Michalos, Alex C.

Connecting the Quality of Life Theory to Health, Well-being and Education

Michalos, Alex C. - Connecting the Quality of Life Theory to Health, Well-being and Education, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Cost-Benefit Versus Expected Utility Acceptance Rules
Alex C. Michalos

2. Social Indicators Research and Health-Related Quality of Life Research
Alex C. Michalos

3. Culture as a Moderator of Overall Life Satisfaction—Life Facet Satisfaction Relationships
Alison G. C. Mallard, Charles E. Lance, Alex C. Michalos

4. Determinants of Health and the Quality of Life in the Bella Coola Valley
Alex C. Michalos, Harvey V. Thommasen, Rua Read, Nancy Anderson, Bruno D. Zumbo

5. Health and Quality of Life of Aboriginal Residential School Survivors, Bella Coola Valley, 2001
Sylvia S. Barton, Harvey V. Thommasen, Bill Tallio, William Zhang, Alex C. Michalos

6. Comparing Self-rated Health, Satisfaction and Quality of Life Scores Between Diabetics and Others Living in the Bella Coola Valley
Angela Grigg, Harvey V. Thommasen, Hugh Tildesley, Alex C. Michalos

7. The Relationship Between Health Survey and Medical Chart Review Results in a Rural Population
Donald C. Voaklander, Harvey V. Thommasen, Alex C. Michalos

8. Health and Quality of Life of Older People, a Replication After Six Years
Alex C. Michalos, P. Maurine Hatch, Dawn Hemingway, Loraine Lavallee, Anne Hogan, Bev Christensen

9. Good Health is Not the Same as a Good Life: Survey Results from Brandon, Manitoba
Alex C. Michalos, Douglas Ramsey, Derrek Eberts, P. Maurine Kahlke

10. A Note on Student Quality of Life
Alex C. Michalos, Julie Anne Orlando

11. Quality of Life of Some Under-Represented Survey Respondents: Youth, Aboriginals and Unemployed
Alex C. Michalos, Julie Anne Orlando

12. Education, Happiness and Wellbeing
Alex C. Michalos

13. A Developmental View of Liberal Education
Alex C. Michalos

14. Einstein, Ethics and Science
Alex C. Michalos

15. Observations on Unacknowledged Authorship from Homer to Now
Alex C. Michalos

16. Building the Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research
Alex C. Michalos

17. Milestones of Quality of Life Research in Canada, 1960s to 2014
Alex C. Michalos

Keywords: Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research, Quality of Life Research, Positive Psychology

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