

Part VII. Consumer Profiling

33. The Role of Humour in Driving Customer Engagement
Jing Ge, Ulrike Gretzel

34. Complementary Factors Influencing U.S. Consumers’ Intentions to Connect Their Tablets to Hotel Networks: The Roles of Hedonic Motivations, Trust, and Heuristics
Cristian Morosan, Agnes DeFranco

35. Twenty-Five Years Past Vogt: Assessing the Changing Information Needs of American Travellers
Yeongbae Choe, Daniel R. Fesenmaier, Christine Vogt

36. Travellers and Their Joint Characteristics Within the Seven-Factor Model
Julia Neidhardt, Hannes Werthner

37. Antecedents of Travellers’ Satisfaction and Purchase Intention from Social Commerce Websites
Raffaele Filieri, Fraser McLeay, Bruce Tsui

Part VIII. e-Reputation Management and Online Reviews

38. Management Responses on Third-Party Review Websites: A Focus on Emotions and Service Recovery
Astrid Dickinger, Lidija Lalicic

39. Online Reputation and Tourism Destination Competitiveness—Conceptual Model Development and Pilot Testing
Jelena Dorcic, Jelena Komsic

40. “Thank You for Your Stay,” and Then What? Macau Hotels’ Responses to Consumer Online Reviews
Shanshan Qi, Chen Ning (Chris)

41. A Preliminary Analysis of Relationships Between Traveller Characteristics and Hotel Review Ratings
Chunlan Wang, Zheng Xiang, Haiyan Song

42. Which Is More Important in Online Review Usefulness, Heuristic or Systematic Cue?
Hee Chung Chung, Hyuae Lee, Chulmo Koo, Namho Chung

43. Authenticity and Tourism: What TripAdvisor Reviews Reveal About Authentic Travel to Marrakech
Larbi Safaaa, Khalid El Housni, François Bédard

44. How “Bad” Are You? Justification and Normalisation of Online Deviant Customer Behaviour
Marianna Sigala

Part IX. Social Media

45. Assessing Reliability of Social Media Data: Lessons from Mining TripAdvisor Hotel Reviews
Zheng Xiang, Qianzhou Du, Yufeng Ma, Weiguo Fan

46. “Don’t Let Me Think!” Chinese Adoption of Travel Information on Social Media: Moderating Effects of Self-disclosure
Junjiao Zhang, Naoya Ito, Wenxi Wu, Zairong Li

47. Do Local Residents and Visitors Express the Same Sentiments on Destinations Through Social Media?
Mohammed Jabreel, Antonio Moreno, Assumpció Huertas

48. How Was Your Trip Experience While You Were Obsessed with Social Media? The Influence of Compulsive Social Media Usage on Trip Experience
Seob-Gyu Song, Dae-Young Kim

49. Customer Engagement in Facebook Brand Communities: Measurement and Best Practices from the Airline Industry
Vu Thi Thao, Thomas Wozniak, Andreas Liebrich

50. Influence of Social Media on Corporate Heritage Tourism Brand
Dandison Ukpabi, Heikki Karjaluoto

51. An Analysis of Tweets by Local Mascot Characters for Regional Promotions, Called Yuru-Charas, and Their Followers in Japan
Shohei Suzuki, Yohei Kurata

Part X. Sharing Economy and New Business Models

52. A Method to Assess Sustainable Mobility for Sustainable Tourism: The Case of the Public Bike Systems
Ainhoa Serna, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, Unai Bernabe, Tomás Ruiz

53. Use of Bitcoin in Online Travel Product Shopping: The European Perspective
Daniel Leung, Astrid Dickinger

54. Attitudes Toward Autonomous on Demand Mobility System: The Case of Self-Driving Taxi
Iis P. Tussyadiah, Florian J. Zach, Jianxi Wang

55. Personality Impacts on the Participation in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Travel Accommodation Services
Ilona Pezenka, Christian Weismayer, Lidija Lalicic

56. The Role of Authenticity in Airbnb Experiences
Lidija Lalicic, Christian Weismayer

Keywords: Business and Management, Tourism Management, IT in Business, Information Systems and Communication Service, Online Marketing/Social Media, e-Commerce/e-business, Services

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